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The 2013 I’ds of March!

The concept is this – for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I’d have done in certain comics!!

But don’t worry, I’m not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, “I wouldn’t have done that” or “You know that cool character? I wouldn’t have killed him/her.”

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that.

You can check out past years’ I’ds to see what I’m talking about, or just read on!

I’d re-age the DC heroes

This one I just have never understood. Is there a single person ever who would read a Batman comic if he was 25 but not if he was 30? The closer in age you get characters like Batman and Nightwing, the odder it gets. In all seriousness, what comic out there would this change negatively affect?

I’d have Richard Rider play a role in the new Nova series

I know Jeph Loeb has said something along the lines of “Richard Rider’s story has concluded,” but I really wish that he could find a place in the new Nova title for Richard Rider. Some sort of mentoring type deal would work. It just seems like such a waste to spend all that time making Rider a mature superhero and then not do anything with him. Star-Lord is back, but I’d like to see Nova return, as well. In SOME capacity!

I’d make the arcs in Fairest shorter

I think a good rule of thumb should be two arcs to a trade. One of the best aspects of an anthology series is that if you hit a dud, it’s usually not too long until you get to the next good story. And if the story is really good, there’s always the chance of doing another arc in the future. But when you hit a SIX-ISSUE dud, it really hurts.

I’d have a female Green Lantern from Earth

Doesn’t that just seem like it should have happened by now? I mean, I know the United States rules and all, so that’s why all four of the Green Lanterns of Earth are from the U.S., but not a single woman? Weird!! That should be changed.

Speaking of female superheroes…

I’d have an Earth-1 Hawkgirl

One of the highest profile DC media properties of the past decade plus was the Justice League animated series, right?


So why is it that there is no room for one of the main characters from the series anywhere in the regular DC Universe? Why not a new Hawkgirl on the Justice League of America instead of Hawkman?

I’d give Falcon a love interest

Seriously, has it really been since the end of Christopher Priest’s Captain America and Falcon series that we last saw Sam Wilson hooking up with someone? The Falcon is awesome.


We should be seeing more of his personal life. Hell, we should see more of him PERIOD.

Mentioning the Falcon reminds me of his partner, Captain America…

I’d return Captain America’s costume to his old style

Captain America’s costume is perfect the way it has been for decades….

It doesn’t need to be movie-fied!

I guess I would ask a similar question about Cap’s costume that I did about the de-aging of DC’s heroes. Is anyone picking up Captain America now that wasn’t before because his costume is closer to the movie version? Some things that look cool in comics just don’t look cool in real life. Cap’s costume is one of those things. I am totally okay with changing it for the movie. But it STILL looks cool in the comic! There is no reason to change it!

Okay, now YOU folks send in your suggestions for what you would do! Remember, it has to be tweaks and minor changes!


Yeah, Cap with a helmet is kinda silly. They didn’t make Batman wear rubber hats in the comic after his movie, did they? Actually, speaking of movies, I think that adding all those little random bits and textures in comics is just plain goofy in general. It might be neat for a movie (although I still think it’s overdone there), but just keep it simple people!

Wait, Flashpoint-retcons aside, we had Jade as a Green Lantern when Kyle gave her a ring somewhere in the early #100s. She lost her powers, but effectively got them back through the ring. I don’t recall that status quo lasting very long, but there it was.

Speaking of which, I gues here’s an “I’d”: If I were doing Amalgam Comics today, I’d have merged She-Hulk and Jade. They’re both green ladies named Jen. Seems like a natural fit to me.

I’d collect Ostrander and McDonnell’s Suicide Squad run. I’d celebrate Vertigo’s 20th birthday by reprinting Enigma. I’d dial down the “bro” use of the tracksuit draculas.


I had a similar idea, but it was She-Hulk and Fire. Woman becomes green being of living fire who can also beat the crap out of you, while making smartass comments to the readers. Name: “Hulk-Fire”.

I’d have kept Cyclops in jail.

I’d depower most of the Hulks. I liked Greg Pak’s run, but prefer Rick and Betty as humans.

I’d make sure that the Green Arrow comic was readable. They have a hit show, might as well put some effort into the friggin’ comic.

