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Lookin’ to Connect: Gotham Underground #1-9, Justice League of America #1a-1b and 2000 A.D. Progs 953-955

This is the latest installment of a feature where I spotlight interconnecting covers. I will feature three selections each installment, with my current plan being to feature one diptych, one triptych and one tetraptych (or larger). Here is an archive of all of the covers listed so far. I am sure you have suggestions for future editions, so feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your suggestions for future installments. Don’t post suggestions in the comments section!


First, based on a suggestion from reader Mark P., we have Jim Calafiore’s NINE part cover to Gotham Underground (which was released out of order, just to make it a little bit more difficult for me to put together)…


Next, based on a suggestion from Josh S., we have Ed and Mariah Benes’ diptych for Justice League of America #1a and #1b….


Finally, based on suggestions from readers Alex F. and Paul N., we have Chris Foss’ triptych on 2000 A.D. Progs 953-955 (a first of the covers we have featured here, this batch actually specifically notes that the covers are meant to be combined)…


Click on any of the images to enlarge!

Again, if you want to suggest covers, let me know at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!


who’s the guy with the gun and red V visor on Gotham underground #6?

The Vigilante.

I wouldn’t call that “out of order”. Each issue forms the next step in a spiral design from the center out, and IIRC each characters on the covers had important things happen in the issue. Really one of the best designed combined covers I’ve ever seen.

Calafiore likes his polyptychs! I’ll have to scrounge up that Gotham Underground one.

Re: Judge Dredd: Floating heads don’t count! Oh, wait — wrong game.

Seriously, my problem with the Justice League covers is that unlike most of these, you had to buy two copies of the same comic to get the complete image. Polyptychs on consecutive issues: good. Polyptychs on variants: bad!

I like Calafiore, and there’s a lot of nice detail on those covers. The only thing bugging me, though, is that the perspective makes the “viewer” appear to be somebody lying flat on the ground in a Gotham alley. Not someplace I’d want to be, with that crowd of characters around.

Ah, the infamous “Superman’s Wang” JLA cover. I always knew that would come back to haunt us.

That Gotham Underground one is pretty darn cool.

@Brian Mac – I suspect the viewer is meant to be looking up through a manhole or grate – literally from Gotham underground. (And that was one of the best connecting cover series in comics.)

Man, anyone in Gotham that looks up and sees that is royaly screwed!

It’s clearly from the perspective of Ma & Pa Wayne.

Oh, that’s so wrong, buttler.

Which is why I laughed so hard.

yeah buttler it’s the first time I looked at it in that context! Oy vey !

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