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Cool Gerry Conway Interview DVD Project Up at Kickstarter

Roger Priebe did a three and a half hour long interview with the great comic book writer Gerry Conway discussing Conway’s long career in comics. Priebe is currently trying to raise money to release the interview on DVD. He’s over halfway to his goal of $2,000. It sounds quite interesting. I pledged $20 (which gets you a copy of the DVD). If YOU think it is interesting, be sure to pledge some money, as well! I’m looking at you, FuryOfFirestorm (although I bet you’ve already contributed)!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page.


Neat! He’s coming to the convention in my neck of the woods in March, can’t wait to meet him! Other than a spot in my autograph book, I’m planning to get signed:
-The Firestorm: The Nuclear Man TPB
-“Secret Society of Super-Villains” #13-14
-“Steel: The Indestructable Man” #1
-“Fury of Firestorm” #1 (1982)
-The 1996 reprint of “Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man”.
I only wish I had a piece of his Marvel work–to the best of my knowledge, he never created a character all his own that headlined an ongoing at Marvel.

@Acer – Conway created the Punisher!

I know that–but Conway never wrote any ongoing solo Punisher series. And I wouldn’t be nuts enough to spend all that dough on the Punisher’s first appearance….

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