I’d put Chris Bachelo back on Wolverine and the X-Men where he belongs.

I’d use the characters from New X-men and Generation Hope in Wolverine & the X-men more, instead of introducing the likes of Shark-Girl and Eye-boy. Also, wtf with those names?

I’d give Rogue her Ms. Marvel powers back. Or if not those, find a way to give her a completely different power set. (maybe Mystique’s?)

I’d introduce a 616 version of Morph. I know he’s supposed to be the Changeling and dead, but I’ve never seen on-panel confirmation of that fact.

I’d make a Daredevil/Hawkeye miniseries

I’d not have shuffled aside such characters like Wally West or Stephanie Brown. If there is room for the Red Lanterns and Vibe…you could find someplace for specific fan favs like them.

I’d insist that if Vertigo characters are moving to the DC mainstream, the same should happen in the other direction. I would love to see a story from the Vertigo slant on The Shade, a Blue Lantern or even Batgirl.

I’d have insisted that the reason for the reboot (Pandora and such) would have been dealt with at the beginning of the 2nd year of the New 52. Honestly, I thought she might be cool but right now I could care less about her.

I’d have kept the Phantom Stranger..well…strange. Once they defined his character, they took so much away from him.

I’d give a monthly Empowered series from Darkhorse by now.

Was the first fairest arc bad? Or are you just worried that if there is a dud it will last 6 issues?

The arcs in Fairest really drag on.

Dude, Dick Rider’s story concluded in 1979. Then, decades later, they decided there were more stories to tell. And there still are. Whether they’re interested in telling them right now is another matter.

I’d hope that some company picks up Insurgent from DC and finishes it up, because DC just cancelled it and I was really digging it!

I’d agree on re-aging DC characters.

hmmm, can’t think of others, but….

I’d tell companies (especially Image) to stop putting out so many damn good comics, because my wallet is suffering!!! (No, companies, don’t really stop doing such good comics!)

Hee hee hee, buttler called him “Dick Rider”.

There’s a whole different kind of story to be told with THAT name….

I have no opinion on any of the “I’ds” except the last one: Cap’s new costume looks really fucking stupid.

I like Captain America’s new costume. His old one was looking more and more out of place next to other characters. And I think it matches his current role as a good-hearted, but hardline authority figure.

I always get thrown off when I’m reminded that Batman is supposed to be 25. That’s younger than I am, and I just can’t imagine Batman that fresh-faced.

Travis: Hmm, maybe we need to lobby for a Man-Thing and Dick Rider buddy series.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 15, 2013 at 5:33 pm

I’d have comic book writers/artists finish up their projects (creator-owned or otherwise) that they’d started some time ago, but abandoned to other and newer projects!

(ie. Jim Starlin finishes his METAMORPHOSIS ODYSSEY; Matt Wagner finishes his MAGE trilogy; Warren Ellis finishes what-ever his god-damn computer ate up! ; Mark Millar & Tony Harris finishes WAR HEROES; Phil Jimenez finishes OTHERWORLD; Neil Gaiman finishes MARVELMAN (or MIRACLEMAN);etc.)

People may have their own suggestions. Bet T.P. has scores of ‘em!!! ;-)

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 15, 2013 at 5:59 pm

BTW, my above post is admittedly not a nudge, or a tweak “I’des”, but a good swift kick in the royal behinds of said creators!!! ;-)

So sue me! I’m in a rare mood these days.

I’d have less use of time travel. Too many arc from writers depends on showing us THE FUTURE of a given character or team. And then that gets shuffled away when the writer leaves. (Jonathan Hickman, I enjoy your work, but I’m looking at you.)

I’d make better use of well-recognized properties cross-media. DC should really be capitalizing on Arrow, but is botching it. It also has well-recognized characters in Hawkgirl, but also The Question, and the latter has born no recognizable incarnation since his success in Justice League Unlimited. (For Marvel: I’d print trades of successful properties. The lack of access to the DNA Guardians of the Galaxy right now is embarrassing. Oh and: Black Widow. C’mon, this is your chance to make something happen there.)

Batman is 25 now?! That’s as dumb as de-aging Peter Parker after the reboot a few years ago.

