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Best Wishes to Peter David

The great comic book writer Peter David suffered a stroke on a recent vacation in Florida.

“We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body,” David wrote. “I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.”


Our best wishes to Peter.


Get well soon and get well completely, Peter.

Oh my God, no. Peter David’s brain is an international treasure and I can’t think of any other writer whose work I’ve consistently loved for the past quarter-century. For the sake of PAD, his family and the comic book community as a whole, I wish him the luck of Longshot and a perfect recovery.

Terribly sorry to hear this; my best wishes and hopes for a speedy and complete recovery.

And thanks Mr. D for the many hours of wonderful enjoyment provided so far; I look forward to much more.

My thoughts are with Mr. David today. The man created several of the best comics Marvel ever produced as well as a couple great DC runs as well; I hope he has a full a speedy recovery.

I hope this is reversible. Or if not reversible I hope it doesn’t keep him from writing. I don’t even mean just for the sake of his fans, but for his own sake. He’s one of those guys who really seems to live for the craft of writing, not just a guy doing it for a check.

Some of my favourite characters and arcs came to be just because Peter David had his hand in the pot. I keep hoping he’ll step up and make Alpha Flight something special. He’s only one of only a few writers who could. All the best Peter. Speedy recovery!

as a long time reader of his work on hulk, spiderman, XFactor, aquaman, star trek, spyboy, Supergirl, Young Justice, Fallen Angel, Soulsearchers & Co, etc I add my best wishes for his recovery

I practically taught myself to read on his Star Trek novels. Hope he recovers soon!

Horrible news.

PAD has given a lot of people a lot of pleasure for a long time. He s arguably the all-time greatest writer of both the Hulk and Aquaman. Plus, (as T mentioned) the dude seems to love his job.

Let’s hope for a full recovery.

I hope he gets well soon!

I honestly hope that he recovers from this thing with the most minute amount of pain and stress.

My sincere hopes for a speedy recovery; my thoughts are with his family, of whom he has written frequently in the recap pages of his Marvel work.

Alexandre Juliao

December 30, 2012 at 5:26 pm

That’s terrible news! Peter David is one of the most intelligent and talented writers around. I hope he gets a quick recovery!

PAD is the reason why I remained a comics reader at a time when I could have dropped the hobby forever. I just had a close, live-in relative suffer a stroke this year so this hits close to home way too soon. My sincerest wishes to Peter and his loved ones for a full and speedy recovery.

I hope he recovers quickly and my thoughts are with him and his family. He’s relatively young, isn’t he? Strokes are scary stuff.

Oh my gosh! Best wishes to Peter and his family for a speedy and full recovery.

PAD is essentially a co-contributor to this column and one of my all-time favorite writers as well, and I wish him a swift recovery.

PAD is essentially a co-contributor to this column

What column?

Yours! PAD has commented a whole bunch of times.

Oh, the blog. Gotcha, yeah, Peter has been quite gracious to us over the years.

Awww, no! Get well soon, Peter! I’ve always enjoyed his many stories and the humor in them from his Photon novels to Incredible Hulk and X-Factor. One of my favorite writers!

my wishes are for peter and his family . and hope he recovers quickly from this stroke for his work is up there among the likes of kirby espically how he makes you feel the pain of the characters he is working with . a speedy recovery to peter

Michael J Murphy

December 30, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Best wishes to one of my favorite writers of all time. GET WELL SOON

May he have a speedy and complete recovery, with a minimum of trouble in the process.

Adding my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Feel better soon, Mr. David.

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