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Committed: Jeff Lemire talks Constantine

Last week Jeff Lemire let me know that he and Ray Fawkes are committed to keeping John Constantine’s life filled with self-sabotage, demons, sex, and all kinds of insanity. After a sneak peak at the script for Constantine #1 (on shelves in March) I found some points of interest, certainly enough to make me look forward to the release of Constantine in March), and Lemire kindly agreed to answer a few questions. Talking about his intentions and the future for our favorite misanthropic anti-hero gives me hope that the core issues Hellblazer was able to wrestle with may not be entirely lost in this forthcoming take on the character.

Sonia Harris: Is Constantine a book you wanted to write? Do you have interest in this character specifically, (because I know he comes with quite a lot of baggage)?

Jeff Lemire: Well, first off, I should qualify all my answers by saying that Ray Fawkes is really the point man on this project. He and I are plotting the first five issues together and working together to build the direction of the book and the character in the New 52 DC Universe. But Ray will be writing the actual scripts. Having said all of that, I will say that I have an intense interest in Constantine as a character. John Constantine is probably my favorite comic book character and has been since I was fourteen. And, like a lot of fans I was really disappointed to see Hellblazer get cancelled. It was the one book I still bought monthly every month and I loved what Peter Milligan and company were doing. But, at the same time, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to have a chance to write him now.

To me Constantine in Justice League Dark, was a fun take on the character. It was a chance to see John interact with the larger DCU and with the other DC Dark characters. His solo book however will be a chance to re-establish John’s character and go deeper into who he is and what motivates him.

SH: Once I let go of the name “John Constantine”, I was able to enjoy your version as an entirely new character. Did you need to find a way to approach Constantine as a new character?

Jeff Lemire: No. To me our take is true to who he was to a large degree. Ray and I are working really hard to maintain the integrity of the character, to keep him consistent with what we loved about the Vertigo version, but to also reintroduce him to a new audience and make him a part of the larger DCU again like he was when he was originally introduced in Swamp Thing in the 80’s.

There are certain words we can’t use, but otherwise we aren’t pulling any punches. The two key differences are that he younger than he was in Hellblazer, and he is operating in New York now. Though we will see JC in London again.

SH: There has been a lot of speculation about how the move to the DC universe will change John Constantine. Outside of obvious differences (e.g. age, marital status, country of residence, etc), what kind of a man can we expect to see in this new Constantine?

Jeff Lemire: John is a man who is very much motivated my his thirst for knowledge. I also believe that deep down he does want to do the “right thing”, but that often is blurred together with what’s right for him. As a result he can be selfish and brutal. He is also a man who has a very hard time trusting anyone else.

SH: Apart from a few notable exceptions, Hellblazer was written by British writers. Did you feel any trepidation about finding John’s “voice”?

Jeff Lemire: Sure, at first I did. It’s a learning process to be sure. There are issues of JLD I’d like to have another go at, and some that I’m quite pleased with. But I felt like Constantine 1 was a chance to course correct and refine certian aspects of his character. I will say that Ray has a better ear for John’s dialogue than I did.

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SH: In Hellblazer, the city of London and politics (or more specifically – John’s hatred of Tories), played an important role in many stories. Are either of these going to show up as devices in the future in the book?

Jeff Lemire: London will continue to play a role in the book and in John’s life. He returns to London in Issue 3 in fact. As for the politics. I feel those were aspects of the character that were very specific to Hellblazer and to the time the early issues of the book were being written. That’s not to say that our book won’t have political undertones, but I think they need to come about organically and John’s worldview in 2013 as opposes to 1989 when those early issues were published.

SH: In the past, the worst of Constantine’s battles have been against his self-destructive tendencies and the vitriol of damaged people (and demons). By placing him within the DC universe, will he be fighting more flamboyant, super villain types from now on, or will he continue to be his own worst enemy?

Jeff Lemire: John’s greatest enemy should always be himself. If it’s not that I think it’s not Constantine any more. I don’t plan on seeing JC fight Doctor Polaris or Crazy Quilt any time soon. Having said that, we will see other mystics appear in the book, MR. E, SARGON etc. But again, John will have a more complex relationship with them than the typical “good guy/bad guy”dynamic.

SH: Some of my favorite old Hellblazer comic books were one-shots, simple stories about the bizarre, ridiculous, and tragic that John deftly handled. Is that something that you’ll have room for, in between long-form, epic battles with big evil?

Jeff Lemire: Absolutely. In fact we are focusing almost exclusively on shorter arcs and one shots, with an underlying mythology running through everything.One of the things I learned form Animal Man was that huge story lines can be good, but if your only telling one story all the time, the reader can loose patience. We made that mistake with Rotworld, and I don’t want to do it again with Green Arrow or Constantine, or with Animal Man after Rotworld for that matter.

Our first five issues of Constantine will be composed of a 3-parter and then two stand alone issues.

Constantine #1 is out in March from DC.

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Having missed out on Hellblazer when it began, I’m really looking forward to Constantine. I’ve liked DC’s version of him and how he has been handled in The Search For Swamp Thing prior to the New 52 and in JL Dark. Very excited that Lemire is co-writing this, too.

I think the part that upsets me the most is that Epiphany won’t be around any more. She is one of the strongest, funniest and most interesting characters in comics.

Very, very interesting to see Lemire flat out admit to the problems with Rotworld that people have been moaning about. It’s pretty honest of him and it’s good to see that he’s open, and in tune with, his faults. And given that they’re buddies, I imagine Snyder probably feels much the same way about it.

The worst thing about the new series, for me, is not the fact that they cannot use certain words anymore, or that you have to handle sexual stuff in another way. My biggest problem is that the ytake him out of London! I know Lemire said he will be in London again, but only for a few issues here and there. He will be a New York placed character. Thats so wrong, on so many levels! Constantine IS London! You can put him to another place for a few issues, but London is essential for him! Its like, taking Batman out of Gotham for good. Its just wrong! If they won’t get him back to London any time soon, I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy the book.


Have you read Constantine when he was written by Alan Moore or Brian Azzarello?

Hmm, why is the preview pic on the main page for this article a picture of Amy Adams from Man of Steel?

Just curious if this Constantine will still be bisexual…

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Not to sound like a ****, but is Kon Krypton a DC Employee? I’ve never heard anyone say they like Search for Swamp Thing, let alone the abysmal Constantine in it.

No, Dave, I’m not a DC shill. But as I said, I missed out on Hellblazer. I just recently got back into comics after many years away. What I have seen of Constantine, though, I have liked. He isn’t impressed by Superman and as far as I can tell he doesn’t take crap from anyone. Sorry if you don’t like his current incarnation, but please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

The more I hear the more comfortable I am with this book. John has been around longer than Vertigo, and now that the shock of rebooting him has worn off I’m more comfortable with this as a return to his roots.

@ Kon Krypton

You’re proving Dave’s point. And no you’re not a shill….just another part of the Didio DCU sheeple who wouldn’t know a proper comic from Adam.

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[…] Yeesh. Even Jeff Lemire thinks it went on too long, in retrospect, talking to Sonia Harris over at CBR: SH: Some of my favorite old Hellblazer comic books were one-shots, simple stories about the […]


Just found your comment. No reason to be sh*tty. I was reading comics when you were still in diapers, no doubt. Just because I like some of the things DC is doing doesn’t make me “sheeple.” You’re probably one of the guys that is p*ssed off because Wally West doesn’t exist. Get over it.

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Lemire’s take on John Constantine was AWFUL. He showed no understanding of the character, nor of how to write a British person’s voice. Lemire has been a blight on John Constantine’s history.

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