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You Decide: What is Your Favorite Current Avengers Title?

Now that all of the Avengers titles have been released, which one have you enjoyed the best so far?

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I tried giving “Avengers” a shot. Read all but the current issue and found I was getting bored with it. Now, “Uncanny X-Men” is the only Avengers title I’m reading.

Uncanny Avengers. I didn’t expect to like an X-Men/Avengers mash-up as much as I do, but I didn’t expect Uncanny X-Force to be as great as it was, either. Rick Remender is a master of capturing how we felt about the old stories when we read them as kids, as opposed to how they actually were.

I’m enjoying the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” story in New Avengers and the regular Avengers book is pretty good but the Uncanny Avengers is pretty mediocre.

Les Fontenelle

March 23, 2013 at 9:45 pm

“Young Avengers” for me. The others are competent but Gillen and McKelvie are delivering a superior book and I can only hope that they’ll be together for a long run.

“Avengers” has not mantained the thrust of its strong first storyline after Jerome Opeña left, and the team’s expanded cast feels very pointless – half the team is background filling, getting at best a line per issue. In the latest issue there was a scene where Hyperion addressed the big bad of the day and it seemed like he’d do something but then Thor stroke. The action really follows the usual suspects, and new members like Sunspot and Shang-Chi are completely redundant for the proceedings. There are books that manage to juggle a large cast and justify everyone’s appearance… “Legion of Super-Heroes” is a good example. “Avengers” is not one of those books, sadly. I might be willing to overlook all that if Jerome Opeña returned, because Jerome Opeña is fourteen metric tons of awesome.

I appreciate the ambition of “New Avengers” and the tighter cast allows for much more focus on the characters than the watered-down “Avengers”, but “New Avengers” is actually more “Illuminati 2013″ than an “Avengers” book. It must also be said that Captain America’s righteous speech to the other Illuminati was not only inconsistent with Cap’s current characterization (as in other books he’s willing to cross ethical lines for the greater good, by ordering the torture of civilians), but it was also done better in “Identity Crisis” when Batman was mindzapped by Zatanna for similarly rejecting his teammates’ ethical relativism. It’s still an engaging book, and probably the best of the regular Assemblers titles.

“Secret Avengers” is boring and feels like deja-vu. And Fury Jr. is a dumb idea. I get it, they want to make sure that all the millions of new readers that stampeded straight from the movies to the comic shops won’t be confused. Maybe they should give Heimdall an extreme pigmentation makeover too – and wait, why is Loki a kid? Where’s Odin? Why is Captain America bearded and old? Why’s Hulk wearing armor? And if those mythical hordes than came straight from the Multiplex can be expected to handle THOSE differences from the movies (they also understand Alfred having a mustache) why was it necessary to shoehorn in a previously-unseen Fury child that conveniently lost an eye and was instantly catapulted to head of SHIELD? It’s just head-scratchingly dumb, with all due respect to all the hard-working pros who have been tasked with polishing this editorially-mandated turd.

Les Fontenelle

March 23, 2013 at 9:51 pm

I had forgotten “Uncanny Avengers” because it makes that little an impression. Cassaday’s artwork is nice but it feels flat and perfunctory. Havok being brought in and immediately elevated to team leader by the evident actual leader felt very false, like a cynical PR stunt, and it didn’t make anyone involved look good. The emotional beats are presented as a big deal and we’re expected to care but it’s hollow.

I agree “Avengers” started out strong, but it does seem to have lost its way shortly after the first storyline. “Secret Avengers” doesn’t work for me and the whole Nick, Jr. is almost insulting to me. Marvel already has Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury – in the Ultimate Universe. There’s no need to bring him over to the main Marvel U.

“New Avengers” pretty much lost when in the first issue, T’Challa talks about how Wakanda has to lead Earth’s space program and take humans to Mars and beyond since the U.S. has practically given up and the rest of the world lags behind. This is a helluva head scratcher when you consider the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. have all traveled outside our solar system, not to mention outside the galaxy in some cases. It’s hard to believe that at some point some of that space tech has not passed into the hands of the general public.

The drop off in quality from the ‘Bendis era’ to the current one has been dramatic. All the books are fairly boring right now.

It is a real shame.

(On the other hand, the X-Men are really good right now when they were pretty much unreadable before.)

and you’re clearly not one of those people that would award a medal to a piece of toilet paper that Bendis had used.

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