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Comics Should Be Good 2013 March Madness: Final Four

It is the final four round of the CSBG’s Fifth Annual March Madness tournament!

Here is how the bracket looks like so far…


I’ve eschewed “winners” posts this time around, but if you want percentages, all of them came in between 1,000 and 1,100 votes cast, with Byrne/Claremont and Lee/Kirby each getting roughly 74% of the vote, Morrison’s JLA getting 53% of the vote and Claremont/Cockrum winning with the smallest margin, just barely over 50% (50.46%).

Here are your Final Four matchups to vote on!


surprised to see Watchmen out at this point.
Tough choice in the first vote…I picked Claremont’s XMen

Also surprised by how Watchmen got voted out. Also interesting how the passage of time changes things. At time of publication, Morrison’s JLA#1 was received enthusiastically received but reception became increasingly lukewarm as the series progressed.

Don’t want to be overly negative, but Cockrum/Claremont’s first X-Men run defeating all those other great runs in their region is kind of ridiculous. Innovative, important issues to be sure, but forgettable when compared to what Claremont went on to do and most of those other runs like Suicide Squad, New Teen Titans, and Morrison’s X-Men. Even Claremont/Davis’ Excalibur.,

@ Philip:

I think that it is safe to call the Claremont/Cockrum X-MEN run grossly over-rated at this point.


Dead on. I don’t even think people know what they’re voting for at this point. They just see ‘Claremont’ and ‘X-Men’ and click it.

Les Fontenelle

April 6, 2013 at 10:32 am

Claremont/Cockrum’s X-Men was miles better than the hilariously overrated New Teen Titans.

I mean, I kind of love how it’s three one-seeds and a fourteen-seed.

I’m also glad to see Watchmen go down, after voting against it four times. Why is it here?

Both of these matches are pretty clear to me, as much as I love Morrison’s JLA.

Claremont/Cockrum? Yes, quite overrated at this point, in this poll.


People just see “Claremont/Byrne” and use it as shorthand for “everything that used to be good about the X-Men”. Not so.

The Cockrum stuff was always a better “run”. The Byrne stuff just had 3-4 important issues that don’t even read that well anymore. The writing in the Byrne issues was not Claremont’s best, and Byrne’s art in those issues wasn’t anywhere near his best either. And lest we forget, it was COCKRUM who created almost all those characters, not Byrne, not Claremont, and not so much even Len Wein. When Byrne came on the book, Cockrum had to sit him down and teach him how to draw Wolverine without his mask on; Cockrum created most of the personality.

But, ah, either way, Paul Smith issues were the best of all, for really-real.

Right, the Paul Smith issues are my favorite too, but I take that as my best indication that people have an idea of what they’re voting for in Cockrum’s run, and not just blindly voting for Claremont X-Men. Still, I’m very surprised to see it beat Morrison’s New X-Men. Disappointed a little too, since to me it seems like a foregone conclusion that Byrne will beat Cockrum in a landslide. It’s just too easy to compare the two runs, since they happened in immediate succession, and it seems to be “common knowledge” that it got better with Byrne. Claremont/Byrne vs Morrison would have been a pretty interesting matchup, since so much of the latter run was like a modern remix of the former. Oh well, either way I’m having a lot of fun following this whole thing!

Not sure why all the hate for the Claremont/Cockrum issues – I loved those issues when they came out and as I filled in the gaps years later. Beautiful art, humor mixed with drama and high stakes (when Thunderbird died, he stayed dead in those days). New powers and abilities and characteristics coming out unexpectedly. I loved those stories.

Craig, I agree. I wasn’t born when the books were made, but I think they read really, really well and are significantly better than Morrison’s X-Men run, which I also liked.

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