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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Peter Parker is Spider-Man No More!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Here is an archive of all the patterns we’ve spotlighted so far.

Today, in honor of this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #700 (where Peter Parker’s tenure as Spider-Man comes to an end), we take a look at some other instances where Peter Parker decided to no longer be Spider-Man!


In 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man #18, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee gave us the first time Peter Parker quit being Spider-Man. An issue earlier, Spider-Man had to leave during a fight with the Green Goblin because Aunt May was sick. This action had branded him a coward in the media as well as on the streets. Amazing #18 was unique in the sense that it spent the entire issue devoted to whether Peter should continue to be Spider-Man. There were a lot of sequences like the following…

It all culminates with Peter quitting being Spider-Man (note: this is the shortest Peter stays gone in all of the Spider-Man: No More! stories)…

only for him to change his mind on the next page…

Three years later in Amazing Spider-Man #50, Stan Lee and John Romita (inks by Mike Esposito) gave us the most famous “Spider-Man…No More!” story, as Peter decided it is time for him to grow up and quit being Spidey…

However, later in the issue, he is inspired by an Uncle Ben-esque watchmen…

He recalls his origin and realizes that he HAS to keep being Spider-Man.

Stan Lee’s last take on Peter Parker quitting came four years later in Amazing Spider-Man #100 (art by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia), as Peter decides he has to quit being Spider-Man to be with Gwen Stacy…

While unconscious, Peter has hallucinations that convince him to keep being Spider-Man, but when he awakes, he discovers that the serum has given him six arms!!!

In 1986’s Amazing Spider-Man #275, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein show us Peter once again deciding to quit…

After explaining his origin to Mary Jane (via a reprint of Amazing Fantasy #15), Peter explains why his sense of responsibility won’t let him continue as Spider-Man…

Later on, though, Mary Jane uses that sense of responsibility to convince Peter to return to being Spidey…

In 1995’s Spectacular Spider-Man #229, Tom DeFalco once again has Peter willing to quit, only this time it is to allow Ben Reilly to take over as Spider-Man (art by Sal Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz)…

(NOTE: Since both Amazing #100 and #275 have Peter change his mind before he actually gets rid of the costume or anything like that, I decided to give you a BONUS example of Peter quitting!).

In 1998, Howard Mackie, John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna have Spider-Man face off against the Green Goblin, who has revealed that Aunt May is actually alive! After Spider-Man holds up a heavy object (this time the Daily Bugle building), he decides to quit…

When Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 begins after this issue, Mattie Franklin (who had gained powers in one of the later issues of Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1) is impersonating the missing Spider-Man. She eventually compels Peter to return to being Spider-Man.

If you have a suggestion for a future Drawing Crazy Patterns, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!


The difference being that this time he lost and the villain won.


December 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Good gawd! That JRJr art is awful, just awful! Ugly flat faces and lines, oh, so many lines!

Speaking of Peter, Spidey no more, a character can’t be around for 50 something years and not die or be replaced once in awhile right?

And was Aunt May always meant to be that old and discrepit? She looks more like Peter’s great aunt/grandmother.

How about “Iron Man No More” to continue the theme?

Rhodey has done it three times already–when Tony was drunk (his tenure lasted quite some time), when Tony faked his death in the 90s (he was Iron Man for about four issues before officially becoming War Machine), and most recently towards the end of Matt Fraction’s run (which didn’t last too long before Marvel NOW).

He also gave the armor to Eddie March.

And then there’s Teen Tony…

I’d love to see one of Joker taunting a member of the Batman cast to taunt him, especially after he’s just done something extra heinous, and the Batman cast member being talked out of it or talking himself out of it.

I made it all the way through the clone saga and Riley’s tenure, but somehow it was Amazing vol 2 that finally managed to be awful enough to quit Spidey titles for quite some time. Eugh.

The Ben Reilly solo stuff actually looks really good now. The distinction is, that Ben actually seems more like Spider-man that he has in the past 8 years or so, when they slowly change Spider-man multiple times with Magic-rectons, rebirths, false unmaskings, Gwen Stacy retcons (Even though she’s beendead since the 70s), and finally that horrific ‘worst issue ever’ thing. It’s just sad. The real time Amazing Spider-man ended and replaced Peter with the girl was pretty lame thing to do, especially if you are renumbering. How can you beat your most famous character down like that?

There’s absolutely no way they will allow Peter to mature again, or even Aunt May to die again. That’s sad.

To echo Doug’s sentiment, I wonder how many iterations of “(Character X) no more!” are out there? Batman’s had a few. I’d like to see one on the Hulk and all his attempted “cures,” especially since Waid’s new series is premised on Banner having given up trying.

Sal Buscema and Bill Sienkiwiecz were awesome together.

interesting to see that even stan lee and steve themselves had peter trying to quiet way back in their run only to in the end like the last recent time peter relizes that with his powers he is ment to keep doing what he does as spider man. not to mention peter telling ben go ahead and be spider man was one of the few good parts of the clone saga.

“And was Aunt May always meant to be that old and discrepit? She looks more like Peter’s great aunt/grandmother.”

Aunt May has always been elderly. It emphasises the burden on Peter, because if he had done the right thing the first time, there would have been someone else there to look after her. Ben’s death changed the relationship between Peter and Aunt May from a parental/guardian bond to something more mutual, where they both felt the to “parent” each other.

No Peter Parker is just wrong :( I’m one of those guys who’s going to drop the book until the retcon or whatever.

Come to think of it, Brian, if you want to do another monthly theme, “X No More” would be a cool thing to do. Just about every superhero has quit and/or been replaced a bunch of times. Every member of both companies’ Big Three have gone through a bunch of replacements.

Ben was Spidey for a year and half I believe. Mattie was Spidey for like 2 months (I honestly don’t know because I had given up Spider-Man by this point). I give this new dreadful storyline a year before we’re back to the status quo.

If there’s one thing that Peter Parker hates, it’s being compared to the Cardiff Giant!

Heroes calling it quits are a dime a dozen. I dare you to find five examples of VILLAINS becoming frustrated and packing it in. Not fake reformations (heck, Luthor does that all the time) or amnesia, but actual pissy tantrums like those Peter indulges above. Also, no fair taking more than two members of the Rogues Gallery. Those guys are all drama queens and I think they’ve each at least talked about it at some point.

Peter also quit in Amazing 200.

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