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Comic Book Team Tournament – Danger Room Region, Round 2

The second round of voting begins now!

Simply choose which run on the team book you like better. So choose whichever run is your favorite (whether it be that you think it was more interesting, more appealing, whatever criteria you want to use) in each of the following eight match-ups. You’re judging the run itself, not the individual characters that make up the team in the listed run. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!


NOTE: The polls are in Javascript. If your computer doesn’t allow java, well, you won’t see the polls.


Interesting matchups here. Be interesting to see who wins.

I’m pretty sure New Mutants and Gerber’s Defenders are doomed, but a man can hope.

The only one I had trouble with was that last one. That was the era when I started collecting, so I’m very affectionate towards both.

Andrew Collins

March 24, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Tough to do so after I just finished commenting elsewhere on CSBG about my nostalgiac love for Claremont & Silvestri’s X-Men, but I had to vote for JLI. It’s still a book I get out and re-read every couple of years and thoroughly enjoy every time…

Augh! Claremont / Byrne and Claremont / Sienkiewicz are two of my favorites…

Already lost Thomas, Englehart, and Shooter Avengers. I need Gerber’s Defenders to survive.

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