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Jimmy Olsen, Cross-Dressing All-Star

With the news that Jimmy Olsen might be JENNY Olsen in the upcoming Superman film, I wrote a feature for CBR on the times in the past that Jimmy has gotten in touch with his feminine side with some cross-dressing (plus the first comic book appearance…sort of… of Jenny Olsen!)

Check it out here.


“Luckily, the chimp saves the day by hitting McGraw with a baseball bat.”

One of the greatest sentences ever typed.

Just FYI, there’s a duplicated page within that link, the one where Jimmy dresses up as a brunette because the cops and the crooks are after him.

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Wow, Jimmy really must be a “Master of Disguise”, since most of those costumes require him to actually somehow change the dimensions of his body. It’s most notable in the second image from the ‘Leslie Lowe’ issue. In one panel, he has the body of a somewhat muscular young man. In the next, his arms, legs and especially waist are maybe half the size they were before. That’s some kinda girdle.

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