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Flippin’ through Previews – January 2013

So the wheel turns back around, and a fresh catalog of Previews arrives on my doorstep. Issue #292 is here!

Look at my bad-ass mustache, yo

Dark Horse:

Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are writing and drawing the latest B.P.R.D. series, Vampire, which is offered on page 44. So you know it will be good, although that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to B.P.R.D. (27 March)

Hot diggity!

Peter Bergting has a new graphic novel on page 54 called Domovoi (well, I assume it’s new, but someone can tell me otherwise if it’s not). It’s a story of myths coming alive and weird things roaming the night – you know, as they do – and Bergting is a pretty good creator, so I might have to check this out. (15 May)

So much intrigue!

Mike Mignola and John Arcudi have Sledgehammer 44 on page 58, which Dark Horse is saying is “Mignola’s version of Iron Man!” It takes place in World War II and features artwork by Jason Latour, so I’m sure it will be good! (13 March)

Gabriel Hardman co-writes (with Corinna Bechko) and draws the new Star Wars: Legacy – Prisoner of the Floating World on page 69. Bechko and Hardman did a fine job on Planet of the Apes, and Hardman’s art is always nice to see, so this might be something to check out. Read those Star Wars comics before Marvel takes them over and ignores them! (20 March)

I’ve been thinking for years about getting into Lone Wolf and Cub, and now Dark Horse is releasing it in Omnibus format on page 79, so I’m in! Whoo-hoo! (22 May)


David Finch is signing his covers with his Twitter handle these days (page 88)? I don’t know what to think about that. (13 March)


Batgirl #18 is offered on page 108 with “guest writer” Ray Fawkes’s story. Are these issues still coming out now that DC has bizarrely rehired Gail Simone? Is she just going to take a two-issue break? THESE QUESTIONS KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT!!!!! (13 March)

I’m really not sure if I’m going to keep going with Batwoman starting with issue #18 (page 109). I’ve liked the story, but do I like it enough to keep reading when I know Williams won’t be back on art? So many decisions!!!! (20 March)

Jim Zub is writing Birds of Prey (page 111). Good for him, but that’s an odd (but very cool) choice by DC. (20 March)

I really like this cover (page 116):

It's nifty!

That’s all I have to say about Green Lantern: The New Guardians #18. But there it is! (20 March)

Nice loafers, John:

Where are the tassels, for Pete's sake?

Sigh. (Page 118, 13 March)

You know, after the clusterfuck of last month’s post, I’m really trying to be positive and ignore the negative, but DC makes it so hard, what with Captain K’Rot and all (page 127):

It's Giffen, so it has to be a joke, right? Bueller?

The New DC: There’s no stopping us now! (13 March)

Dial H gets a trade on page 139, and I will pick it up. Yes, I’m a horrible person for trade-waiting, but that’s just the way it is! (17 April)

The first twelve issues of The Authority get collected in one giant hardcover on page 142. These are good, solid, superhero comics, and well worth a read if you haven’t already. (15 May)

On the next page (143), there’s a hardcover for $25 collecting all of Eduardo Risso’s Batman work. I already have all of this except Gotham Knights #8, so I’ll be skipping this, but that’s a pretty cool deal, and the stories – all by Azzarello – are pretty good. (29 May)

Archie Goodwin’s Batman stuff is collected on page 144. This includes the awesome Manhunter back-up story with Walt Simonson, and it’s probably worth the $40 just for that, but it also has a lot of other cool stuff. (8 May)

The trade of Punk Rock Jesus is offered on page 151. I’ve read mixed reviews about this, but of course I’m getting it, if only to gaze at Sean Murphy’s art in black and white. (3 April)

For shiznit

Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits gets a new printing … with extra issues not in the first trade (page 154). It’s nice that DC is finally collecting the issues just prior to Ennis taking over the book, but that’s still kind of a dick move. (24 April)

Story continues below


The Complete Zaucer of Zilk shows up on page 166 for 7 bucks, and I encourage anyone who missed it to pick it right up. It’s pretty wild.

Steve Niles has a new Mystery Society Special on page 182. Of course, Fiona Staples has moved on, but this is still a pretty cool story, so this might be something to check out.


