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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Obnoxio the Clown versus the X-Men

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

Today we look at the time Obnoxio the Clown took on the entire X-Men team…

Obnoxio the Clown was the mascot of Marvel’s Crazy magazine. In 1983, he got his own one-shot comic, where he meets the X-Men, as Professor X bizarrely hires him to be the clown at Kitty Pryde’s birthday party…

The problem is that a bad guy attacks at JUST the same time Obnoxio shows up, causing Cyclops to think that the Clown is the bad guy…

However, the REAL bad guy is a villain named Eye Scream, who can turn into…well…ice cream.

The X-Men don’t know that, so they take on Obnoxio…

I love Nightcrawler’s teleporting sneezing jag.

Obnoxio escapes, only to get trapped in the Danger Room…

He eventually escapes and when the X-Men get to Xavier, they discover that Xavier has recovered and dealt with the Eye Scream situation…

While fun, that was one weeeeird issue!


Did he ever make another appearance?

.. And a personal favorite of mine! Thanks for sharing it! It could only have happened during Shooter’s run. Well, it might have happened later but wouldn’t have been funny. Also, that’s one awesome cover. Think it counts as a riff on Death of Supergirl?

There were a few Obnoxio gags in the special all-humor issue of “What If” from around the same time. “What If Obnoxio had super powers?” All I remember from that one was, if he had Wolverine’s claws he could open a whole sixer of beer cans at once- he misuses his powers in every one. That ish also had The Invincible Limo-Man too, some great gags.

Why am I not surprised to see that Larry Hama was the editor on something this ridiculously insane? (Not saying that’s a bad thing. The guy has a Crazy sense of humor. Crazy. Get it? See what I did there? Ah well, I’ll stick to my day job.)

I almost split my gut at the “roll-call at the little red-brick schoolhouse” line, even if I saw some riff on it coming.

Eye Scream later got a job doing Mr Freeze’s lines in Batman & Robin…

@ Ganky

Couldn’t be an homage, since Crisis came out in 86 while this came out in 83

It’s likely an homage to the then-recent X-Men cover featuring Cyclops holding Phoenix.

@Ganky: since this came out in 1983, the cover couldn’t be referencing the death of Supergirl, as it predated Crisis on Infinite Earths by a few years.

Obnoxio could be the subject of this feature all by himself, really.

I ‘remember’ this issue from seeing just the title in a price guide (ca 1988-89) and wanting it because it sounded so epic, strange and scary (I had no idea who Obnoxio was). If I recall, it was also kind of expensive, guiding for around $5.

I have this, but its not really Silver Age, is it?

I think you’ve read too much into “basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books.” That only means that this feature will have lots of Silver Age stories (and it has). Not that it ONLY has Silver Age stories (as it has not).

I still find it funny that Obnoxio made it into a Video Game as well. Spider-Man & The X-men.

Dang, Paul beat me to it. My recollection–I could be wrong–is that Obnoxio doesn’t actually appear in the game, but is heavily mentioned in the instruction manual in relation to Wolverine’s circus-based levels. He actually ends up fighting the Juggernaut. I couldn’t believe this guy actually existed when I discovered him in that WHAT IF issue years later.

That was a tough game, too.

Never having read Crazy and somehow missing even seeing that X-issue, this is my first encounter with Obnoxio.

I also remember Obnoxio appearing in a few issues of What The–?!

And yes, that “Arcade’s Revenge” video game was unnecessarily hard. And there are robot versions of Obnoxio in the Wolverine level, and his picture in the background: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rvF-S27uLM

This was the first Xmen comic I ever owned. I had never read Crazy and had no idea who Obnoxio was. No idea what made me pick it up.

Weirdly it didnt strike me as odd reading it is 1983 as a 10 year old. Looking back it’s as mad as a box of fish.

I have assumed that Obnoxio has now been permanently banned from the Marvel Universe because he smokes.

Biggles, I’ve had the same thought when rewatching the Monkees. As a child the utter nuttiness of the show did not register on me (I still love it though).

So I’m not the only one who owns this strangle little comic book…

Whenever I’m thinking about selling part of my collection, this is always the first book that comes to mind.

But if Obnoxio is Kitty’s “favorite clown”, why didn’t she recognize him?

sup with xavier looking like hitler in his first panel

I picked up this comic when I was in junior high, but I had no idea who Obnoxio was, so I was a bit baffled by what the point of it was. I’d read a couple of issues of Crazy in the past, but I’d found it to be pretty lousy compared to Mad. I found Obnoxio pretty… well, obnoxious, but I loved Eye-Scream.

I was a veteran Crazy reader but had only kind of heard of the X-men by this point. Obnoxio, BTW, was not the original Crazy mascot. Hama brought him in along with Teen Hulk to ensure that the magazine would thoroughly jump the shark in a single issue. I think the first Hama issue even featured a picture of Irving Nebbish being ashcanned. Oh well, not a big loss. The only Marvel mag I really mourned (aside from Dakota North) was Pizzazz. That was Marvel trying something new.

My favorite anecdote regarding this issue came from Peter David, who was still working in the Sales Department at Marvel at the time and had the job of promoting this at conventions. His line: “It was written, drawn and inked by Alan Kupperberg. That’s right, this issue comes to you untouched by human hands.”

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