I’m not really following Spider-Man anymore, but back then he used to be my favorite character. While I aged and now, I assume, am about the age Peter was before the reboot (I’l be 31 this year), nowadays he should be in his early 20s and younger than me. Now I’m informed that Batman is also younger than me? Oy vey.

Spidey wasn’t de-aged. That was their whole point regarding the marriage. Spidey SEEMED like he was in his 30s because he was married for so long. Peter is roughly 27 years old.

For some reason, I remembered that part of the reboot Peter also became younger by a few years. Over the the last decade, prior to the reboot, I assumed Peter was late 20s to 30.

Now that you said that, I do recall that according to Marvel Peter and MJ were together for a very long time, as much as they were married pre-reboot, but in the current continuity they were never married and broke up just before “Brand New Day.” Like I said, I no longer follow the comic books, so I’m totally out of the loop.

Mike: Have you read Jeff Lemire’s Green Arrow #17-18?

The more I think about it, the more I can’t stand the idea that Batman is 25 years old. What is the angle there? Batman’s entire role among the more powerful heroes of the DCU is that he is the experienced, master crime fighter / intimidating father figure everyone turns to for advice. If anything, 25-year-old Batman is a fucking whiz kid, and this changes the whole dynamic. His talent becomes something for the other heroes to compete against, not something they would aspire to live up to.

Even from a marketing standpoint, the decision to de-age Batman is baffling, as it goes against the grain of the character’s two most popular stories. In Year One, Batman looks to be in his early 20s. He tries his hand at fighting crime, and he gets his ass kicked. On the flip side, there’s DKR, where the central thesis is that grizzled old Batman is awesome. But yeah, let’s make him 25 (younger than fucking Peter Parker!), because the whole age thing was making it hard for readers to relate to multi-billionaire, peak human specimen Bruce Wayne.

–I’d have Beryl Hutchinson take over as Robin. I know people have been talking to the effect of, “There can’t be another Robin because Batman wouldn’t be that stupid.” I don’t buy that, because at this point Bruce can’t put the brakes on the army of teenage superheroes he’s already unleashed onto the world. Squire is an established hero who’s just lost her partner. The setup seems pretty clear to me. And I haven’t been reading Tomasi’s Batman & Robin, but I would /totally/ read him writing a series about Beryl abroad in Gotham, trying to fit in at high school while also being a superhero and palling around with Batman. I loved Damian, but he would never have worked in a solo book the way Tim or, hey, Stephanie Brown did. Beryl could fill that niche.

–I’d keep Talia Al Ghul in a central role somewhere after Batman Incorporated ends. I don’t know if Morrison plans on killing her off, but I think it’d be cool to see her taking over the Suicide Squad or something. Talia’s a household name after Dark Knight Rises–I guess–so it’d be cool to see her story continuing separate from Bruce.

–I’d have Green Lantern be a straight superhero book with a space opera edge, separate from the Lantern Corps mythology. The Green Lantern Corps should stay in “Green Lantern Corps.” Maybe I’d have less loathing for Hal if I got to see him actually protecting his sector.

–I’d have more teen superhero teams in the Marvel U! Obviously Avengers Arena is Marvel’s way of addressing this problem of stray teenage superheroes left in the lurch from the cancellations of their own books. The way I see it, we have about two years to put Molly Hayes in an ongoing before someone brings her back and suddenly she’s sixteen, angsty and uncomfortably sexualized.

Specifically, what I’d like to see is a Young Illuminati. Amadeus Cho, Sasha Hammer, Quentin Quire, Finesse, characters like that. The Illuminati are a bunch of stodgy old white people and I’d like to see some of their intellectual rivals from the younger generation try to one-up them in the secretly-manipulating-the-world-slash-universe game.

–I’d find an excuse to have Young Thor team up with the All-New X-Men. Old Thor can team up with Bishop and Bad Future Johnny Storm. I’m fine with all the timeline wankery going on in the Marvel U, but I’d like to see it used even more irresponsibly, showing us combinations of characters that are just utterly outside our frame of reference.

–Obviously I’d have a Black Widow ongoing series, cause I’m not a total dumbass.