The latest Love and Capes trade is out on page 185. This is a very fun series, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

IDW is reprinting A Wizard’s Tale by Kury Busiek and David T. Wenzel on page 186. This is a pretty good story, although I’m not sure it’s worth 20 bucks. But it’s quite charming, if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

The Strange World of Your Dreams is by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby … which should be enough to entice you, but considering it’s about dream theory, I think I will have to pick this up. Man, comics are weird and awesome.

Seriously, man - what the fuck?


East of West gets solicited on page 192. It’s another Hickman book, and it’s illustrated by Nick Dragotta, and it’s a “Sci-Fi Western.” I’ll try pretty much anything Hickman writes for Image, so of course I’m down with this. (27 March)

Jim McCann and Janet Lee reunite for Lost Vegas, a heist comic. Who doesn’t love heist comics???? (6 March)

He's super-casual!

Sex is offered on page 201. I will try not to make awful puns (well, deliberately – you really can’t avoid it with that name), but I will try to count the number of bad puns we see when this book ships. It’s Joe Casey, so of course I’m buying it, but Piotr Kowalski is a pretty good artist, too. (6 March)

I like that Savage Skullkickers not only gives us a new adjective in the hopes that people will confuse it with a certain Marvel book, but the cover even homages that comic! Jim Zub isn’t a dummy! (27 March)

Take that, Frank Cho!

There’s a new Chew Omnivore Edition on page 207, if you happen to read Chew that way (and you do read Chew, right?). You’ll note that the giant hardcover collected edition of issues #21-30 is scheduled the week before issue #33 comes out, yet DC can’t be bothered to ship first softcover volumes of some of their titles until issue #18 is out. Sigh. (13 March)


Paul Cornell and Alan Davis on Wolverine is a smart move (page 12). Well done, Marvel! (13 March)

Was John Cassaday always supposed to be just the artist on the first five issues of Uncanny Avengers? Issue #6 (page 15) tells us that “new regular artist” Daniel Acuña takes over. I don’t care either way, but I just thought I’d mention it. (6 March)

Young Avengers #3 promises “the fakest ID in history” (page 23). Well, won’t that be interesting. (27 March)

I don’t know if Fearless Defenders #2 is any good, but hot damn! I love that Mark Brooks cover (page 41):

I always appreciate covers that do something different!

Who doesn’t want a Dani Moonstar action figure? (6 March)

Speaking of cool covers, Dave Bullock’s kicks ass (page 53):


Do I want to know why regular Marvel U. Nick Fury is now Ultimate U. Nick Fury? Probably not, right? (6 March)

If you haven’t gotten around to reading Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Wolverine mini-series yet, Marvel has a nice new hardcover for $25 on page 92. It also includes Uncanny X-Men #172-73, which are two of the best issues that Claremont wrote in that series. So that’s nice. (5 June)

And, if you want to read that mini-series along with a crapload of other Wolverine stuff, you can pick up Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection on page 95 for the low, low price of … $200. Holy shit! Honestly, if you really break it down, that’s not a bad price for all you get, but there’s still some sticker shock there. Lots of cool stories in here, and others that I’m sure are pretty neat (as I haven’t read them all). I mean, can you really get too much Wolverine? I THINK NOT! (5 June)

I might have to pick up Doom 2099: The Complete Collection by Warren Ellis on page 110, although I find it humorous that not all of it was actually written by Ellis. Still, $40 for 16 issues of wackiness seems pretty good. (27 March)

Story continues below

Oh, Nineties Comics - why don't we appreciate you more?

Yes, it’s time once again to venture into the back of the book. That’s where all the good stuff is!

SLG offers Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane again, although I missed it the first time around. Anyone want to weigh in on its quality? Both creators are quite good, so I might have to pick this up.

I’ve been reading some good stuff about the New Crusaders, and on page 258, Archie has the trade: New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes. I mean, I’m sure it’s a standard superhero story, but when those are well done, that’s a very good thing!

Not final cover, presumably

Over on page 277, Boom! has Orphans #1, a mini-series about kids trained to be super-spies. Yes, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but Michael Alan Nelson is a pretty good writer and Scott Godlewski is a fine artist, so this might be something keen to check out.

Mark Waid is writing Green Hornet from Dynamite on page 293. They’ve even given it to him (it’s Mark Waid’s Green Hornet, thank you very much)! I assume this comic is just wishful thinking by Dynamite, as we all know that Mark Waid hates print comics and doesn’t write them anymore because he wants everything to go digital so he can single-handedly drive comic book stores out of business!!!!

