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Comic Book Team Tournament – X-Mansion Region, Round 1

The first round of voting begins now!

Simply choose which run on the team book you like better. So choose whichever run is your favorite (whether it be that you think it was more interesting, more appealing, whatever criteria you want to use) in each of the following eight match-ups. You’re judging the run itself, not the individual characters that make up the team in the listed run. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!


NOTE: The polls are in Javascript. If your computer doesn’t allow java, well, you won’t see the polls.


Oh, you bastard. Are you really going to make me vote against my favorite Legion stories? I won’t have it, do you hear? I won’t have it!

A lot of interesting matches in this one, even if that was the only one I was torn over.

I’ve got a feeling almost none of my choices will make it out of this batch. And I’m not usually one that’s always going against the popular choice, it just happens teams I like seem to be paired up against the more popular option in this round. We shall see.

Putting Runaways VS Thunderbolts was just cruel.

Yeah, this one had a lot of “oh crap, which one do I pick?”. Had to go for LOEG, man.

Excalibur seemed a little lower than expected…unless we have Ellis-Calibur later as a higher seed (haven’t looked at all the brackets yet).

And Runaways is too much fun. I liked Thunderbolts, but that was an easy call for me.

had to give some love to suicide squad for don’t think characters like venom would be a match for deadshot in nastiness

Damn straight, penguin!

Bierbaum’s Legion vs Moore’s Gentleman was the most difficult for me. A long interesting run vs short-term genius.

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