I’d have Beryl Hutchinson take over as Robin. I know people have been talking to the effect of, “There can’t be another Robin because Batman wouldn’t be that stupid.” I don’t buy that,

Yeah, that’s ridiculous. That’s like saying “Batman wouldn’t go out there and fight superpowered criminals without superpowers himself because he wouldn’t be that stupid.” That kind of “stupidity” is one of Batman’s defining characteristics. For better or for worse, so is his affinity for a series of teen sidekicks. There will always be another Robin, sooner or later.

And I agree with Cass, too. I know there’s no reason to coordinate them or anything, but having Batman be younger than Peter Parker is ridiculous. It’s as bad as back when Wonder Woman was a much less experienced crimefighter than Wonder Girl after the first Crisis.

Yeah, having Hawkgirl in a prominent position should be a no-brainer, but DC’s current management clearly has very little interest in appealing to DC’s cartoons’ fans.

There should absolutely be a female GL by now, if for nothing else because it’s statistically unlikely that every single time the GL ring would select a male from the exact same country, and 3 of 4 times they were also caucasian. And of course there would be Jade if she hadn’t been extirpated from the NuDCU together with countless other characters whose existence supposedly made the DCU more complicated than half-a-dozen Robins that were all trained by a 25-year-old Batman (if Batman was already an adult when he recruited Dick Grayson then logically each Robin got at MOST one year’s training, and probably much less than that, before being sent off to dodge bullets and jump off buildings – which really makes Wayne seem WILDLY irresponsible).

My “ids” of March:

I’d publish a regular Black Widow series, and put some real effort into getting it right. Marvel should get some respected writers from their stable to submit pitches for an ongoing, assemble a solid creative team including backup artists (in the model used at Daredevil for example). I mean, even Hawkeye got himself a regular series off the movie’s success! It just seems like a wasted opportunity.

I’d discard “sexy Halle-Berry-lookalike Amanda Waller” as if it never happened and bring back the Wall as she was meant to be. There’s plenty of eye-candy scattered around the DCU already, dammit! And if DC really needs everyone in their books to look like underwear models, they should go all the way and also turn Alfred into a 20something sexy butler with ripped abs – not because I’d like to see that, but because it would be consistent with what was done to Waller.

And I’d give Cyborg a regular series! It’s cool that he was picked to be the JLA’s token person of color, hooray for hollow superficial gestures!, I’m sure he has plenty to talk about with the JLA’s token female, but Cyborg will never be anything more than a token until they start actually treating him as a major character. If he’s really a strong character DC really should at least TRY to put together a regular series around him.

I’d retcon both Schism and Avengers vs. X-Men to where none of this crud EVER HAPPENED.

I’d discard “sexy Halle-Berry-lookalike Amanda Waller” as if it never happened and bring back the Wall as she was meant to be. There’s plenty of eye-candy scattered around the DCU already, dammit! And if DC really needs everyone in their books to look like underwear models, they should go all the way and also turn Alfred into a 20something sexy butler with ripped abs – not because I’d like to see that, but because it would be consistent with what was done to Waller.

Ha! That was on my list of I’ds last year! :)

Tomer: I didn’t like Green Arrow 17. If I hear it gets better, I’ll be willing to read it.

I’d bring Nightcrawler back in a way that got rid of everything Chuck Austen did to him

Wait, if Bruce is 25, that means he fathered Damian at… 15? And he had to have been already established as Batman by then, so he started when he was, what, 13? 12?

I know it won’t, but Year Zero should totally feature 12 year old Batman.

I’d put Elpie in charge of a few things, cuz I like those ideas (I’deas?).

Let’s see here…

I’d make the paper quality of Marvel’s covers as good as it is at other companies.

I’d start getting Scalped, Transmetropolitan, and Morrison’s Doom Patrol in deluxe hardcover editions.

I’d make Marvel Premiere Classic hardcovers of Sienkiewicz.s New Mutants run, DeMatteis/Zeck Captain America, and David/Keown’s Merging of the Hulks.

I’d tell DC to eschew “universe building” and creator roulette and just focus on making their books readable.

I’d have Marvel Now give a whirl to ongoings for Luke Cage, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, and Namor.

I’d make sure Geoff Johns isn’t involved in DC’s next attempt at a film franchise.