Variant covers all the way, man!

Fantagraphics has some interesting stuff on page 314. First up is The Secret History of Marvel Comics, which is about Marvel’s non-comics output of the 1930s. Then Cathy Malkasian has Wake Up, Percy Gloom, a sequel to the first Percy Gloom book. And Kim Deitch brings us The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley, his “first original full-length graphic novel.” All of these sound pretty neat!

Mariner Books offers Are You My Mother? in softcover on page 319. I wasn’t as taken with this as I was with Fun Home, but it’s not bad. For $16, it’s a good deal!

I didn’t love The Broadcast, but it also wasn’t terrible, so the fact that Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon are back with Family Ties, a drama about an Alaskan crime boss the mirrors King Lear, is good news! NBM has it on page 320.

Should be nice and bleak!

Oni has a new series on page 324 called Helheim. It’s a horror story set in Viking times, which is not a bad hook. But more importantly, it’s written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Joëlle Jones, so of course I’m going to buy it! (6 March)

I don't even need to think about it, because it's a no-brainer!

A few years ago, I bought the first issue of Channel Evil by Alan Grant and Shane Oakley, and then never saw the rest of the mini-series. I think it was published only digitally, but now Renegade Arts Entertainment has the trade, and I’ll have to give it a look. The first issue was pretty good, so I’d like to see what’s what!

I believe it was Travis Pelkie who mentioned Razorjack recently, and Titan Books has the entire thing in a nice hardcover on page 336. Is this as utterly bizarre as it sounds?

Valiant has the first trade of Archer & Armstrong on page 344. I shall purchase this. (6 March)

Well, that’s all for this month. Sound off in the comments if you spot something cool. That’s what we’re here for, after all – to find groovy comics for everyone!


Tom Fitzpatrick

January 5, 2013 at 11:25 am

sigh. seeing all those covers reminds me of that columns completely devoted to covers of the big three (DC, Marvel, and Image) and quirky quips about each of the covers.

I miss those days.

As for T.P.: he pretty much mentions (or comments) on everything. ;-)

I wonder what DIAMOND is going to do in 8 months when PREVIEWS # 300 comes out. Has it been 25 years since DIAMOND has been mucking about with our comic shipments?

They have been doing new printings of all of the Hellblazer trades, in order with all of the issues included. The new printing of the first trade included the Swamp Thing crossover that the original one ended just before. The newest printing of Family Man included the grant morrison and neil gaiman issues included in the random grab bag trade that they brought out around the movie.

I am hoping that they eventually collect the Paul Jenkins years come between Ennis and the Son of Man trade. 50 issues, never been traded

Wait, wait–when I saw that New Guardians poster, without knowing what it was, I thought for sure it was the Red Guardian and the Presence. Looking a little different, maybe, but not so that they (and particularly she) wouldn’t be recognizable. Are these DC versions characters we’ve met yet? And you’re telling me that bunny cover isn’t for Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring some Rocket Raccoon supporting character?

I’m kind of excited about Fearless Defenders, if only because it’s Misty Knight and Valkyrie. That’s a deal-maker for me in itself.

Tom: Yeah, I miss Judging Books by Their Covers too. I mean, it’s not Cronin has anything else to do, right?

Yonatan: I recall they were doing new printings of the Hellblazer trades, but I wonder why they didn’t collect the rest of Delano’s run separately so the people who bought Dangerous Habits lo those many years ago wouldn’t have to make a decision about whether to buy this just for the Delano issues. It seems like most of them would ignore this trade. And I do wonder why the Jenkins stuff has never been collected, too. Perhaps now they will be!

buttler: I haven’t been reading New Guardians, so I have no idea who those two are. I just dig the drawing! And yes, that’s “Captain Carrot,” not something from the Guardians of the Galaxy. I really, really hope it’s Giffen having some fun with us.

Man, that’s just not right. But with the unvarying grim-and-gritty sausagefest of the New 52, yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what tits version of Captain Carrot would be like.

Nitzan Rotschild

January 5, 2013 at 1:49 pm

JH Williams is off Batwoman? Can someone post a link to verify?

Many thoughts!

