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Comic Book Team Tournament – Watchtower Region, Round 2 Winners!

The second round of results are here! The match-ups in this region will be on Friday, but I figured I could give you the winners of round 2 today!

All results are rounded to the nearest whole number, except when doing so would result in a tie.


Out of 1,429 votes, Morrison’s JLA sent Waid/Wieringo’s Fantastic Four to heaven 71% to 29%…

Out of 1,403 votes, Hickman’s Fantastic Four/FF cuffed Millar/Hitch’s Ultimates 53% to 47%…

Out of 1,391 votes, Busiek/Perez’s Avengers cancelled Ellis/Immonen’s Nextwave 61% to 39%…

Out of 1,472 votes, Moore/Gibbon’s Watchmen chose all of X-Force for death 76% to 24%…


I’m surprised Marvel let that cover out, but it is on the short list of greatest covers of all time.

I mean, I wouldn’t dream of saying “Travis Pelkie Licks Goats” all over the Interwebs.

guess even nextwave is no match for earths mightest heros. and amazed the watchman took down xforce not to mention the ulimates also fell to marvels first family proably the regular 616 version

Pleasantly surprised by the Hickman FF win. Voted the other way on all the rest of these.

aw, too bad. nextwave is probably my favorite superhero book from the last 20 years. oh well.

I really thought that Nextwave was going to make it further, maybe even the finals. “Little team that could” kind of thing. They’re the only few-books-existing teams that i thought could do it.

These all went the way I voted, except Nextwave. But what the heck, I like Busiek.

Bah, X-Statix was much better team(book) than Watchmen :/

Just don’t put it into a search engine, Becca!

loved Waid & Ringo on FF, but i own every JLA starting with Morrison’s run all the way to the end.

The last 25 issues are pretty questionable tho’.

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