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Comic Book Team Tournament – Danger Room Region, Round 2 Winners!

The second round of results are here! The match-ups in this region will be on Thursday, but I figured I could give you the winners of round 2 today!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,525 votes, Claremont/Byrne’s X-Men buried Claremont’s New Mutants 90% to 10%…

Out of 1,402 votes, Levitz/Giffen’s Legion tied up Gerber’s Defenders 56% to 44%…

Out of 1,561 votes, Whedon/Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men swallowed Johns’ JSA 61% to 39%…

Out of 1,516 votes, Giffen/DeMatteis’ JLI crucified Claremont/Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men 54% to 46%…


Those covers remind me of an old Beetle Bailey strip where the Sarge insists on making the news if he wins a competition with Beetle.

Sarge wins and the next day, he opens up his paper to see the front page boldly announcing: “BEETLE LOSES!”


not expecting the legion to beat the defenders . and the x-men got a trouncing this round by some of their own fellow mutant teams.

The only one I do not agree with is Whedon/Cassaday over Johns’ JSA.

The only one here I disagree with is Legion vs. Defenders, but I love ‘em both, so I’m untroubled.

Claremont’s New Mutants got hit with a case of SFF(Same Fanbase Factor) big time. CSBG has a hard-on for Claremont/Byrne era X-men, so I was expecting a dominant performance, but goddamn 90%!?

So long, Gerber’s Defenders. Your awesome quirkiness will be missed.

I’m not the biggest JSA fan (though I liked it), but Whedon’s X-Men? It’s okay except when it’s terrible.

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