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Comic Book Team Tournament – Danger Room Region, Round 1 Winners!

The first round of results are here!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,533 votes, Claremont/Byrne’s X-Men sucked the life out of Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI:13 88% to 12%…

Out of 1,471 votes, Claremont’s New Mutants buried Simone’s Secret Six 52% to 48%…

Out of 1,278 votes, Levitz/Giffen’s Legion locked up Thomas’ All-Star Squadron 68% to 32%…

Out of 1,337 votes, Gerber’s Defenders blew up Morrison’s Invisibles 55% to 45%…

Out of 1,314 votes, Johns’ JSA brutalized Johns’ Teen Titans 73% to 27%…

Out of 1,501 votes, Whedon/Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men gutted Claremont/Lee’s Uncanny X-Men 60% to 40%…

Out of 1,410 votes, Claremont/Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men tore apart Simone’s Birds of Prey 65% to 35%…

Out of 1,415 votes, Giffen/DeMatteis’ JLI captured Lobdell’s Generation X 68% to 32%…


Not to nitpick, but you only included the percentages for the first two results.

Man, my favorite part of the tourney is seeing the covers you pick for the losers. Yay!

Let it be known, Becca, I voted for Secret Six and BoP. It wasn’t my fault they lost!!!

Wow… Claremont/Silvestiri advances and Claremont/Lee goes out in the first round?

I feel slightly guilty that I voted for New Mutants. Objectively, much of the run is average or worse. The Sienkiewicz issues, however, are awesome. I can’t vote against Billy the Sink.

You should, Mike, you should; in fact, I blame you more than I do Travis.

The Rod It Is Drilled.

Andrew Collins

March 24, 2013 at 1:07 pm

I didn’t realize there were that many fans of Claremont’s run on New Mutants until I realized most people were probably voting for the “Claremont/Sienkiewicz” run on NM…

As for the other Claremont stuff, the run with Silvestri was the comic that got me INTO comics, specifically issue #236, which I picked up off a spinner rack at age 11 and immediately I just HAD to know more about these characters and thus beginning a 3-year long obsession with all things X-Men. As much as I liked Simone on BoP, I went with nostalgia on that vote.

But the Claremont/Lee X-Men was the comic that drove me AWAY from the X-Men universe. Lee’s artwork was flashy and captivating to my 13-14 year old self, but Claremont’s stories during that run were some of the weakest of his entire run and by the time he and Lee had left so did I, running to the waiting arms of books like Morrison’s Doom Patrol and Gaiman’s Sandman…

Much like the NCAA brackets, once my favorite teams are out, I lose interest. My only consolation is that Secret Six lost so narrowly.

Hey, wait, I voted for Secret Six and I’m STILL getting blamed?!

Man, you tell Burgas his X-team sucks and some people will NEVER let you forget it! ;)

Most of the results were predictable to me, except for Gerber’s Defenders beating Morrison’s the Invisibles. I mean, in such a Morrison-friendly site as CBR. But I love both, and I’m not complaining.

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