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Comic Book Team Tournament – X-Mansion Region, Round 2 Winners!

The second round of results are here! The match-ups in this region will be on Thursday, but I figured I could give you the winners of round 2 today!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,548 votes, Morrison’s New X-Men surprised Moore/O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 62% to 38%…

Out of 1,462 votes, Vaughan/Alphona’s Runaways killed Ostrander’s Suicide Squad 54% to 46%…

Out of 1,518 votes, Claremont/Cockrum’s first X-Men run flatlined Bendis’ Avengers 64% to 36%…

Out of 1,534 votes, Wolfman/Perez’s Teen Titans blew up Remender’s Uncanny X-Force 55% to 45%…


Surprised that LEOG lost. But also glad that Bendis is gone.

I’m glad New X-Men won! I think LoEG’s reputation has suffered because of the increasingly mediocre sequels of the last few years, if it was just the first two series against New X-Men, the fight would’ve much tighter.

Suicide Squad’s loss is a big shame though, even though I’ve nothing against Runaways. SS has been one of the biggest victims of DC’s terrible reprint policy; first they refused to collect it fore 20 years, then one TPB finally came out, and a second was already announced, when they abruptly cancelled it. If the whole series was available as reprints, I think it would be rated much higher than it is now, when it remains more of a cult favourite.

I love the BLACK DOSSIER. Having Alan Moore doing pastiches of everybody from Kerouac to Shakespeare is heaven for a literature fanatic, and I loved the 1950s setting. But I understand that the moving away from Victorian adventure fiction made the book lost its appeal to many.

The CENTURY sequels I’m less fond of. I sort of liked the 1969 one with all the rock music references, but I was displeased by the viciousness of his attack on Harry Potter and his curmudgeon-like idea that current pop culture is inferior. He did nothing to convince me that a entertaining children’s series deserved such vitriol.

I’ll taken Bendis’ Avengers over Clarement/Cockrum any day.

He would lose to Claremont/Byrne, Clarement/Smith, Claremont/Romita…

Suicide Squad losing to Runaways is a sign of the growing age gap between older and younger readers. You’d think the current Squad series would have helped gain new appreciation for Ostrander’s classic, but no dice.

Dave Cockrum’s X-Men vanquishing anything by Bendis is a sweet vindication, though.

I voted SS, but Runaways is also great.

Yay, Cockrum!

suprised the suicide squad fell to the run aways but glad to see the x-men and titans kicked some butt this round

Oh herow my rans. Rearry rope rx-ren rin rhis rear’s rontest

I voted for the League and the Squad. I do like the runs that won, but not nearly as much.

The other two went exactly the way I voted, and I’m tickled that these were the teams from the period of the beloved Titans/X-Men crossover (though not the creative team on the crossover, of course). Yay nostalgia!

How could any one vote for a series that had a character that had a “star for a brain” is beyond me?

If it had happened in the 1970s, that character would have been named Brainstar. Guaranteed.

The star for a brain was a lie…

Man, not too happy about those last two, but I guess the first two make up for it.

Clearly our votes cancel each other out, Ben. It’s the natural order of things.

League definitely peaked at BLACK DOSSIER. Even the first two volumes I consider to be some of Moore’s worst work.

Man, Ostrander is under-loved. That series was one of my all-time favorites. Heck, it still is. Damn you, DC reprint policy! Give me my trades! Grrr…

I didn’t expect Suicide Squad to get very far, and I like Runaways enough. Still, I cannot stress enough how good the Ostrander & Co. series was. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. Back issues should be cheap.

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