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House to Astonish Episode 102


Paul and I have got absolutely bags of stuff to talk about this time round, with chat about Marvel’s SXSW announcements (and the fallout from their 700 Firsts  giveaway), Justice League of America‘s sales, the casting of Drax the Destroyer, the delay of the adjectiveless X-Men book, Afterlife with Archie, the closure of JManga and a quick trot through the June solicitiations. We’ve also got reviews of Lost Vegas, Aliens vs Parker and Age of Ultron, and the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is seeing other people’s lives flash before its eyes. All this plus War is Awesome, Captain America’s dramatic walk and the impracticalities of a Top Cat heist.


As always, we want to know what you make of the issues we’ve been discussing, including but not limited to:

  • Were you affected by the Comixology outage? Does the 700 issue promotion make you more or less likely to try Marvel’s titles digitally?
  • Is the “rental” model practiced by JManga and other outlets one which you’d be willing to put money down for, now JManga are closing?
  • What have you made of the two issues of Age of Ultron so far?

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Oh man, that’s the first I’ve heard of Afterlife with Archie. Are we sure that press release didn’t come about 3 weeks early?

Seriously though, they need to somehow work in references to the Al Hartley comics where Archie and the gang are all Christians. There’s your afterlife!

I look forward to Halflife with Archie, in which the entire cast are irradiated by a nuclear accident in the town.

Extralife with Archie, where they’re all transformed into video game characters (potential crossovers with Sonic and Mega Man!).

True to Life with Archie, where they’re all on a reality show.

Get a Life with Archie, where he’s a 30 year old paper boy still living with his parents.

As to American Vampire: Long Road to Hell, I don’t think it’s really an hint that Rafael Albequerque will be taking over writing duties. Much like James Tynion IV came up with the idea for Talon, Albequerque came up with the idea for this, but is also co-writing it with Scott Snyder. Also, I believe that Albequerque said that this was more of a “Well, new content isn’t going to be out for a while, so let’s give the fans to something to hopefully tide them over” kind of thing. I guess that Albequerque could take over the whole series, but I doubt it.

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