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You Decide – A Week of Spider-Man Polls!

In honor of Amazing Spider-Man #700 this week, as well as the five-year anniversary of One More Day, we figured we’d do a whole week’s worth of Spider-Man polls (Christmas Day excepted).

Here they are…

In honor of the historic release of “Amazing Spider-Man” #700 this week, CBR asks which 100 issue-run of the Marvel title was your favorite?

Were you able to keep from spoiling the ending of Amazing Spider-Man #700 for yourself before reading the story?

How long do you feel the new “Superior Spider-Man” status quo will last?

It’s been five years since Mary Jane and Peter’s marriage was erased in “One More Day”. Whether you agree with how the marriage was erased, do you think it was a good idea for Spidey to be a swinging’ single again?

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Hmm, since I’m still unspoiled for #2, I have no idea what #3 refers to. But whatever it is, I’m sure it will be forever.

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