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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 053

Hey! It’s our 53rd Episode!3 Chicks Blue Brown Final2sized


Inside this episode! Reviews of the final issue of Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell’s groundbreaking Glory run from Image. A review of Polarity #1 – a new miniseries from Boom! by musician Max Bemis and Jorge Coelho. We talk about random comics news and Sue makes an impassioned plea for DC to pay attention to Lois Lane’s 75th Anniversary – since she is celebrating along with Superman this year. We also interview badass superhero costume designer, cover artist, animator (and more!) Kris Anka! We’ve also got an open call for both future Chick of the Weeks you’d like to see, as well as your votes for some of the best comic book costumes around – both those that have stood the test of time, and which desperately need an update?

Here are the breaks:

Review of Glory #34 – 00:51

Review of Polarity #1 – 12:32

Random Comics Talk! – 21:35

Interview with Kris Anka! – 35:01

More Comics Talk! – 1:33:29

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question! Advance reviews are always spoiler-free!

3 Chicks Covers 053


As promised in the cast, here’s a list of all the ladies, both characters and creators that we’ve featured thus far. Looking at the updated list, it’s easy to see some creators that we have missed – I can’t believe we haven’t featured Kelly Sue DeConnick OR Fiona Staples. I guess we rave about them so much that I thought we’d already “chick of the week’d” them – clearly an oversight that needs to be rectified immediately!

Chicks of the Week thus far:

01. Cassandra Cain/Batgirl (character)
02. Kathryn Immonen (creator)
03. Vixen (character)
04. Rebekah Isaacs (creator)
05. Collen Coover (creator)
06. Faith Erin Hicks (creator)
07. Kate Beaton (creator)
08. Amanda Conner (creator)
09. Milagro Reyes (character)
10. Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee (character)
11. Nicola Scott (creator)
12. Lucy Knisley (creator)
13. Barbara Gordon aka Oracle (character)
14. Kelly Sue DeConnick (creator)
15. Jen Van Meter (creator)
16. Gail Simone (creator)
17. Renae De Liz (creator)
18. Stephanie Brown (character)
19. Sara Pichelli (creator)
20. Amy Reeder (creator)
21. Huntress (character)
22. Wonder Woman (character)
23. Ramona Fradon (creator)
24. Batwoman (Kate Kane)
25. Marjorie Liu (creator)
26. Kim Yale (creator)
27. Starling (character)
28. Black Canary (character)
29. Black Widow (character)
30. Amethyst Princess of Gemworld (character)
31. Stephanie Hans (creator)
32. Jenny Frison (creator)
33. Lois Lane (character)
34. Barbara Randall Kesel (creator)
35. Noelle Stevenson (creator)

Bachalo talked about the challenges of the recent Uncanny X-Men costume redesigns on Robot 6 recently: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2013/03/conversing-on-comics-with-chris-bachalo/

I feel like that interview indirectly addresses what you guys were talking about regarding Emma’s costume, and also ties into what you were talking about with the New 52 redesigns. There probably weren’t enough details and story information about the characters to root their appearances strongly in their re-upped personalities and new character arcs.

thanks for the great Glory compliments, you two!!! i really really appreciate it. i’m really proud of the last couple issues in particular.

i don’t know if you guys saw my tweet about it, but it’s funny Sue specifically mentions Badbear because he’s the only character in that group shot that i made up myself. (sort of: i saw this gif of a bear twirling a stick http://animalsbeingdicks.com/post/36138175387/ninja-bear and i figured i’d put him in the big group scene). the Extreme universe’s newest member: BADBEAR!! he’s like Badrock but he’s a bear.

Kris Anka rules! such an awesome guy and artist. i’m on his list!!!! yyyesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

You got me, pal. I’m right there on week 14! Much appreciated.

Glory is great and I will miss the series.

As for the superhero costumes, it depends a lot on how the character’s physique is drawn. For example, Starfire’s “costume” wouldn’t look nearly as bad if she had a fuller figure and was more athletic/muscular, instead of looking like she weighs 120 pounds with 1/4th of that in her breasts.

Really loved the talk on design here! It’s a topic that interests me – I agree that Marvel has the upper hand since they’re outsourcing a lot more from actual designers. I haven’t actually thought about that until now.

I’ve been meaning to grab Glory, but with the comics I buy now it’s hard to add anything more for myself. I’ll definitely pick it up the next time I see it!

For future Chick of the Week:
I’d love to hear something about Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Zatanna or Hawkgirl. Kendra Saunders’ costume looks really cool imo. And I think Vixen definitely needs a good redesign cause I love her character and her powers but her costume looks a bit weird? It would be great if she got her own book and a new look, but that might be wishful thinking..

Back to add Misty Knight, Valkyrie and Monica Rambeau.

And this was the costume I meant:
don’t know if it makes much sense but it looks good?