I’d have Marvel pay whoever they need to pay to get the Miracleman rights sorted out once and for all, and get the Moore/Gaiman runs back in print for good.

I’d give Karen Berger a job developing new series and talents at Image.

I’d have Sean Howe get to work on a history of Vertigo.

And as always, I’d fire Dan Didio.

I agree with others about a Black Widow ongoing, and I think Ed Brubaker’s the guy to do it.

As for the de-aging of Batman, the 5 year timeline, the 4 Robins, et cetera, all of that was so badly handled from the start of the New 52 that it’s almost unsalvageable without completely rewriting the last 18 months of comics. But that’s probably the solution that’s needed.

When the whole New 52 was being planned, it’s almost like a rule was instituted that said something to the effect of: “All first inclinations will be immediately instituted and are not to be called into question.” That’s the only excuse I can come up with for how nobody in those offices realized the ages and timelines for the Batman mythos are colossally fucked up, to the extent that it’s the elephant in the room with those comics.

Bernard Woodhams

March 16, 2013 at 8:15 pm

This is really a 2012 one. I would have used the reboot of the DC universe to take us forward and time and focus on the legacy characters – Dick as Batman, Bruce as an advisor. Speedy/Red Arrow taking the Robin hood forward, Freddy as Mr Marvel…

– I’d have actually played out the Phoebnix Five “bettering the world” on-panel for at least an issue, because frankly that’ a lot more interesting than what we got…and it’d actually make the characters’ arguments in New and Uncanny X-Men about something tangible and genuinely debatable. What did they have to do in, say, the Middle East to end war? How do you fix poverty in real terms without lowering everyone’s standard of living tremendously? And so on.

— I’d have formalized the idea that the New 52 Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman titles are creator driven “legends” sorts of stories, and given permission to everyone else to use continuity-lite versions of them in their guest-shots in other titles. They’re flexible and archetypal characters, after all.

— Along those lies, I’d have tried more than one Wonder Woman title with more than one approach, continuity be damned. The Azzarello run is excellent at what it’s doing, but there’s room for other takes on Diana and the mythology. After all, that’s sort of what *makes* it myth, right?

— I’d have tried a Dr. Strange solo series, maybe by Matt Fraction, as part of the first wave of Marvel Now.

— I’d have given Avengers Arena a different title so that there’d be more freedom to do something besides have the characters just* fight to the death. The Hunger Games was about a lot more than that in the end, and these characters are some of the only new IP Marvel’s gotten in the last few years. Killing them off in a limited-term story strikes me as a foolish and short-sighted decision.

— I’d have kept the Captain Marvel names and not changed them to Shazam in-story. (I’d then have been fired after some furious memos from the IP lawyers and the marketing and licensing departments.)

These are personal and probably don’t matter to anyone else, but me, but I’d end the whole Shang-Chi as a superhero thing. Back in the ’70s, in his own book, Shang was very much a pacifist and had to be tricked, cajoled and generally manipulated into using his skills for violent purposes. This aspect of the character, while, yes, I can see how it can get old after awhile, has been completely tossed out t he window. But for me, the fact that Shang so willingly engages in these various superhero slugfests ruins the character for me. But then, I’ve never viewed him as a “superhero”. To me, Shang works best in the spy-thriller milieu . At best, if he has to be made a “superhero”, his opponents should be very street level.

I’d like to learn how Mary Skrenes and Steve Gerber *really* meant “Omega the Unknown” to end. It’ll never happen, but I’d love to know. The resolution that appeared in “The Defenders” contradicted so much of the original series.

@Omar: when the Justice Society had the Burger King mascot walking through Africa making things better (oh, wait, it was Magog, or Gog, or whoever, that’s right), they depicted a little of the “bettering the world” type stuff, and it was deathly dull. Or maybe I was just bored after the Kingdom Come Superman story dragged on for decades (it seemed).

and to play off another comment of yours, I’d give Fraction and (damn, forgot his name, he did Zaucer of Zilk recently…oh, I’m gettin’ old!) a shot at that Doctor America from the “Who WON’T Wield the Shield?” special from a few years back.

Actually, I’d tell Fraction to feature him in FF. That would friggin’ rock!

@Travis: Well, putting myself in charge of everything is my I’d of every year, but I generally don’t bring it up, for modesty’s sake.

