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The Greatest Kitty Pryde Stories Ever Told! – Voting

Here’s the latest of the daily voting threads for The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Today we look at Kitty Pryde!

Sprite, Ariel, Shadowcat, she’s been known by a lot of different codenames, but she is best known as her “real” name, Katherine “Kitty” Pryde, longtime member of the X-Men.

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific time, April 21st to vote for your top ten favorite Kitty Pryde comic book stories! Your choices will be revealed on April 22nd.

You vote by sending your top ten choices to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make the subject heading clear that it is about The Greatest Kitty Pryde Stories Ever Told Voting) by that time (you send your votes by e-mail, not in the comments to this piece. I repeat DO NOTE VOTE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS PIECE).

Be sure to first click here to read about the rules and guidelines for the voting (so you don’t vote for stuff that is ineligible, like you can’t vote for “Whedon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men run.” You have to pick a specific story arc).

I’d prefer you not share your votes in the comments section – please let’s keep it a surprise until the results go up. You can share your votes then if you’d like!

Have fun voting and be sure to check back April 22nd to see the results!


I’m guessing this will have dominated by the same person who dominates all x-men lists and the top spot taken by HE WHO SHALL NEVER BE CRITICIZED!

I’m guessing someone needs to cut back on both caffeine and sugar…

There ARE decaffinated brands which are just as tasty as the real thing…


If Claremont dominates all X-Men lists it’s because he was the primary creative voice behind the X-Men for over a decade, during which they had most of their best stories. To not choose his stories “just because” would give you a greatest list that is anything but great.

I’m not exactly sure who “HE WHO SHALL NEVER BE CRITICIZED” is. Around here I assume you would mean Morrison but in the greater internets community Whedon would also fit that description.


Why do you assume I am being critical of it? Claremont is about the only X-men writer who deserves it IMHO. I was merely guessing who it would be.

And you were right second time around. Whedon always deserves block capitals.
Did Morrison’s X-Men have any interesting Kitty Pryde story arcs? I certainly don’t recall.

Morrison’s X-Men didn’t have any Kitty Pryde appearances.


My apologies. I thought your original post read with a sarcastic tone hence my defense of Claremont.

I did initially believe Whedon was who you meant with the all caps given the subject but since I did not read all of Morrison’s run I wasn’t sure if he had written any Kitty stories. Both men have devoted followings and some of their more rabid devotees would seemingly cut you down before admitting they were capable of anything less than perfection.

All that being said, I’m sure Gifted will be in the top three, possibly number one. For the record I did not vote for it.

Claremont “not criticized”? I feel like a loud minority criticizes him all the time.

I don’t like much (actually, ANY) of the guy’s other work, but for 17 years he was basically responsible for everything that was good about the X-Men. It casts a long shadow and it was quite good overall.

And even with a list like this… What other writers are even known for doing stand-out work with Kitty Pryde?

Joss Whedon — But, OH, his entire take on the character was basically a nostalgia-fest of what he liked about Claremont. Pretty much every good scene with Kitty in it was an homage or a callback to something Claremont already did.

Besides that… I guess Warren Ellis wrote Kitty reasonably well, but nothing really stands out.

I’d say He Who Shall Not Be Criticized definitely gave Kitty some “f-yeah” moments that were more than a rehash of Claremont… although one of the best was an homage to Claremont/Byrne’s most iconic Wolverine moment. But in my eyes even that is innovative enough in its own way- presenting Kitty as a Wolverine level badass while staying true to her character.

Really excited about this one- one of my all time favorite characters! I’m gonna do some rereading before voting, but I expect to find some good stuff I haven’t read once the results are in. I’m definitely fuzzy on the Excalibur stuff.

what if “wolverine enemy of state
her crossover with Ironman in A+X (forget the issue number)

I’ll try to vote but I’ve been somewhat shaken by a virus (hit my work pc just as I was trying to look at the long delayed Kubert list)

Interesting to note that Kitty was pretty much forced on Claremont but he made good use of her with solo issues, key roles in major stories and generally developed her as a character.

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