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You Decide: Superior Spider-Man #2 and the Mary Jane Situation

This week’s Superior Spider-Man #2 addressed the whole Doctor Octopus/Mary Jane situation head on.

Click here to vote on how you thought Dan Slott handled the situation (I, for one, thought it worked really well).


I didn’t read the issue. I’ll sell my vote to the highest bidder!

Neither did I, but Superior Spider-Man #2 and the Mary Jane Situation is my new band name.

LOL with Buttler. This was a weird situation. On one hand, it handled the icky factor well. On the other, it created an all new type of ickiness.

It stinks to high heavens. All sorts of irk ickiness all around. It’s disgusting.

To Tys, where is the ickiness? Nothing happened between Spock and MJ. I’ve read many blogs in which people were losing their minds about a possible rape occurring in SSM. Did people really think that would happen in a Spider-Man comic? Even if the Spider-Man in question was not Peter Parker, there was no way that was going to happen. This was yet another case of people assuming something awful was going down without waiting for the comic to come out and actually reading the comic before they jumped on their high horse.

To Black Cesar:

Even the conversations they have are, to me, disgusting. I’ve read the interview with Slott here on CBR and he says: “It’s easy to pick up on the clues when we are in on the secret. We wonder why the characters don’t see it. But it’s going to take them a while to go to this crazy place. Because every day they’re seeing someone who looks and sounds like Peter. All of the stuff they’re used to is still there”

But it’s not, is it? Peter as Doc Ock is not the same at all. He’s miles away from being the same. And Slott continues saying that those differences might come from: “He’s still rattled by Silver Sable’s death.” Or “That time he crossed a line and tried to kill the Lizard.” Or “When his Aunt almost died in that plane crash.” Or “When he was kidnapped and tied up by the Kingpin.” Which is not true either. If it was, Peter should act weird after everything that happened to him over the last 40 years. And he never did. He’s acting weird now to serve the story Slott wants to shove down our throats.

Slott again: “I think any regular reader of fiction can accept that someone who looks, sounds, (and to Wolverine’s senses) smells, like that guy you’ve known all your life — down to his heartbeat — down to every last atom in his body — is who he says he is, even if he’s gone through a bad turn or is acting funny”. If he’s “acting funny” he does not “looks, sounds” and whatever like “that guy you know all your life”. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, this, to me, establishes that those who sorround Peter/Doc Ock right now NEED to not know, or otherwise the story doesn’t work. So everybody needs to be writing out of character for this superior fase to work out. Including (and worse of all) Mary Jane. In this era, as much as Spider is “superior”, MJ is “inferior”. She is been written like a poor, pitiful shadow of the strong womam that was presented to us all these years. Since Ock has Peter memories, he can “relive” Peter’s memories as it was himself. And that is very, very disgusting. That is the very definition of the ickness I spoke about. It’s invasive, repulsive, distubring. And we get to the end of the story and MJ wants to be with this Peter that is not Peter. Proving once again that Slott’s MJ is not the intelligent, strong female character (sorry for the use of this expression. I hate it too, but couldn’t think of anything else. Not a native english speaking guy, yes you can see) that we learn to love.

Further: “The taste of her. Touching every inch of her.”? Never mind Peter or Doc ock. This is fucking disgusting in and off itself.

I haven’t been reading it, but how does Doc Ock avoid all of the telepaths floating around the Marvel Universe who could easily expose this?

@Sean – this was kind of addressed in Avenging Spider-Man 16 (which has been the best ‘Superior’ story by far.) Wolverine thinks Spider-Man isn’t who he says he is. This happens: http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/4765/avenging16.jpg (Bobby’s line is perfection.)

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