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You Decide: What Ongoing Series Debuting in 2013 Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Our latest poll asks you what ongoing series debuting in 2013 are you most looking forward to.

Click here to vote.

And feel free to leave a comment here if there’s an ongoing that you’re looking forward to that wasn’t listed (I tried to list a lot, but obviously space was limited)!

NOTE: New Avengers and Morbius launched yesterday before we put the poll up, so we omitted them.


Weirdly, the pie is not actually working…it’s all one color. Pink.

Also, where is Rucka’s Lazarus? DeConnick and Rios’ Pretty Deadly? :(

Honestly, I was just picking through stuff that had been officially solicited as my framework (with some exceptions, of course, most notably Snyder/Lee’s Superman comic, which has been hyped like crazy and unsurprisingly is currently leading the voting). Soooo many good choices, ya know? But yes, Lazarus was a notable omission!

As for the poll, I dunno. I used the link from CBR’s front page. Anyone else having trouble opening the poll?

I voted for the Wake, but if it were there, I’d’ve gone with Lazarus.

How about Hickman/Dragotta’s East of West? Or has that not been officially solicited?

East of West was just flat out a mistake on my part. I thought it was a mini-series to start with the option of becoming an ongoing. I didn’t realize it was an ongoing right off the bat. I would have definitely included it if it was not for my mistake.

Just to be clear – the voting is working – but then when it shows the pie breakdown there are a ton of percentages (which looks right) but then no color variation in the actual pie…or it was just a glitch for me of course. :)

Um…update…looks fine now!

Okay, phew!

What about Superior Spider-Man?

Shit, is Superior Spider-Man not on the list? I didn’t even notice. It was on my original list (heck, it and Snyder/Lee Superman were my first two thoughts), but I must have screwed up on the transfer. Ah well, it IS coming out next week, so maybe it is a bit of a stretch to say we’re looking forward to it in 2013! :)

@Brian Good thing Dan Slott is off the internet…

Then again, I had, like, three polls on Superior Spider-Man last week and I’ll probably have one about it next week, so I guess we are kind of polled out on it at the moment. :)

Also not on the list is the DCnu Constantine book.

I voted for Savage Wolverine, but the truth is I’m only interested because of Frank Cho’s art and even then, I’ll be trade waiting the series. So far the only comic I am genuinely excited about for 2013 is the Poison Elves revival. I’m anxious to see how that is handled…

For me it was a toss up between Wood’s Star Wars and Fearless Defenders. I went with Star Wars because I’ve never bought a Star Wars comic in my life, and Brian Wood actually has me excited to do so, so I thought that was kind of significant. I’m also pretty interested in Uncanny X-Force, Savage Wolverine, Young avengers, East of West, and Lemire’s new book.

I’m a bit sad Constantine wasn’t on the poll. While I certainly wouldn’t have voted for it and I’m not looking forward to it, I was interested in gauging how excited others are for it.

I voted “Justice League of America” solely for Stargirl.

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