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Your Christmas Present – The Super-Kiss!

From 1963’s Action Comics #306 (by Robert Bernstein and Al Plastino), Clark Kent and Lois Lane are at the Daily Planet’s Christmas party when Perry White pushes Clark under the mistletoe and then compels Lois to go there, as well, so that she has to kiss Clark.

The rest, as they say, is comic book history…

Damn, Lois and Clark sure have a complicated relationship, don’t they?


complicated sums it up given how many decades it took lois to accept that clark was superman . guess super kissing is another power supes has. or being a super ladies man

Inspiration of Superman II

“Holy Toledo, Clark–where’d you learn to kiss like that?”

“Well, random stranger, I grew up in a farming community, which meant all the kids had very little adult supervision and lots of places to find privacy. You’d be AMAZED at what I can do! But that specific technique, where I grab her by the throat and nearly break her neck, was taught to me by a pimp named A Pimp Named Slickback.”

I thought something was missing from my Christmas. Little did I know it was a super-kiss.

“Hmm — I’ll teach this minx a lesson!”

So if Clark is out of the sun too long, he becomes a lousy kisser?

Back when men were men and women were women….sigh

Bob from Accounting

December 26, 2012 at 5:40 am

“Back when men were men and women were women….sigh”

I know, right? It just sucks that society today allows us greater freedom for personal expression.

It’s funny — the face of Lois in the last two panels, especially the final one, look more like they were drawn by Kurt Shaffenberger than Al Plastino, Or is just me?

Did he blocked her air intake with his tongue and that made her dizzy?

Yeah, all it takes is a holiday office party for even a mild-mannered reporter to become a man of steel. The Daily Planet’s egg nog is like inverse kryptonite. Now, for party fun with X-ray vision!

“Where’d you pick up this technique?”

“I used to make out with Superman, he taught me a few things.”

@Mike Blake: I think you’re right. That Lois sure does look like a Shaffenberger.


It was standard policy back then for Kurt Schaffenberger or Jim Mooney to re-draw the women’s faces. They also had Curt Swan penciling over Kirby’s faces for Superman.

I think that pretty much was standard policy (having artists retouch one another’s work to stay rigidly “on model”) until around when Gil Kane.hit the scene. If I remember right, one of the Superman/Spider-man crossovers was done as a jam book between a DC artist and a Marvel artist because both companies were so protective of their house styles. So any panel with both characters at once had to have the two artists collaborate on the panel.

Even then, it was pretty common from the 30s on for artists themselves to hire assistants who did the work and then tailor the assistants’ work stylistically to look more like the credited artist’s work. Siegel and Shuster did it. Bob Kane did it. Rich Buckler, I think, did it. It only started being an issue in the late 90s with Liefeld and then the 2000s with Pat Lee.

There we go.

Yeah. Superman vs. Spider-man. 1976.

Penciled by Ross Andru but Neal Adams redrew the DC characters and John Romita Sr. redrew the Marvel characters.

With no less than four inkers.

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