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Comic Book Team Tournament – Baxter Building Region, Round 1 Winners!

The first round of results are here!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,196 votes, Kirby/Lee’s Fantastic Four killed Thomas’ Infinity Inc. 90% to 10%…

Out of 1,190 votes, Claremont/JRjr’s Uncanny X-Men burned David’s first X-Factor run 60% to 40% (no rounding on the percentages for this one, as it was exactly 60/40)…

Out of 1,142 votes, David’s current X-Factor run bid a fond farewell to David and Nauck’s Young Justice 68% to 32%…

Out of 1,108 votes, Stern’s Avengers blew up Nicieza’s Thunderbolts 75% to 25% (another exact 75/25)…

Out of 1,150 votes, Ellis/Hitch’s Authority electrocuted Thomas’ Avengers 53% to 47%…

Out of 1,133 votes, Byrne’s Fantastic Four ended the universe of Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme 74% to 26%…

Out of 1,147 votes, Claremont/Smith’s Uncanny X-Men burned Casey’s Wildcats 83% to 17%…

Out of 1,175 votes, Ellis/Cassaday’s Planetary flatlined Shooter’s Avengers 64% to 36%…


While I voted for FF, I’d be willing to bet that if it wasn’t up against the series that started the Marvel Universe as we know it today, that Infinity Inc would have done a lot better than 10%. It’s a really good series in its own right.

Oh yeah, just GETTING into the tournament means that a bunch of people are fans of you.

Wow, more evidence of my backward ways. Thomas and Shooters Avengers are very much amongst my favourite comics. Not a lot between Byrnes FF and Squadron Supreme but SS is just such an important book.

Great batch here, even if it’s heartbreaking to see Squadron exit so soon, though it was tough competition.

I voted for Shooter’s Avengers, but also not surprised to it defeated by Planetary (I even predicted it would be that very cover that’d get used to show them going down! It’s a classic!).

Yeah, sad to see Shooter and Thomas’s AVENGERS losing. But at least it was a case of good old stuff being beaten by good modern stuff. The Warren Ellis stuff here is very strong, unlike Bendis’s Avengers.

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