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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 13-19 January 2013

Let’s see what we have this week!

First, here’s a .gif of Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) watching two women make out on last week’s episode of Happy Endings. Happy Endings is really funny, and you guys should watch an episode before it gets cancelled, which will probably happen in the spring.

Anyway, not a lot of links this week, and not even a lot of comics-related links. I usually have time to trawl yonder Internet, but this week I was trying to put together my Best Comics of 2012 post, and as that is really image-heavy, I spent a lot of time loading images. So I didn’t have as much time to waste as I usually do. Still, I hope this helps you waste some time on a Sunday morning!


Fresh of the wild success of re-reading Alan Moore’s output, Tim Callahan dives into Sandman. There must be something in the water. Tim is a very good writer, and his thoughts are always interesting to check out, even if he doesn’t like Chew.

Robot 6 always has good stories, even though I feel like you guys should already be reading it – they’re part of the Jonah’s Empire, after all!

First, the news out of DC is that they don’t know which creators are working on which books, as detailed here. There’s also a link to the new Mothership feature, B & B, in which Bobbie Chase and Bob Harras obfuscate and prevaricate and equivocate for a few pages. Honestly, Abhay tears this column a new one better than I ever could, and I shouldn’t pick on the Mothership, but I really don’t like features like this. There’s never anything remotely interesting because the person asking the questions never probes too hard (I don’t really blame the reporter, because if she asked tough questions, Harras and Chase would just leave the interview – stop answering the e-mail, or hang up the phone, or leave the room; such is the state of comics journalism, which doesn’t really exist as a viable thing), so we get mushy promotional crap, and if Harras says “creative churn” one more time someone should gag him. But the shuffling of creators, even without any explanation, shows that there are plenty of cracks in the DCnU. I don’t have any problem with Robert Venditti, Jeff Lemire, or Ray Fawkes as writers, but the fact that DC doesn’t even know month-to-month who’s going to be writing their comics means something is rotten over there.

Meanwhile, Graeme McMillan ponders the cost of comics after reading Tom Spurgeon’s interview of Mark Waid.

Everyone’s favorite feminist blogger/self-published writer/podcaster/Marvel and DC solicitation reviewer Kelly Thompson has a fascinating piece about her experience with Kickstarter. It’s very instructive if you’re thinking of doing something like it. In the meantime, you could always buy her book!


In Philadelphia, the big news of the week was that the Eagles hired Oregon coach Chip Kelly to be their new head coach. I know most of the people reading this don’t care about that, but it did lead to Ralph Wiggum reacting to the news as only Ralph Wiggum can.

The big sports news of the week – well, if you ignore the confession of Lance Armstrong, which wasn’t much of a bombshell, was it? – was the odd story of Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend. In case you don’t follow college football, Te’o is a linebacker for Notre Dame who claimed his girlfriend died earlier in the season, but as it turned out, the girl never actually existed – Te’o had only “met” her on-line, and he claims he was duped. There’s been a lot about this on the sports Internet this week, as people aren’t sure if Te’o is the most gullible person in the world or if he was in on the hoax. I’m not calling him stupid, as some people are, because it’s not that crazy to think he’d been fooled – let’s face it, I haven’t met almost everyone I’ve interacted with on-line, so half of the people reading this could be fake, for all I know, and I could be a 78-year-old Thai hooker, for all you know. The reason I’m not completely buying Te’o’s story is because he did, after all, lie about meeting the girl when he hadn’t, and I’m not sure if it was “embarrassment” that he hadn’t actually met her. What bugs me about this story is that Te’o certainly did get more publicity because his grandmother and “girlfriend” died within days of each other, right before a football game in which he played really well, and he ended up finished second in the Heisman trophy voting when plenty of other linebackers in the country had as good or better statistics. There are two reasons he finished second in the voting: He plays for Notre Dame, and the media slobbers all over Notre Dame players if they’re moderately talented, and Te’o is quite good, so they had huge boners for him; and he experienced tragedy during the season, which made for a good story. I will also point out, as I did on Facebook, that this proves that reporters don’t do any investigating of their own and rely on second-hand sources to write their stories and get it spectacularly wrong, yet a lot of people still believe they reported on the Jerry Sandusky scandal accurately. Yeah.

Story continues below

Of course, because it’s the Internet, someone made .gifs about Te’o! I’m sure there are more out there, but here and here are two of them, both – naturally – mashing up the Te’o story with The Usual Suspects.

Movies and other entertainment!

Here’s a compelling story about Paul Schrader casting Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. A lot of the comments complain about why we care about Lohan, but this is a really interesting article. Lohan is such a cautionary story (not that young starlets will pay attention to it), and this article and movie is a last chance for her, Schrader, and Bret Easton Ellis, who wrote it. Really gripping stuff if you’re at all interested in movies and how they get made. Then, of course, The Canyons was rejected from Sundance.

