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Time To Vote for the 75 Greatest Superman Stories Of All-Time!

Here’s how this will work. There will be a poll with 100 stories on it below. Simply vote for every story that you think is a “great Superman story.” Just put a check next to each box next to each story you think is a great Superman story and then press “vote” at the end of the poll. You can vote for all 100 of them. You can vote for 90 of them. You can vote for 9 of them. Whatever floats your boat. Only you can decide what you think is a great Superman story.

If you’re unsure what any given story is about, here is a more detailed list of nominees. Just click on the grouping with the given story number (like “74. ‘Superman Under the Green Sun!’ Superman Volume 1 #155″ would be in the group “Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #71-80″) for a more detailed description of the story.

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #1-10

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #11-20

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #21-30

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #31-40

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #41-50

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #51-60

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #61-70

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #71-80

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #81-90

Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #91-100

Read on for the poll!

You have until Wednesday morning to vote!


I voted for 17 of them! I guess that means it’s a good selection.

Kinda bummed I didn’t see the Brainiac Y2K story on there or any of Joe Casey’s awesome Superman run other than ending battle but otherwise a good list.

When will this poll be concluding? Will we have the results by the 18th, or is that a bit much to hope for?

It’s a great list (and I say that as a not-so-big Superman fan). My own personal addition would be Swamp Thing #79 where Superman defends Luthor against Swamp Things’ wrath, it’s a great look at Supes’ character and what makes him tick, I think.

hmmm. Moore’s 2 parter is a good comic, tough not a good superman comic. I mean superman a quitter?

“Superman would have to stop being superman if he ever killed” was a foundational part of the character’s pre-crisis formulation. Part of how the more modern versions are faded reflections…

My own addition would be Action Comics 534-541 (The ‘Half a Superman’ story where he’s split into two people each with half of his powers.)

I wanted to vote for just one, but could’nt. All Star is the best in my opinion by far, with For All Seasons coming in at # 2

I voted for 12 because I wanted to keep some exclusivity. I tried just doing a top ten, but I couldn’t figure out how to cut the last two.

Really really surprised to see that For Tomorrow didn’t make the nominees list. Personally, I didn’t really like the story, but I thought it was famous enough and well-regarded enough that it would definitely make the list.

A few stories I was personally sad didn’t make the nominees list:
-The introduction of Mongul, from DC Comics Presents 26-29, by Wein & Starlin
-Return to Krypton, from Superman 17, by Byrne & Mignola
-Swamp Thing 79, by Veitch, where Superman protects Luthor
-The Death of Superboy, from Superman 8/Action 591/Legion 37-38, by Byrne, Levitz, and Laroque

And even though it’s really not a Superman story, I also kinda figured Dark Knight Returns 4 would be here, but I’m glad it isn’t.

I also tried to limit myself to ten, but ending up voting for twelve.

It would have been fourteen if Swamp Thing #79 and The Dark Knight Rises #4 had been on the poll.

Of Thee I Sing is the absolute best!

This was a lot of fun, and now I’m digging through my back issues!

When will this poll be concluding? Will we have the results by the 18th, or is that a bit much to hope for?

The countdown will begin tomorrow afternoon. That’s the beauty of votes like this, you don’t need a lot of time to do them since they’re so easy to fill out (so you don’t need to give people a lot of time for them to get around to filling out ballots).

FYI, I believe “The Secret Revealed” should be Superman Vol. 2 #62.

Yeah, I’d say this list has about 90% of what I’d consider the Greatest Superman Stories of all time. I was a little bummed to not see For Tomorrow, Superman Vol. 2 #64 (the Christmas wish story involving a Holocaust survivor), “This Was Your Life, Superman” – a magnificent three-parter right before Infinite Crisis- or Mark of the Krypton Man. Still, a great list with plenty of good stories.

I have a feeling the Morrison lemmings will vote All-Star to the #1 spot, but we’ll see.

@Carter Hall — FYI, I believe “The Secret Revealed” should be Superman Vol. 2 #62.

He’s talking about the one where Lex Luthor’s computer deduces that Superman is really Clark Kent (from John Byrne’s run).

I have a feeling the Morrison lemmings will vote All-Star to the #1 spot, but we’ll see.

The pre-emptive butthurt is quite humorous.

We see it in all of the polling. “I am voting for X but I bet Y will win because of (insert rude comment about people who think differently from you).”

