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You Decide: Which Requiem Issue Was the Best Tribute to Damian Wayne?

This week, we ask you which of the Bat-title Requiem issue you felt was the best tribute to Damian Wayne’s passing.

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Without a doubt, Batman and Robin 18. If you’re emotionally invested in the Damian storyline at all, and can read that story without tearing up, there’s something wrong with you. And all done without word balloons (but that letter is what tugs the ol’ heartstrings).

Also, the Batman and Robin Annual 1 from a couple months back is one of the best comics from the year so far, bar none. Damian wants Bruce and Alfred out of town so he can be a sort of “Batman Junior”, so he sends Bruce and Alfred on a “scavenger hunt” of sorts. So much character growth with Damian there, as what he sends Bruce to look for is wonderful. Alfred even gets some great lines.

Tomasi is the unsung hero of the Bat books right now.

What it boils down to for me is the letter scene in Batman and Robin 18 vs. the Bat-Cow scene in Batman Incorporated 9.

The letter is a cliche, out of character action for Damian that clearly is meant to tug the reader’s heartstrings. It’s blatant manipulation, which I always find insulting.

Batman consoling Bat-Cow at the end of Inc. is a reminder that despite Damian’s super heroics, he was just a kid who had a passion for animals.

I found the first four pages of Teen titans #18 more emotional than the rest if the series. Batman and robin 18 felt like Bruce was just channeling his anger on an innocent lamppost. However RHatO 18 hardly featured Damian at all.

Definitely Nightwing 18. Dick was definitely one of if not the closest one to Damian and him struggling with Damian’s death is a great character moment for him and an amazing tribute to Damian. Also, I can’t help but cry when reading the speech to the tombstone.

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