*For some reason, it drives me insane that DC’s Batman HC with all of Azzarello & Risso’s stories is only called “Batman by Eduardo Risso” or some such, as though Azzarello is totally incidental. That makes no sense. I completely understand with the hardcovers in this series, calling them Batman by Alan Davis, or Marshall Rogers, etc., when the collection is artist-centric and features different writers. But good lord, every story in here was written by Azzarello, and he’s probably a bigger name than Risso! And he does a ton of stuff for DC, so they probably don’t want to piss him off. But, alas, not pissing people off doesn’t seem to be a topic of concern in DC’s manager meetings these days.

* I am quite looking forward to Archie Goodwin’s Batman hardcover, but probably not as much as Greg Hatcher is. DC should have called the collection “Other Greg’s Wet Dream.”

*I’m curious, why is it a dick move on DC’s part to put more issues in the new Dangerous Habits trade? I assume you’re referring to either A) people that want the newly reprinted issues have to buy half a trade they already have, or B) people that only want Dangerous Habits have to buy half a trade they don’t want. I guess I understand both of these points, and I think it would have been easier to end one trade volume with the final Delano issue and begin the next fresh with Ennis’ run, but I guess I’m so pleased that DC is finally getting these in print that how they’re doing it doesn’t seem to matter as much.

*Is it just me, or does that Simon/Kirby cover look like a dead-ringer for Ditko art?

*I haven’t decided if I’m going to try the Cornell/Davis Wolverine book. Wolverine might be my favorite Marvel character (when done right), and I love me some Alan Davis… but man, I just don’t know that I dislike a writer more than Paul Cornell right now. To be fair, the only stuff of his I’ve ever read were the first arcs of Stormwatch and Demon Knights, but I thought Stormwatch was a so-so minus, and Demon Knights is a strong contender for worst comic I’ve ever read, if only because it was two issues masquerading as seven. I’ve said it before, but I’d rather pay $21 for 7 bad comics than for 2 bad comics stretched out to 7. Those issues of Demon Knights had an average of 3 panels and 4 1/2 word balloons PER PAGE!

*I’m pretty dubious about whether Cassaday was originally only slated to do the first arc of uncanny Avengers. My guess is no. That’s a big let-down for Marvel Now.

*Of every Marvel Now book yet to debut, I think Fearless Defenders is the one I’m most looking forward to.

*It’s interesting that the Mark Waid Green Hornet series appears to have an Alex Ross cover. I thought Waid and Ross hated each other over credit for Kingdom Come? Is that not a thing anymore?

On New Guardians I know the woman is Carrol Ferris in her new Star Saffire outfit she debuted a few issues ago…designed to be less skimpy than her previous one. I’m a few issues behind so I’m not sure who the guy is.

So all-ages Constantine wears loafers? Interesting.

Nitzan: I don’t have a link for you, but I was reading an interview with him about it, and he’s not doing the art for quite a while as he works on the new Sandman mini-series. I don’t know if that means he’s permanently off the art on Batwoman or if, like the last time, he’s just taking some time off, but the way he was speaking, it sounded like he was off for good. I could be wrong, though!

Third Man (you should really update your blog more regularly, sir!): It’s pretty surprising that DC isn’t marketing that as Azzarello/Risso Batman stuff, you’re right. Beats me why they’re doing it, unless they asked Azzarello and he said it was okay in order to raise Risso’s profile. That would be the coolest way it got that name, but who knows?

You’re correct on both counts why it was a dick move. I mean, it’s not the worst move they could have made, but it’s still a bit of one.

I’m not the hugest Cornell fan, but he’s done some nice work. So I’m at least hopeful about Wolverine.

Maybe Alex Ross just does every single cover in creation for Dynamite, so he didn’t know Waid was writing the new Green Hornet? Or maybe they buried the hatchet?

Papercut Fun: I thought it might be Carol, but I didn’t feel like looking it up. Thanks!

While I’m looking forward to FEARLESS DEFENDERS, I have to take issue with it being for “ages 4+.” I get why they made the joke, but they could just as easily have said 9+.

I mean, seriously, FOUR?

The woman on the New Guardians is clearly Starbrand.

… to be honest, I thought it was Stargirl for a second until I saw the hair.

Cassaday was gonna do more, but dem delays are pretty unfortunate for Marvel NOW’s lead book! Regardless, his artwork didn’t seem up to his usual standards on Planetary or even Astonishing X-men, but he could surprise me with these last two issues.

