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You Decide: Which New Green Lantern Creative Team Are You Most Looking Forward To?

DC recently announced brand-new creative teams on all four of the ongoing Green Lantern titles, as well as introducing a FIFTH title.

Click here to vote for which new creative team you’re most looking forward to!


Well, Giffen is the most exciting for me, but I’m not buying Larfleeze. Come on.

GL Corps is my choice. I like Chang’s work on Demon Knights and I’ve heard godo things about I Vampire.

I’m not crazy about Billy Tan or Venditti. I’ve been thinking of dropping DK since Cornell left.

It’s Larfleeze for me. Threshold is the freshest book on the stands at the moment. I wonder if the Larfleeze back-up will be replaced by a new back-up or if the front story will be the main story.

I’m curious about Demon Knights, since its current creative team (Venditti/Chang) is all on GL.

I think the Justin Jordan/Brad Walker team’s got me interested the most – just a cool creative team. But GL Guardians doesn’t interest me. I also think Justin Jordan’s work’s better on solo characters (Luther Strode, Shadowman).

And whilst I liked the I Vampire guy’s work (check out Alpha from Marvel) and the art guys on his book sound cool… I dunno. So far, those GL books haven’t done it for me. I loved the 1st New 52 GL Corp book (for its humor) which was never followed up on.

But yeah – Larfleeze all the way. We need more humor books!

What’s Mahnke doing next? I seem to be having a hard time finding that, if it’s been announced. He’s the only reason I’ve had any interest in GL at all.

Of these titles, I’m not sure. Not interested in LarLar Binks, GL Corps looks promising, maybe.

What’s up next for Aaron Kuder (from GL New Guardians)? Guess I’ll have to ask him next week at Ithacon.

Yeah, I’m far more interested in where the current artistic teams are headed than I am in who’s taking over. Mahnke and Kuder are terrific, and DC would be foolish to let them go.

Maybe Mahnke’s working on a Multiversity ish. He is one of Morrison’s go-to-guys now.

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