@Ross @Kelly I don’t recall if Kelly’s apresiation for Ross’s work goes back to our SCAD days. Either way, her fandom is well deserved and really fits with most of the things Kelly seems to admire in great comics. Just started reading Glory yesterday, so playing catch up, myself. So far I agree 100% how great your off model approach is to cartoony realism in form. A hallmark of your work that really should be celebrated for all umber of social, psychological and storytelling reasons.

@Kelly @Sue That is one hell of a list. I think another SCAD grad could use and deserves your time and celebration, Robyn Chapman:

-Indy Trailblazer of our Generation; her work tells personal and frank stories about relationships and sex. Her drawing style most recently has been more on model (contrasting Ross’s development).

-Her work at Center For Cartooning Studies here in Vermont was instrumental in making James Sturm, Michelle Ollie’s Comics School 3.0 experiment a significant success. Her work principally along with Stephen Bissette have really made that place an complimentary, rivaling and competitive educational environment to SCAD (which also has grown beyond our time there). The few times I visited when Robyn was still there showcased how essential she was to the day to day and how influential her time there was on future generations of male and female cartoonists.

-She had become also a wonderful comics editor.

@Kelly @Sue

We really need more process conversations like the one you had with Kris Anka. I really enjoyed it as a cartoonist and Marvel fan. Found it helpful. These kids and their computers!?! We had one person in the grad program who worked on tablet only. I can’t give up ink. However, I am jealous and understanding of logic. I use our lessons from Dave in photoshop all the time…but I also love my brush. Kris’s approach to everything else is really smart…or in that “no duh,” why the heck doesn’t everyone work that way. I will be paying attention to him now. I think I am only reading All New X-Men right now as far as mutants go (oh and Wolverine), but his part in redesigns really worked for me.

What is with all the hate for Storm and Black Panther. I like where Storm’s story changed in the scene of her going back to the hawk. But it wasn’t because I didn’t like there marriage. I think storytelling wise the marriage was just a wasted opportunity. My introduction to Storm was her as leader of X-Men and Morlocks, no power, punk attire and hawk. That to me is what I love. So this criticism of her clothing than (spiril too) is silly. Love the new look. Love that old look.

I was listening to Kevin Smith interview Jeph Loeb (a totally different take on comics talk…I also list to inkstuds…fell pretty well rounded, but also like a ping pong ball…never entirely agreeing with all three pod casts…loving them all)…anyway, Loeb brought up how he thinks it is dumb how DC & Marvel reboot continuity (duh)…but his slight twist on a solution and his agreement with this notion that we can’t keep things the same was really smart. I was thinking about it when you were talking with Kris. Loeb and Tim Sale basically took that approach in their work (lots have, Miller, Mazzuccelli, Cooke…) But it would be nice if everyone did. For fans and creators. It would make the cream rise to the level we find at Fantagraphics and D&Q (with the superhero fun of course)…OK, what the heck was it…there should be a universe wide annual design and story approach. One that doesn’t reboot. But informs the story. One, where creators and creative teams sit down and coordinate a story for the year. It doesn’t erase the past. It informs the past, while building a future. And then at the end the process starts again. This happens half hazardly all the time. We don’t need to tell the Batman origin every time. We don’t need to stop time. We don’t need to tell creators to work in a box. The fans don’t have to be tortured with deletion of the story. Birth, life, death, change happens. Usually with reason in a story. Design, dialogue, illustrative style should serve the story. The stories interconnections with other comics is fun and good business. But creators get burnt out, times change and publisher panic and become (or are) out of the loop on what is good and sells. So keep change as part of an expectation. Make each year an event that informs the past, not erases it. Allows for us to love what we love now and we did before. Allows for us to look back at time capsules of stories with relevance and ironic observation (as hopefully we evolve into a more fair community). We shouldn’t have to look at Killing Joke and say, I hate that because of what happened. I would prefer to look at it as I do Early Wonder Women; it’s so strange and silly how she was tied up. Today’s comics take a more mature (still fun) approach that serves a story both across the line for this year. But also without erasing the past 75 years. I am off the rail a bit here (I hope it makes some seance). But Loeb as he put it in less words make perfect seance and Kris would benefit from that approach. Many cartoonist wood. And right now is an ideal time to start at Marvel & DC.

My killing joke comment was not intended to communicate I think it is silly…it isn’t. It’s brutal and has been exploited in a way that has attempted to trivialize it, while also creating a storytelling fiasco. It happened (in fantasy), on it’s own it is good storytelling, it has been mishandled and mimicked since to the point of endorsing a position I do not share; that women are to be victimized in comics as often as is sickly possible. I find this contradicted to Barbara’s character and to the reality of women in my life. The event is compatible with the Joker’s story and Barbara eventually was shown to move on with the heroics she has as a foundation of her character. The changes to this story in the new 52 have not helped in my opinion. I was indicating that the past should be viewed with contextual understanding and new perspective. It should not be held onto with one mindset over time. Otherwise we never grow and our nostalgia is just a vessel for visceral reactions. Not an opportunity for characters to change.

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