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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 20-26 January 2013

It’s another week of links! I could probably have more of these, but we should not gorge ourselves – that’s not good for anyone!


“Every story must have a good fight in it.” So, so true. Explosions wouldn’t hurt, either.

Robot 6 links to this piece on Rob Liefeld’s Extreme characters (even though what Liefeld did isn’t quite as rosy as the article claims). They quote FotB Tim Callahan, too, so they’re doing something right! Liefeld, as usual, is in full “I don’t care about the Internet” mode, and I say – good for him!

Breaking into comics was a hot topic this week, as Colleen Doran gives advice to aspiring comics creators, piggybacking on Faith Erin Hicks writing about it. It’s good reading, but there’s also something to be said for knowing when to give up. Harsh but true words!

Here’s an interesting interview with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie about Young Avengers. Yes, they’ve talked about it a lot, but there’s always room for more!

Jordie Bellaire tells it like it is about coloring comics. Testify, Ms. Bellaire!

The Internet was abuzz this week thanks to the news that Brooke Shields once played Wonder Woman. Is this where it started? Either way, Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass linked to that and provided some other pictures. Brooke Shields would have made a pretty good Wonder Woman, I reckon.

I stole this from Sue's site. I hope she doesn't mind!

David Brothers has an interesting post about the direct market. It gets quite rowdy in the comments section.

A study shows that readers of graphic novels retain information better than readers of regular textbooks. That’s pretty keen. It’s not terribly surprising, but still pretty keen.

Does Marvel want Adam Sandler to voice Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Consider that, and then tell me how excited you are about seeing it.


I found this on Facebook: A map of which term for “soft drink” is used most often, county-by-county. It’s from 10 years ago, but it’s really interesting. I grew up firmly in the “soda” area of Pennsylvania, and it was interesting going to Penn State, which is right on the divide between fine, upstanding Eastern Pennsylvanians saying “soda” and degenerate, sheep-diddling Western Pennsylvanians who called it “pop.” Wait, did I type that out loud?

Nineteen people who just want to watch the world burn. Some aren’t terribly funny, but some are VERY funny.

They Live is a classic, and this is a funny .gif based on the movie. Plus, there’s a video of the great fight scene between Rowdy Roddy and Keith David. “Either put on these glasses, or start eating that trash can,” indeed.


I’ve been trying to leave politics out of these posts, but Arizona’s legislature is back in session, and they’re trying to take back the crown for “Craziest State in the Union” from … let’s say Oklahoma. So this past week we got AZ HB 2467, which will require all students to take an oath to uphold the constitution before they graduate from high school. I’ve seen some blather about this on-line about how poor atheists will have to say “so hope me God” at the end of it, but if you’re an atheist, what do you care if you have to swear by a nonexistent being? The funniest part of the bill is that the oath includes the words “I take this obligation freely,” even though they’re being coerced to take said oath. Good stuff, Representative Thorpe! With all the talk about dictatorial regimes coming for everyone’s guns and the gun-crazy people ranting about the Second Amendment, you know what else dictatorial regimes are really, really big on? Loyalty oaths, man. They dig ‘em. This will, presumably, get struck down as unconstitutional even if it passes, but it’s just another thing the law-makers at the Arizona Capitol are wasting their time on instead of, you know, trying to solve our horrible education problems. Our kids might not know how to read or do math when they get out of high school, but at least they’ll be loyal to the constitution, damn it!

That’s all I have for this week. I try for quantity, but sometimes it’s all about quality!


Arizona, the Apartheid State.

The one that made me burst out laughing was the English parking job.

“Should NOT gorge ourselves,” isn’t it?

–sorry, I can’t help myself.

Also, it was discovered DECADES ago that comics are better for memory retention than prose– it’s why Will Eisner spent all those years doing instruction manual comics for the government.

Greg – whoops, forgot a word!

You’re no fun. What will the University of Oklahoma do with all their grant money if they can’t do cool studies like this one????

I sometimes think that Arizona exists solely to stick it to the hippies in California. The next thing the legislature needs to do is write the definitive interpretation of the constitution that each grade schooler needs to sign in the blood of an illegal immigrant. It’s really the next logical step.

Oh, I just can’t wait for Rocket Raccoon to have that baby voice that Sandler does so well in every film and is not irritating in any way whatsoever.

• For a dude who doesn’t care about the internet, Liefeld certainly uses it to great effect. Also: what a ridiculous puff piece.

• After reading that Young Avengers interview, I’m totally expecting Kang to show up eating HobNobs.

• Did you catch the Colorists Appreciation Day on Twitter? They really don’t get enough acknowledgement.

• The comics form surely appeals to a wide variety of learning types, since it incorporates both visuals and text. Most instructional manuals follow the words-and-pictures paradigm for a reason.

• Why would you hire a “big name” to voice a character in an action movie? There are plenty of professional voice actors who’d do an impeccable job for a fraction of the cost of Sandler or Carrey or whomever, and all Groot says is “I am Groot” anyway.

• Pepsi may’ve been created in North Carolina, but Coke has an amazing foothold in the South. Damn. (Also: I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually call soda “pop” in real life.)

Ian: I mentioned Colorist Appreciation Day in my weekly reviews. I happened to see Matthew Southworth tweeting a lot about colorists, so I checked it out.

I’ve heard a lot of people call it pop. It still sounds strange to me, even if it’s been many years since I first heard it!

Ian: why hire big names for voice acting? Because the studios think they need “bankable stars”.

You should hear Billy West talk on the subject.

It’s generally called pop in the Midwest. That’s the term they use here in Michigan at least. They also use it in Colorado for some reason. I’ve called it soda since my younger days living outside of Philadelphia. I refuse to adapt regionalisms dammit!

That shoulda been adopt and not adapt. I’m going to take a time out in the grammar room.

Born in Philly, so we call it soda. Pop is what I call my dad. It’s Bizarro World in Pittsburgh.

Soda is carbonated water. Pop is the good stuff! I worked at a McDonald’s in my youth and at the drink machine, there were buttons for all the various flavors of pop. There was also a button that just said “soda” and dispensed carbonated water.

In Canada we call it pop.

here’s a good comics link I just found, Paste’s ten most anticipated comics/graphic novels of 2013:


I basically agree with everything listed, though I would have found a spot for Brian Wood’s all female X-Men team, and I’m surprised (though not disappointed) that the upcoming Snyder/Lee Superman series didn’t make it on the list.

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