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You Decide: Who is Your Favorite Female Member of the X-Men?

In honor of Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel’s upcoming all-female X-Men title, we decided to ask readers which female mutant was their all-time favorite member of the X-Men.

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Charles Fortier

January 25, 2013 at 8:52 am

Monet (does she count?)

Monet did not make the poll (space was limited).

I’m pleasantly surprised that Kitty is currently polling at #2, but I’m not sure how I feel about her being #2 behind Jean. I wasn’t aware that Jean had such a following. I’d guess that Storm or Emma may eventually take the lead, but I’m surprised Jean ever held the top spot.

And pointless fan nitpicking that isn’t a criticism of the poll, I’d have put Monet and Husk on over Armor and Sage. I know that speaks more to the books I read when I started collecting than the popularity of either character.

Jean at #1 isn’t surprising; Storm not being at #2 is, although I did vote for Kitty. I’m stunned that Storm only barely cleared the top 5.

I love that Kitty is #2, hopefully she’ll rise to her rightful spot of #1 but it doesn’t surprised me that Jean is #1 as that’s the whole reason we got All New Jean – who I like is an option here, I’m hoping she splits Jean votes.

Had to vote for my personal favorite X-woman, Dazzler. Sad that’s sitting middle of the poll, though, I am also pretty shocked that Jean is #1. I always found her pretty bland, no matter what powers or incarnation. Sage surprises me too, but she came along after I stopped reading the X-books and so I have no knowledge of her beyond knowing just enough to make me roll my eyes…

For me, Storm was really the only choice, though I guess Kitty would be a distant second for me. I love Dazzler, but only before she joined the X-Men, so voting for her as a favorite X-Man just seemed wrong.

…kind of disappointing that Jean “Miss Perfect” Grey is getting so many points, unless these are referencing her portrayal during the Claremont/Byrne run (which was, thanks to the miracle of retconning, not actually Jean)

…kind of disappointing that Jean “Miss Perfect” Grey is getting so many points, unless these are referencing her portrayal during the Claremont/Byrne run (which was, thanks to the miracle of retconning, not actually Jean)

It seems like even the modern writers have forgotten this themselves. During AvX everyone was acting like the real Jean was Phoenix.

Hasn’t All-New X-Men Jean Grey only been in half a dozen comics? How can she be over a hundred people’s favourite female X-Man? (Incidentally, the correct answer for this poll is Jubilee.) :P

Funny that Phoenix isn’t listed, since the character from the Cockrum and Byrne runs wasn’t technically Jean Grey but a cosmic entity directed by Jean Grey’s subconscious…she certainly appeared in most of the best X-Men stories!

Kitty was a good second, but had to go with Storm. In all the books I have read (I’m quite sure there are writers who have done her poorly) she has been done interestingly, always shown to be powerful but grounded and rarely shown as any writer’s pet character (like Kitty and Jean and Emma and…). Even when she was non-powered.

The comic that got me collecting comics was Uncanny X-men vol1 # 109. I got it in my stocking for Christmas when I was 6. Within the the first 3 pages Claremont and Byrne introduced me to these characters that were basically unheard of at the time. Storm’s intro was her blasting her clothes off! I collect every issue of the series after that until Claremont left. Ororo means “beauty”.

“…kind of disappointing that Jean “Miss Perfect” Grey is getting so many points, unless these are referencing her portrayal during the Claremont/Byrne run (which was, thanks to the miracle of retconning, not actually Jean)”

It’s much less confusing to just quietly ignore the retcon, which seems to be what the writers are doing these days. I’ve read the original Dark Phoenix Saga (it’s a famous story, after all) but I’ve never read the comics that brought Jean back, which I’m sure is also the case for a significant portion of Marvel readers. I don’t understand why they wrote something so convoluted in the first place (the Dark Phoenix wasn’t really Jean at all? The real Jean was in a cocoon in the ocean? Huh?), so just ignoring it seems best. All today’s readers should really have to know is that Jean went Dark Phoenix, Jean died, Jean came back from the dead (how she came back doesn’t really matter now), Jean eventually died again.

I think your poll has been hacked. While there might be a less than zero chance that Sage has nearly twice as many votes as the next person (an also suspicious Polaris), it’s not much.

This poll is actually the first I’ve ever HEARD of Sage.

I liked her better when she was just Tessa of the Hellfire Club.

The hackers are apparently ambivalent on Sage’s status as she places pretty high in similarly questionable results of who is the least favorite female X-man http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=poll&id=120

Yeah, Sage is a much-discussed character over at the CBR X-Forums.

I like Storm a lot, but she was at her apex was during her punk phase during the mid-80’s. Despite having no powers, she was a strong leader and even beat Callisto in hand-to-hand combat for leadership of the Morlocks.

I really like Kitty as well, especially during Alan Davis’s run on Excalibur, when she got out from under the shadow of “the baby” of the X-Men.

But my current favorite female X-Man? Emma Frost, hands down. Queen Bitch, I love you so.

This was tough. I was tempted by Kitty and Rachel (loved them both in “Excalibur”, though I don’t even know if the current Rachel is supposed to be the same one), gave a thought to Psylocke (before realizing I didn’t want to be eviscerated by all the people who hate her), but had to give it to Jubilee. I just plain can’t think of a time when I didn’t think Jubilee was awesome.

Plus, the only murky, confusing, Marvel-fuckery that she’s ever been involved in (that I’m aware of) is this vampire crap I’ve heard about. I never read any of that, so to me it never happened.

Add me to the people confused by Sage’s current first-place position. I literally have no clue who that is. I’ve never heard of her.

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