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You Decide: Who Is Your LEAST Favorite Female Member of the X-Men?

Earlier, we asked about who your FAVORITE female member of the X-Men was. Now we’re going negative! Who’s your choice? Vote here!


Oh man, this was harder to pin down than the other one, because there are several that irritate me. I had to go with Hope, though, just because everyone always makes such a big deal about how important she is, on top of her generally being a brat.

Beak’s wife bugged me, unreasonably so for her being such a minor character. Of the characters who are actually in this poll, I’d have to go with Pixie. I never really got into her.

Marrow. Good god, it was bad enough that she was an obvious Wolverine expy (because Marvel didn’t learn their lesson with Feral) – but then they had her flipping between “angry hardass” and ” lovesick teenage girl” on a dime. The worst part is that so much ink and paper was wasted on her that could have better filled by developing more of Dr. Cecilia Reyes (who never got a damn code-name).

I’ve disliked Psylocke ever since she went through the Siege Perilous.

YES. Can we have more “worst” and “least favorite” polls in the future? We don’t necessarily have to put creators on blast, but something along the lines of “Top 10 Worst Costumes” or “Least Favorite Daredevil Storyline” could be fun.

Tougher call than you’d expect …

I have the go with X-23 (aka Mary Wolverine), but the bottom rung of the female X-Men ladder is better populated than you’d think based on the quality at the top.

Yeah, X-23 was a contender for me, but I didn’t vote for her because I don’t find her personality irritating, just her existence. (Same goes for Daken and any other Wolverteens.)

(When she has a personality at all, I mean, which is seldom.)

Something about Jubilee as a “concept” that has always bugged me, its just a bit Dazzler-lite, and she seems to be just a surrogate for Kitty Pride with her Wolverine links.

I’ve hated Hope since the Five Lights arc, mostly for the same reason buttler stated. Basically, she’s important because Marvel’s telling you that you need to think she’s important. Plus, she got, as impossible as it seems, more annoying during AvX, especially in the tie-ins. That said, I do like her interactions with Cable, and I thought she was genuinely cute in the flashbacks in X-Sanction. The part where she puts the cans on her arm to be like her dad? Adorable, and I say piss off to anyone who disagrees! Basically, stick her with Cable in all of her appearances and you’re good Marvel.

I guess since we’re talking “LEAST Favorite,” that’s still a half-step above the worst female X-Man of all time…
Stacy-X. (her name’s a pun, see, but it’s a backward pun and… never mind.)

Gah!! …must now go and claw out the portion of my brain that remembers the X-Ranch…)

Oh god, Hope. This walking-plot-device for the most tedious of drawn-out crossovers yet. This rehashed Rachel Summers with none of the charm or originality. This distillation of wangst & faux-history. She makes Xstacy seem less of a pointless exercise in bad taste and Gaia seem like somebody took more than a minute in writing the concept. She makes Sentinel look exciting and fresh. She’s the watermark you can point to and say ‘here’s where the Xmen ran out of ideas’.

so I’m going to have to say Hope.

My X-Men reading has been very spotty in the recent years so there were some characters I didn’t really know that well…so I went with Polaris who always has struck me as rather bland character. And was seriously surprised to notice that she’s the least least favorite character in the poll.

I never warmed up to Sage after she was “promoted” from minor background player. She might as well have been a new character for all the sense it made.

This was easy. Psylocke. Pretty much everything about that character pisses me off.

I’m gonna say Ceclia Reyes. Marrow was pretty annoying and inconsistently characterised (though I do wonder if they’d kept her in the roll of shit-stirrer/loose cannon it might have at least given her a solid role in the team dynamic in a way, say, Maggott, never did) but Reyes never got a code name and spent so much of her time whining about being an X-Man and doing so little, she actually quit the team and I think they dealt with it in 3 panels when the Excalibur characters rejoined.

I’ll second whoever mentioned that Stacy-X not being an option forced me to go to my second-least-favorite, Sage. She’s an astonishingly poorly defined character, especially given how long Claremont spent trying to push her on us. Similarly I always groaned at Lifeguard from the original X-Treme X-Men book. Although she wasn’t as goofy as her teleporting body-boarding brother.

My favorite one is all of them. I need to appease my overactive sex glands as 25-year old virgin living in a basement in Brazil or Peru. I’m not sure which.

Looks like Jean Grey’s the ultimate love/hate character (followed, of course, by Emma). Sage is odd because I haven’t read her in anything in years. So I discounted her and had it down to Hope and Marrow. Hope I don’t really have much opinion on but she still feels like a plot device. Hopefully with mutants now being undecimated we can move forward with her story. Marrow is different from writer to writer and it’s annoying.
But in the end I went Polaris because I couldn’t think of a single story or moment of hers I liked. Hell, I could barely think of any period and the ones I could involved her going crazy over and over again.

I wish Jubilee had been developed more/grew up but it writers were reluctant to evolve her from the bubblegum-smacking firecracker chick. They finally did do it only when she became a vampire, haha. X-23’s a clone of Logan, right? But pretty, unhairy, tall, and with straight thin hair, green eyes, and a tan? I’m surprised she isn’t getting more hate (she’s hit/miss for me).

I’d also say Cecilia Reyes was a pretty useless character.

I like Reyes. She was interesting to me precisely because she didn’t have a code name and didn’t particularly like being an X-Man. She would have been perfectly happy working at the hospital and being a closet mutant instead. She brought a different perspective to the X-Men. It was during the Claremont run where she accidently got addicted to some made up drug that the character started to lose my interest.

Yeah I liked that she had that different dynamic to her and it wasn’t that I hated her character but it felt like the writers created her Maggot and Marrow and had no idea what to do with them. It’s not poor Cecilia’s fault.

@ Peter

it’s a little more “the writers had ideas for the characters but they kept getting editorial edicts and “suggestions” foisted upon them to do other stuff that the “higher ups” thought would sell better instead of getting to do their own arcs and character.”

Yeah that’s probably true. Certainly explains their minimal development and schizophrenic natures.

Maggott was likable once the writers settled on who he was supposed to be, and then was shipped out almost as soon as that happened. Marrow was problematic because she was a mass murderer in her early appearances, and the book seamed to want to gloss over that, and I just couldn’t go along with it as much as a tried.

I went Marrow, and the above commenters already said why. I was tempted by Emma, but the thing is: I USED to like her. That disqualified her.

I just haven’t given two shits about her since Grant Morrison decided to make her Lady Colossus. I usually am very accepting of other’s opinions, but the fact that there are people who think that “secondary mutations” are cool (especially hers) blows my mind.

Emma Frost. They never should have made her a good guy. She’s great as a villain.

Hey now, letting Sebastian Shaw rape Storm’s body while they mind-swapped isn’t all that villainous.

I voted for Emma Frost. Not only do I find her needlessly cruel and just plain annoying, but I hate the way every X-Men villain winds up joining the team!
I was tempted to vote for Sage just because I hate the fact that she was retconned to be one of the first mutants Professor X discovered. Why do X-Men writers feel the need to keep doing this? Please stop!

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