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Blogathon Best of 2012: #1 – The Boys


Yes, The Boys. When compiling this list, no other comic cried out, demanding to be put atop like The Boys. It offered not one, but two fantastic conclusions this year. First, wrapping up the superheroes plot and, then, wrapping up business between Butcher and Hughie. It was an awful year of issues that broke my heart again and again. But, first Ennis concluded the superhero conflict as the supes descended on the White House and Butcher came face to face with the man who killed his wife. And he kills the bastard. Uses a crowbar to rip the top of his head off and pulls out chunks of brains. Because that’s what you want to do to a man who raped your wife and impregnated her with a superhuman child that burst out of her like an alien. It’s crude and nasty and so, so, so satisfying to see. I do love superhero comics, but I love hating superheroes, too, and, not since Marshal Law has a superhero murder been oh so lovely. The Boys do what they set out to do. The good guys win.

Until Billy Butcher does some nasty shit and things go south. And it keeps getting worse. Every issue is nothing but shock and gasps and heartbreak. Ennis plays off everything he can and do so masterfully. If there’s something that man is great at, it’s final storyarcs that just crush you and surprise you and leave you wanting more while hating him for what he does. Nobody does it better, honestly.

And, then, there’s the final issue where Stillwell realises that he is fucked forever. And Hughie and Annie get a happy ending. I love happy endings. And I wanted this one more than any other. Garth Ennis may be a bastard of a writer, but he knows when to deliver the feel good moment. He much softer than people give him credit for and it’s one of the reasons why he’s one of my favourites.

While Darick Robertson returning for the final issue was nice, I will continue to be in awe of the way Russ Braun stepped onto the title when he did. It was so effortless the way he made the characters his own — make the book his own. Robertson’s return was appropriate, but didn’t feel quite right. Then again, Braun got to draw the Hughie/Butcher finale and that was just fantastic.

The Boys was cheap and crude in its treatment of superheroes. But, it was funny and heartfelt and touching and true and right. I miss is quite a bit and I can’t see that feeling ever going away completely.

That does it for the posts here on Comics Should be Good. Still two hours to go over at GraphiContent.

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I loved the conclusion. I rarely get surprsied by fiction, but I must admit that I (somehow) did not see the one ID reveal coming. Slightly embarrassed by that, but it paid off real well. I did pretty much see the gist of the last arc or epilogue arc coming, sadly. And it was sad for me not because I saw it coming, but because I didn’t want it to occur.

You’re right about Ennis. I think a lot of people don’t give him credit for what is most often outstanding character work. He makes me care about his characters more than most other writers do, even the really good ones. Hell, I may have cared for the Boys more than any other characters over the last few years.

Great stuff, and glad to see some love displayed for the book. Seemed to me that more people were disliking The Boys than liking it (at least online). Thanks

nice pick for the boys proved what enis can really do if given the chance. not to mention its one of the few times where some of the characters raccept that no matter what they do they are screwed . plus the only series i know where a guy gets to kill his wifes rapist with his bare hands. which if done at dc and marvel would be censored with black bars or enis would be asked to remove the scenes

Ennis is truly the master ofmcraft. The Boys is excellent throughout.

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