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Will We Really Be Seeing Six More DC Titles?

DC recently announced that they’re canceling six more titles (Hawkman, Firestorm, Sword and Sorcery, Ravagers, Deathstroke and Team 7).

What struck me about this is how are they going to debut six new titles? Is this the end of DC having 52 titles? It sure seems like it is hard to have 52 titles without 6-10 selling below 18,000 copies.

Then again, maybe we’ll soon hear about the announcement of six new Batman titles?

EDITED TO ADD: An Anonymous poster noted that two of the new books are going to be The Movement and the Green Team, books about the 99% and the 1%, respectively. Thanks, Anonymous!


Green Team, and The Movement.

There’s also a supposed new Beowulf book. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

ugh…comics based on the “1%” and “99%”…is this real life?

kudos for trying something new, I guess…but what the hell? this is gonna be terrible…

“It sure seems like it is hard to have 52 titles without 6-10 selling below 18,000 copies.

Then again, maybe we’ll soon hear about the announcement of six new Batman titles?”

Is this any worse than when Marvel cancels one minor title and then launches a half-dozen new Avengers/Wolverine/X-Men books, half of which are written by Bendis? Or is that somehow different because it’s Marvel and their PR people manage to convince CBR that it’s important news that will “change everything you ever knew” about the Marvel Universe?

Please, Brian. Why is it that I always manage to miss your snarky jibes at Marvel? Oh. Maybe it’s because I never see any of them.

lol, DC really has no clue. I want to continue to be a paying DC customer, but they make it exceedingly difficult to do so.

I dont see the DCnU lasting much longer

I can’t believe there’s a new Green Team comic and it’s *not* being written by me or Chris Sims.


The reason you see less barbs tossed at Marvel is because, by virtually any objective standard, it’s just a better run company at the moment. That doesn’t mean it’s been a better company across the continuum (I’d say DC was leaps and bounds better from about ’87-2000ish, and maybe even until Infinite Crisis), nor does it mean Marvel doesn’t have problems of their own (they do). But compared to DC’s problems, Marvel’s are relatively pedestrian.

Marvel has much better talent because DC has somehow alienated most of comics’ A-list. Marvel gives their creators greater freedom (though still not enough, IMO), and their editorial decisions are, by and large, more thought out and well planned. And DC has completely moved away from their chief identity as a company for the 20 years preceding the post-Infinite Crisis era. DC used to be the company that courted great talent and allowed them to follow their artistic muse. And that business model led to the creation of Vertigo, the purchase of Wildstorm, and series’ of great artistic vision, such as Ostrander’s Spectre, Robinson’s Starman, Cooke’s New Frontier, Brubaker/Rucka’s Gotham Central, Ennis’ Hitman, and several others. Now, DC does none of that. It’s just writers and artists hired to follow the whims of how Didio and Johns feel the universe should be “built.” And anytime the freelance talent disagrees with editorial, they’re either unceremoniously sacked, or have the good sense to walk across the street to Marvel, where their work has a chance of being respected.

For virtually my entire comics buying life, I adamantly believed that DC was the better company, and still think they were for most of my life. But they simply aren’t anymore. It’s really too bad.

And as for what the other 4 series are besides the “percent books,” I expect a New Gods title is in the workds after their introduction in Wonder Woman, and it was already announced that Venditti was pulled form Constantine because of some big project he’s working on, which is sure to be announced too (although that could be New Gods). Personally, I’d love to see Metamorpho, Spectre, Dr. Fate, and Doom Patrol make their New 52 debuts, though I can’t necessarily say I’d even give any of them a try unless they have great creative teams.

I am pleased to say that I loved Lemire’s first issue of Green Arrow. I think the visual style was a semi-shameless attempt to copy Aja’s Hawkeye look, but I still liked it quite a bit, and I’m very happy that Lemire announced it will all be short storylines and single issues.

I just keep thinking about how GREEN drink aids you in your daily MOVEMENT (poop…)

If DC really wants to do comic books that are politically charged, they should just give free reign to Frank Miller and Dave Sims…

Wow, I had no idea Green Team was for realz. That’s pretty excellent news, in my opinion. DC has a lot of great under-utilized characters that they could make monthlies out of. And I don’t get why people say that DC’s talent is significantly worse than Marvel’s; DC is giving some excellent creators (J.H. Williams, Francis Manapul) the freedom to really cut loose on art and writing duties and they seem a lot more committed than Marvel to bringing in talent from the indie world — I expect at least one project from Charles Soule, Matt Kindt, or Ales Kot to pan out, whereas Marvel seems to have a more incestuous talent pool.

(Speaking of Matt Kindt, I give 5-3 odds that one of the four remaining “replacement” titles will be Martian Manhunter written by Kindt.)

Man, that was quick.

I’m actually kind of surprised that it took so long with Hawkman and Deathstroke, just because they were really the bottom of the barrel from the start, just dreadful. But at the same time they epitomized the testosterone-fueled “OMG, Extreme!!!!” aesthetic that nuDC was going for across the board. Much as I like Simone in general, Firestorm was pretty bad too.

But Team 7, Ravagers and Sword of Sorcery were practically brand new. Mind you, I couldn’t possibly have given a crap about those first two and only mild curiosity about the third, but that’s a mighty quick cancellation.

Wow, when I first looked at that Huffington Post article I thought it was satire…

“Okay, so we got two books . . . one focusing on the ‘one percent’ of the DCU, titled ‘Green Team’, though it’s probably not about billionaire boys and the questionable life decisions they make. The other covers the other 99 per-”

“Yeah, I’m gonna pass.”

“Did we mention Gail Simone is writing the ’99 percent’ book?”

