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It’s time for a COMICS FACT!

50Girls50 (2)

You will not read a more beautiful comic book this week or possibly this month than 50 Girls 50, the new collection of Al Williamson EC science fiction stories that is published by Fantagraphics. SO STATES OBVIOUS MAN!

Obvious Man is obvious!

Obvious Man is obvious!




Also, why is it called 50 Girls 50?

Turd Burglar: There’s a story in it called 50 Girls 50, but I haven’t read it yet, so I don’t know why the story is named that. I’ve been to busy skimming through it just to stare at the art!

These EC collections really are some of the best comics ever made – another obvious comic book fact!

Philip: Very cool. Thanks!

Ryan: I know – they do a really nice job with the presentation, and the content is usually superb.

I loved it when I discovered Al Williamson at the age of 9 or 10.

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