Either way, I’ve seen Daniel Acuna’s pencils/colors, and they look GLORIOUS. The book should be in fine hands.


Archie’s New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes looks like it was designed to sell to six-year-olds. But that’s okay, little kids need comics, too… And almost all of DC’s comic books seem to be aimed at twelve-year-olds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

So I won’t be buying any of those pre-pubescent comics. But I’ll certainly get the Kirby dream book! And I’ve been avoiding the modern Green Hornet re-boot, but I’ll probably have to buy it now that Mark Waid is writing it.

Agreed about Cornell. He’s a below average writer most of the time.

@TomFitzpatrick, Kelly Thompson did a similiar commentary on the February covers, but she seems to like 99% of them so YMMV

I freaking loved Cornell’s Knight & Squire and Captain Britain series, and enjoyed Demon Knights for what it is. His Stormwatch didn’t do anything for me, but then I think the whole idea of folding the Wildstorm universe into the mainstream DCU is stupid.

Paris is a wonderful little love story. The romance between Julie and Debs is handled very sweetly by Watson, and Gane’s artwork compliments it all nicely. A lot of the story is told in facial expressions and body language, and he nails that aspect of the storytelling. The description doesn’t mention that the book is set in the 50’s. The Bohemian art world of the time is a great back drop for events, with the time period also important as to why it is so difficult for the two women to be together. But the story left a smile on my face, and at only $10.95, it’s fairly priced. I recommend it.

I have a question about that Kirby and Simon Dream book from IDW. Is there a story to it, or are they simply vignettes having to deal with dreams and their interpretation? I’m interested in picking it up because either way it just seems to delightfully odd in the way I enjoy, but I wanted to know what to expect if/when I do get it. Anybody read it who can recommend it?

Paris is good stuff. The story is breezy, but with enough substance to merit the price. And the art is just great. I’d buy it if I hadn’t read it in serial.

Thanks, Nate!

Moon and Bá might finally push me over the edge to read some B.P.R.D.

I probably should have done it years ago, I know that.

Punk Rock Jesus was my comic of 2012, loved it.

Well I say that, but I haven’t read the last issue. It was an unusual week and I didn’t get to reading anything new.

When I did my dropping of a lot of serie in single issues, Dial H was one of the ones that I was really torn over, as I was going to get it in trade, but it’s always a concern that maybe the numbers will be so bad on a book so odd that waiting may cut the books life short.

Is that GL:NG cover by Aaron Kuder? He am good. Nice guy, too.

Is K’Rot in Threshold? I’m sorry, guys, I preordered the series, so it’s at least partially my fault. Had I known…

Yes, everyone who didn’t get Zaucer of Zilk 1 and 2 get the complete. It is SOOOOOO good.

Paris was deec from what I remember of the one issue I have.

New Crusaders is good stuff, based on the first couple issues. It LOOKS kiddie, but it’s actually not that dumbed down. I also like that the starting point of the world is that the heroes came in, made things better, and could retire. That’s right, superheroes that MADE THE WORLD BETTER.

Oh, yeah, I did indeed mention Razorjack. From what I remember, it was indeed crazy ass shit. Looks great, though.

Is that Archer and Armstrong TP 9.99?

I loved Cornell on Knight and Squire, thought the first half of the Action run (with Luthor) was deec, I’m buying Saucer Country but it’s not as good as it wants to be (story-wise. Art’s nice.). So there’s that.

Travis: Yes, that’s Kuder.

I’ll probably have to get Razorjack just to see it.

Archer and Armstrong is indeed $9.99. Valiant isn’t stupid – if it works, they keep doing it!

Captain Haddock

January 7, 2013 at 10:32 am

Paul Cornell will always have a soft spot in my heart for a) The Family from Dr Who, b) making Action Comics a must read (and bringing in Death from Sandman! In a good story) even without Superman, and c) Captain Britain and MI13, one of my favortie series’ of all time (John Lennon! Pete Wisodom! Captain Midlands! Dracula from Space!)

[…] Flippin' through Previews – January 2013 Flippin' through Previews – January 2013. January 5, 2013 @ 09:29 AM … Peter Bergting has a new graphic novel on page 54 called Domovoi (well, I assume it's new, but someone can tell me otherwise if it's not). It's a story of myths coming alive and … goodcomics.comicbookresources.com […]

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