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You Decide: What Was the Best Marvel Event of the Past Decade?

With the Age of Ultron now off to a flying start, I thought it would be interesting to see what you all felt was the best Marvel event of the past decade.

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Flashpoint, because nearly everything after that has led me to reading less DC and more Marvel.


I…I don’t really have a serious answer here. I’ve read a few of them but none of them were particularly good, in my view.

I just like typing comments, c’mon man!

I was almost tempted by Age of Ultron 1, also. SHINY!!!

If my other comment got lost in the ether, it’s probably just as well. My computer seemed to have a hiccup, and it was just a dumb joke anyway.

Which you’ll see if it didn’t get lost….

Annihilation pure and simple, it took an element of the Marvel Universe that was rarely touched and cracked it wide open. In creating a bloody war for survival against the Negative Zone the cosmic heroes got to do stuff and have their character arcs come back into play. Super Skrull, Silver Surfer, Starlord, Drax, Nova all of them got a chance to shine and honestly I don’t think I would have even cared about the cosmic characters if this event hadn’t come along and convinced me that the cosmic side of Marvel was worth a damn.

Plus it led to the Guardians of the Galaxy which features a cockney racoon with semi-automatic weaponry and a giant talking tree. What’s not to love about that?

I’m extremely pleased that as of this posting Annihilation is solidly in second place.

Ugh. Everything about this poll just makes me tired. I really, really dislike all these events piled up on top of each other. Some of them had their moments, but jeez.

Just to honor the process, I voted for what turns out to be the least popular one, just because I like Herc.

I actually forgot all about Annihilation. That was a mixed bag for me because I really didn’t care about the big guns stuff with Phyla-Vell and some of the other cosmic heavyweights, but I did like the Super-Skrull and Guardians of the Galaxy stuff.

I am not sure if I should vote at all. Most were okay, but I do not have any desire to go back and reread any of them.

Civil War and Secret Invasion had good ideas but were poorly executed in my opinion.

Both Annihilation events were and are the best “events” Marvel has ever published.

I agree that Annihilation was the best event, by far. And I’m also pleasantly surprised that it’s in second place.

Now, if the question was what was the worst Marvel event of the past decade, that would be a challenge!

Yeah, looking back at this list, I realized I really haven’t enjoyed any of these events, which is a sad realization. I would probably vote for Annihilation, because it seems to be well-respected, but I never read it myself. Probably missed out on the best one while slogging through a lot of crap.

Although I really don’t like the continuous piling-up of big events and several events certainly have suffered from the forced and rushed event-madness of the last decade, I have to say I did enjoy the vast majority of these events quite a lot. Voted for Dark Reign.
There’s one other Marvel event which is not in the list and would have had my vote if it had been a choice: Doomwar. Loved it!

I went with Dark Reign, because it wasn’t an event. A lot of Marvel’s status quo shifts lead to cool stuff (World’s Most Wanted, Dark X-Men, Hickman’s first Fantastic Four story) but the accompanying miniseries are inevitably disappointing.

Was Doomwar decent then, Valentijn??? Only asking cause I saw it cheap somewhere recently.

“Civil War and Secret Invasion had good ideas but were poorly executed in my opinion.”

I would agree for the most part and add Fear Itself to that list. So much potential to really get into the skin of the characters. I think Civil War did that a bit better than the others, just not in the core book sadly. Have to disagree with Valentjin: Doomwar left me pretty cold even by Marvel events standards.

When I read through the list to try to find one to vote for, I kept going, “Oh gee whiz, oh gee whiz.” I might have gone with Avengers vs X-Men, but AvX VS, which was more about fights than about characterization, still brought things down for me with its bad writing. Still, while not good enough for me to vote for it, I’d still place Avengers vs X-Men at the top of the heap among those I read.

I probably should recuse myself, because I’ve only read Annihilation out of all of these. That’s … actually kind of startling to me. I’ve been actively avoiding ‘events’ for a long time now because of poor execution and frankly, exorbitant cost. I’m not buying 30-50 issues of marginal/substandard work, and that’s what most of them are.

Uncorndog Avenger

March 12, 2013 at 2:59 pm

The one where the X-Mansion burns down and Professor X dies.

Blair – sorry for the late response. I personally really, really loved Doomwar and would even rank it among my all-time favourite Marvel storylines. It’s smaller-scale than the other events: a six-issue miniseries by Jonathan Maberry spinning out of the Black Panther series by Reginald Hudlin (‘Deadliest of the Species’) and Maberry (‘Power’). It does make use of a large-ish cast: both Panthers T’Challa and Shuri, the Fantastic Four, several X-Men and Deadpool, who were all absent from Siege so I’d like to think that this is what they were busy with around the same time. I find the story hitting deeper levels of depth and complexity than most other events. The characterisations are really good. Doom is given motivation, vision – actual reason for his actions. Deadpool is funnier than he’d been in years (I dislike most of Daniel Way’s approach to the character and thought worse of what I read of Deadpool’s recent series, other than Remender’s X-Force) and the humor does not lessen the serious tone of the story. Furthermore, the series serves as a surprising way to actually change the status quo, not simply killing of a character which you know will return within a year or two.

It’s all obviously very subjective. To give some context of my opinions, likes/dislikes out of the listed events:
-I liked a lot: Dark Reign, Civil War, Siege, Spider-Island, Disassembled, Avengers vs X-Men, Messiah CompleX
-I really enjoyed, but thought could have been better: World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Shadowland, Chaos War, Annihilation, Second Coming
-I didn’t think was too great: House of M, Schism
-I thought was quite bad: Fear Itself

The Annihilation Saga gets my vote too. I love Marvel’s cosmic stuff. I have always leaned more towards DC, but when it comes to building a rich outer-space…ahh…’world,’ Marvel is way ahead. I loved that the Annihilation Saga put a modern, smart spin on the classic characters and concepts. I also think Abnett and Lanning are the only writers who understand Thanos, other than Jim Starlin.

So, that would be like choosing what was the favorite time you went to the dentist, or your favorite Rob Schneider movie, or your favorite time a woman said to you, “sorry but I see you more like a friend.”

Okay, I think World War Hulk was not too bad, even though it would have been so much better as a 3-issue story in the Hulk’s own comic, with captions and thought balloons and no decompression.

The others were mostly bad or indifferent or I didn’t read. I think I gave up after the 5th or 6th event. Nowadays I can’t even be bothered to steal the stuff in the Internet, much less pay for it.

I looked at the artwork for this article and thought: Damn, Wolverine is looking mighty tall for a guy who’s supposed to be five foot three. Just sayin’.

I voted for ‘Spider-Island’ cause I thought somebody should, but Annihilation was great. I loved the Silver Surfer issues ‘They are two, and we are two.’ Just a great moment, the Silver Surfer finally being written like the badass that he is.

I like Civil War. It was such a big event.

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