“You got me. You buncha bastards got me. And I ain’t gonna say jack about how ‘The Movement’ leads to all sorts of jokes centering on shit.”

In other news, when will there be an Amethyst “all-ages” book? I know she’s got one minute per episode on DC Nation, but the video game angle and style is very cute.

Pretty clever, DC. Cancelling six books in one swoop is awful, but announcing new runs by Kot, Jordan, and Nelson, then the two new books (goofy as they may sound, they weren’t being done) show a pretty big step up. We have Gates back with his considerable potential, and Fawkes, Kindt, Soule, and Venditti in the wings.

At one point we had seven books between Liefeld, Defalco, and Lobdell.

I still don’t know how DC can even be taken seriously now that it’s basically 1995 Marvel plus Dan Didio and Geoff Johns. In 2013, Scott Lobdell, Tom DeFalco, and Ann Nocenti are not a dream team in anyway. The idea of restarting their comics yet again was not necessarily a bad idea in and of itself, but the execution over the past year and a half has been ridiculously horrible. It seems so thrown together. It’s nice that books like Snyder’s Batman and Azzarello’s Wonder Woman exist, but overall that’s a tiny percentage of quality.

I’m not a Marvel lover by any means, but at least their NOW promotion consists mainly of switching popular and/or quality writers to different characters and letting them do what they want, but also following soft guidelines to steer them towards various events along the way.

For any wrestling fans out there, DC seems like WCW in 2000-2001 right about now. And the news about the horrible Justice League movie script being tossed by WB is not a good sign for the future.

Maybe DC can stick to 52 titles, but not all of them have to be ongoing; they could include mini-series among them.

Green Team, and The Movement.

There’s also a supposed new Beowulf book. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

Thanks, Anonymous!

“DC cancels bad books no one cares about”


I guess I can’t complain, since I wasn’t reading it, but the idea of a new “Team 7″ book sounded interesting to me. What can I say? For all its ’90s silliness, I liked a lot of the Homage stuff back in the day. I’m still crossing my fingers for someone actually talented (maybe even Brubaker) to introduce the characters from “Sleeper” into the New 52. God, that series was great.

These 2 new books would be replacing I, Vampire and DCU Presents which are cancelled in April. So I guess we still have Man of Steel and 5 other titles debuting in June.

Charles J. Baserap

February 8, 2013 at 5:07 am

Really? A 1% and 99%? I don’t mind SOME politics in comics, but too often they’re hamfisted attempts at being topical and written by people with clear partisan agendas. For someone like me, who has actually been studying terrorism and politics for nearly 20 years and is a published author who gives lectures on it, it’s such a turnoff because of how often they oversimplify and misrepresent positions and come off as soapboxers and propagandists. That’s a great way to alienate a good portion of readership, but that seems to be DC’s modus operandi anyway these days…

Getting pissy is a far cry from trying to arrest him on sight. The X-Men have always used the “we’re feared and hunted” mantra without ever REALLY being feared and hunted. Until now. Now Cyclops and his team are legitimately feared and hunted. When is the last time that we had an X-Men team where Captain America would try to arrest them if he ran into them?

I thought it was “feared and hated”?

WTF (certified)?? DC can’t stand for titles below the fatal “number” of 16K??? And how the indie publishers are doing with less printed titles/series each moth?? And them, they don’t filled their comic books with F***** (certified) tons of ads.

I have no regrets to have dropped all the DC titles. The New 52 was a great idea, but now, it’s a total mess. I am enough to have given to DC my energy, my time, my money, for canceled or w/o interests comic books, etc.

DC Comics is dead for me.

I don’t understand why there is such an uproar over canceling these books. Hawkman was awful. It’s hysterical to me that DC can’t make him work. Hero archeologist with magical Egyptian weapons and wings. Easy.
I never read Deathstroke but I meet heard a good word about it either.
Team 7 is the kind of book that would last 18 issues tops under any regime.
When Ravagers came out everyone was furious that Howard Mackie had work again.
I liked Sword and Sorcery but its not like that was ever entering the pantheon either.
And Firestorm. If Johns didn’t love Firestorm, he wouldn’t have a book in the first place.

If not for the 52 titles gimmick, no would even notice that these titles are gone.

What Third Man said.

Team 7 was…ok. Very EXTREME! style, but it wasn’t bad (completely). Sword of Sorcery wasn’t awful (although I’m surprised they’re going with a Beowulf book — it was the backup story for the first 4 issues of SoS). I think Rich at bleeding cool had called this with the collection listings for these 2 books, as they apparently will be one volume of the whole shebang of each, and had been listed a while ago.

What books were Katana, Vibe, JLof A, and Constantine replacing? Blue Beetle, I know, but what else?

While I think Third Man is right about DC v Marvel, I do give some kudos to DC for trying a bunch of different things, and rolling them out, giving them about 8 months and then killing them off. I don’t see Threshold lasting long, f’r instance, but it’s neat to see SF books. Even lame ones like that (damn you, Giffen, for piquing my interest!).

Did they even give Sword and Sorcery a chance? It’s the only DC title other than Fables that I’m even buying at the moment, thanks to the world’s worst reboot.

I believe Katana, Vibe, JLA, Threshold & Constantine
are replacing Grifter, Frankenstein, Legion Lost, either Our Army at War or Gi Combat (can’t remember which is which) and something else I don’t remember (maybe Blue Beetle)

I had concerns when I first heard of “Savage Hawkman”
Sounded like it would be another bad Wolverine imitation (like the Ferret “guns don’t kill, ferrets kill”)
For me, the final nail in it’s coffin was named Liebfeld

I had been getting Ravagers because I wanted a Titans series not written by Lobdell (come back Marv Wolfman!)

Ah, cool, thanks John.

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