Just curious, Brian – were there any suggestions that anyone emailed that resulted in you putting something on the list that you might not have otherwise?

Yeah, a couple. Plus a number of suggestions that confirmed ideas I wasn’t quite sure about (Like It’s a Bird). Oddly enough, the suggestions that I used have ended up being some of the most poorly polling stories so far. That makes sense, though, I guess, since if I didn’t think about them right away, the voters won’t either.

6 on my first scroll through, 5 more on the 2nd. I left out a few otherwise good-to-excellent ensemble stories that I felt were NOT Superman stories. My own quibble; they’ll likely get voted in anyhow.

Still, excited to see the results!

There were many stories in the poll I’d heard of but wasn’t sure which story they were, or knew the basics of the story and loved them (like “Superman’s Older Brother”) but hadn’t actually read it, so in fairness I limited myself to voting for a story only if I’d actually read it (or seen it, in the case of “Panic in the Sky,” both the George Reeves and the Dean Can versions).

So many stories, so many good ones, some missing (I really love the Simonson’s “sand superma”n from the special, or that storie with the aliens living in the bottled kandor from just before Crisis, with art by Curt Swan ..)

and hard choices to make

There are some stories in the list i didnt vote for,that are “great stories”, but not “great Superman stories”

And I still have some blackholes… (Immonen’s Secret origins … )

I didn’t limit my votes and ended up with 52(!). I’m glad I wasn’t required to place them in order! There were 25 stories on the list I’ve never read (and so I didn’t allow myself to vote for)

Lots of excellent stories I haven’t read in far too long. Looking forward to the results!

Cool list, nothing I can think of that was omitted, and no glaring inclusions that shouldn’t have been here.

Any chance of seeing the Superboy stories that would have made the list if people wanted them on?

Omissions for me would be:
Last Son of Earth + Last Stand on Krypton
For Tomorrow
That one someone mentioned where he’s split in two.
The Swamp Thing story.
The Clark Kent Fired story from the mid-80s.

Yeah, where’s the DC Comics Presents story with Swamp Thing? >:(

You know, I would include the whole Darkseid story arc that started in Superman: The Animated Series and continued on through Justice League. I thought Bruce Timm (or his people) made that into an outstanding long-term story arc.

It’s number 24

The Crazed Spruce

April 17, 2013 at 7:28 am

I hope I got my vote in in time. I didn’t read the instructions properly, so I figured we had to pick our 10 favourites, and I stopped to put a bit of thought into it. Didn’t realize I could just click on the ones I liked ’til it was (almost?) too late.

Anyhoo, I limited myself to stories I’ve actually read, rather than voting by reputation, and left out company-wide crossovers and such (like Crisis and Kingdom Come), and wound up picking 22 of ‘em. And out of that 22, only 10 of ‘em were pre-Crisis (or pre-Byrne, at least), and only 5 of those can officially be considered Silver Age. (And just for the record, out of the 12 that remained, absolutely none of ‘em were from the “nu52″.)


April 17, 2013 at 9:08 pm

I’m not that wild about that list. Not at all. Here are some of MY FAVORITES:


ACTION COMICS #1: “SUPERMAN” Where he stops the wife beater and saves the guy from Death Row!

SUPERMAN V. WONDER WOMAN (treasury)- Where they fight over whether or not America (or anybody) should have an atomic bomb!)

SUPERMAN (vol. two) #3- “BLOODSPORT” Supes versus a war veteran–or is he?


Damn. The Swamp Thing story wasn’t omitted after all – and I didn’t vote for it.

I made this comment on the last page, but I guess it’s unlikely to be seen there–so I’ll restate it here: I’m surprised that ACTION COMICS 385 – 387–“The Immortal Superman”–didn’t make it into the one hundred.

I’m pretty sure this story influenced Grant Morrison (in terms of One Million among other things)–and it probably influenced Alan Moore (if not on his actual stories then on things like Supreme or Tom Strong). And Neil Gaiman has Clark Kent mention it to Bruce Wayne, when they’re in the Dreaming at “The Wake” for SANDMAN.

It’s the kind of story that echoes down through the history of DC up to the present. And it was a pretty good read. Certainly in my top five of Superman stories.

I also would have liked some more Golden Age stories to vote for. I guess that comic strips don’t count–but “The League to Destroy Superman” was a darn good story.

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