Oh, here’s another one: I’d have gone on my knees and begged for Brandon Graham to write one of those post-Johns Green Lantern books. I’d have given him any amount of money he asked for.

I’d have Marvel finally get into a room with Jim Valentino to talk/mend fences, and get his Guardians of the Galaxy 90’s run start to be collected

I’d have Dark Horse release their Avatar The Last Airbender stories faster than every 3 months.. (Seriously. How good was The Promise? And the next one beginning the search for Zuko’s Mom comes out this week or the next…)

I’d have DC return Captain Carrot to how he was pre 52 and pre “final Ark”.

I’d have Image not change a thing because they are truly showcasing the comic book stars of the future and I wish Marvel and DC would let some of their prospects take chances with properties. I loved that reverse Vertigo suggestion earlier with established DC characters. I could see a return of “Marvel Edge” also…

I’d have Chris Giarusso and Art Baltazar go nuts with a kid friendly project for the big two *COUGH*MiniMarvels/TinyTitansCrossover*COUGH*

I’d have movie/mini-series tie ups to both the Wolverine and the X-Men and Young Justice Animated Series. Come on! One ended with Age of Apocalypse and the other had Vandal Savage shaking hands with Darkseid. As a tease that is CRUEL!

I’d have more ideas… if I didn’t drink so much Pepsi while listening to WFAN’s late night sports talk as I type this. Damn insomnia…lol

Now that I think about it, I’d also would like for William Messner Loebs to finish “Journey: Wardrums” and “Bliss Alley”. And while we’re at it, how about Alan Moore finishing out “Big Numbers”?

Daryll, your Captain Carrt wish was at least partly honored in Final Crisis #7, of all places.

Omar I know about Final Crisis #7 but I was referring to the blasphemy that was Threshold #1….. (oooh that sounded harsh!)

I like Elpie’s other idea about Graham on a GL book!

I don’t think K’Rot showed up until Threshold 2, but yeah, I hear ya Daryll. I’m not invested in the original Captain Carrot so much that I consider it blasphemy, but I certainly can see a bigger fan of the Zoo Crew thinking so.

My comic shop didn’t end up getting Threshold 3 for me, but I’m not 100% sure I had it on my pull list. I took it as a sign that I should just drop it, then.

Totally agree about Green Lantern. An Asian American female GL would be my pick, Jubilee is holding that demo pretty much by herself, no?

Disagree about Cap, the buccaneer boots and fish-scale-chain-mail never worked for me, maybe there’s a happy medium, but if it’s moviefied or traditional, I’ll go moviefied. That’s not a general rule for me, but it sure is for Cap.

I’d make it so that heroes in the Avengers titles had personal issues spill over into their superheroing sometimes the same way it does in their solo titles, I’d have them out of costume a bit more too.

I’d have comic book writers/artists finish up their projects (creator-owned or otherwise) that they’d started some time ago, but abandoned to other and newer projects!

Yes, Tom!

There was a female GL for this space sector in the past, according to one of the Tales of the GL Corps books. But that annoyed me–the idea we’ve had multiple past GLs from Earth (I think there were a couple more) is silly. Totally yes to the idea of a new female GL.
Agree on age. It still amazes me that Stan and Jack wrote Reed and Ben to be late thirties/early forties based on them having fought in World War II–I can’t imagine anyone trying that today.
I finally saw the “new” Amanda Waller in JLA #1–it’s just wrong.

Wait, is there an issue where they say Batman is 25? New 52 gets more strange at every turn….that is fail on so many levels.

I don’t know that comic book Captain America WOULD work that much less on the big screen. Without the mask he’s basically wearing that the first time he fights the Red Skull in the movie, and frankly the USO costume doesn’t look that bad, and they TRIED to make that look silly. Would a serious version of that look that much worse than the Avengers costume? (I’ll say again and again, if they don’t want him to look like egghead, they need the wings. Maybe not full blown wings, but the little painted on ones to have some base relief to them or something).

And isn’t Asian (or Middle Eastern) new Green Lantern anyway? Other than Jubilee for Asian females we have…..Dr. Light (is she still around?)…Psylocke, kinda……and…..

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