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Comic Book Team Tournament – Baxter Building Region, Round 2 Winners!

The second round of results are here! The match-ups in this region will be on Friday, but I figured I could give you the winners of round 2 today!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,395 votes, Kirby/Lee’s Fantastic Four massacred Claremont/JRjs’s Uncanny X-Men 52% to 48%…

Out of 1,322 votes, Stern’s Avengers slaughtered David’s X-Factor 51% to 49%…

Out of 1,362 votes, Ellis/Hitch’s Authority burned Byrne’s Fantastic Four 50.37% to 49.63%…

Out of 1,386 votes, Ellis/Cassaday’s Planetary burrowed into and then exploded Claremont/Smith’s Uncanny X-Men like a Queen Brood, 63% to 37%…


nice results including both the x-men and ff getting their butts kicked by a couple dc teams their runs beat a marvel one including another x-men run by two legends.


Claremont and Smith Uncanny 4 life!!

Saw Planetary beating Smith run.

Saw Lee/Kirby beating Romita Jr. run.

Did NOT see Byrne FF losing to the Authority!

Glad Stern kept the 80s Marvel banner flying.

As someone who loved the Ellis/ Hitch Authority run, I have to shake my head. The Byrne run on FF was six years of consistent excellence every month (Sue Storm becoming Malice notwithstanding). Ellis and Hitch were good, but I thought Millar/Hitch Authority was better.

The Crazed Spruce

March 28, 2013 at 11:45 am

I’m more impressed by how close some of these votes are. (Especially Authority vs. FF. What is that, 7 votes difference?)

i can’t believe that Byrne’s FF lost to the Authority. Authority is really, really good for the short run that it is.

Byrne’s run was revolutionary for its time and was good for quite a long run.

Must be gettin’ old…. ;-)

I voted for Byrne FF. Glad I did, even if “my team” lost. Just shows how important each individual vote can become.

The only one here where I wasn’t in the majority was Authority vs. Byrne. I love Ellis’s Authority run (even if I’ve disliked all post-Ellis work with that team), and I got fed up with Byrne a long time ago, but with his FF run he truly achieved greatness.


As I recall, Ellis’s first two arcs of Authority were pretty much the same story twice…I liked his last arc though.

Still, no way those 12 issues trump 60+ issues, a lot of which was pretty great. (e.g. Best Doom and Galactus stuff ever…and even some great Doc Ock, too).

Ellis is the most overrated comics write of the last twenty years. And a major jerk to boot.

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