I don’t know if you heard about the story of a teacher who was fired because she had done some porn years earlier and the school freaked out about it. Well, she lost her appeal to get her job back. I don’t know how I feel about this. She doesn’t do porn anymore, and there’s no reason it would ever come up, but then again, I have two young daughters, and I’m not sure what I would think if I found that out about one of their teachers. I guess the lesson is: Don’t do porn. It will only lead to trouble later in life.

Here’s an interesting article about Cameron Russell, a fashion model. She talks about the modeling business and how fake the photographs are. Very interesting.

I don’t know about you, but this trailer for Spring Breakers is awesome. If you’ve never heard of Spring Breakers, well … it’s a movie directed by Harmony Korine, starring James Franco and some ex-Disney chicks like Selena Gomez. It sounds extremely wacky. Here’s one poster:

Is that Kevin Federline?

Finally, to wrap things up, I ask you: Is “professional cuddler” the BEST JOB EVER? I think you already know the answer to that one!


Yeah, it’s fair to say that Selena Gomez has outgrown Justin Bieber.

Look, if you want to do porn, do it. Live your dream. I still choose to believe in an America where you can do porn and then become president.

Ah, college football. This year’s national championship featured my two most hated teams. I ended up hoping Notre Dame would win because it turns out I hate Nick Saban more than anything in the NCAA. This whole Te’o thing has reminded me again of why I hate Notre Dame.

As for Chip Kelly, I think Oregon will be just fine. Phil Knight will open his wallet for any of their problems. I kinda hope Philly chokes on their new hire, though. Actually, I wish dysfunction on that entire division of the NFL.

Imagine that: something that makes Skrillek’s music interesting and worthwhile!

Awesome linkage, Brian; glad to see this feature is back.

Hey, creative churn is what my stomach does when I read a lot of the nuDC stuff!


P. Boz: Yeah, those are two of my most hated teams, too. I kind of wanted Notre Dame to lose more, because I really can’t stand the media slobbering over Notre Dame when they’re halfway decent, and if they had won the MNC, it would have been more than I can take! At least Alabama, even though Saban’s a big cheater, is a legitimately good team. ND was undefeated through smoke and mirrors.

What do you have against the poor NFC East?

Tom: Well, Brian didn’t write this, but I’m glad you like the links! I’ll try to have more next week – I should have some more time to scour the Web!

Travis: Well done, sir!

Well, if just watching ESPN is anything to go by, the NFC east is half the league. The other half is the Jets and the Patriots. I’m used to the the east coast bias of sports media, but I still don’t like it.

I tried to explain the whole Te’o thing to my wife (because she didn’t get the joke that Jon Stewart made about at the start of a show last week), and I had to assure her that I wasn’t explaining it poorly, it was just the outright insanity of the situation.

I just find it amusing to see my wife give a crap about a sports story.

P. Boz: Oh, okay. Yeah, that can get annoying.

Brian: Even the insanity of it all couldn’t get my wife to care!!! :)

As an Eagles fan, I am…what’s the best way to put it…cautiously optimistic? Chip Kelly seems to have a lot of potential and if he can adapt to working with adults and not college kids (i.e. be more Pete Carroll than Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier) then things could go very well for the Eagles within the next couple of years. Then again, I don’t think Foles or Vick is the answer at QB, so there’s that issue to address as well.

And that Abhay piece was excellent! You and he both hit the nail on the head there as to why I don’t like those kind of fluff promo pieces. All that was missing from Harras’ double speak were the words “paradigm” and “synergy”…

Andrew: I think it’s a pretty good hire, as well. If Belichick studies your offense, you know you’re doing something right. I think what’s interesting about Kelly is that he doesn’t seem to be wedded to one kind of offense – he’ll adjust if he doesn’t have the players. One of Reid’s biggest weaknesses was is absolute inability to adjust, and it seems like Kelly can do that. But we’ll see!


I knew who Te’o was, now I’m just way out of my depth.

Actually, screw that, I’m going to make a statement, American football is interesting, but there is so little flow to it. Pass ball to QB, he passes to someone else, they get tackled, wait a few minute while they basically reset themselves, repeat.

It’s exciting for 20 seconds, then you wait. Guess it gives you time to drink. Rather watch the flow of basketball or Australian football.

I’m going to shut up now.

Oz: People over the years have put clocks on baseball, football, and other American sports and found that the action takes up anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of the actual running time. Yet we still call it “exciting.” I like DVRing football, because I can watch a lot of it in fast motion. That’s fun!

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