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Less Than Three Days Left to Support the Playlist Anthology!

Before I put up this week’s The Line it is Drawn, I thought I’d make another plea to you all on behalf of the anthology that Phil Sevy is contributing to. It is called The Playlist Anthology and here is their pitch:

Playlist is a comic book anthology featuring short stories with text that comes solely from song lyrics. Playlist is a way for us to express the love and inspiration that music gives us, and to use our favorite music in new and clever ways.

Playlist has 200 pages of glorious black and white art from professional comic book artists! We’re printing at standard trade size (10.25×6.625″) with a high-quality printer to make sure that this book is as stunning as the stories inside. Because printing is pricey, most of the money we want to raise will go towards that. We can’t raise this kind of dough on our own- it’s only through Kickstarter that a project like this has the chance to see the light of day!

Click here to contribute.

Read on to see two sample pages from Phil’s contribution, as well as two really cool incentives Phil is doing!



You might notice that the main character’s face is missing. This is because one of the incentives for contributing to the anthology is that if you pledge $200, your likeness will be used by Phil for the main character of the story! Yes, you will appear in the comic!!

Also, for anyone who contributes $25, Phil has agreed to do a 6×9 inked bust for them! Awesome!

Come on, people, they’re $404 shy! That’s soooooooo close! Help them make this book happen!

Click here to contribute.


Are you saying you’re holding out on us, Brian? Give us the good stuff, man! Don’t make me send goons!

Someone else pushed them past their goal, but I threw in a couple extra bucks. I was going to walk away since I didn’t recognize any drawing artist other than Sevy and didn’t recognize any of the musical artists the lyrics are taken from, but it is so hard to find new artists of either type I like, this seemed like a good way to explore new waters. Best wishes for all involved!

Thanks Josh! I really appreciate it. The other artists on the book are GOOD. Some of their names have been popping up recently with DC, Viz, and Top Shelf. Others you’ll see really soon.

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