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Congrats to Robot 6 For Their Eisner Nomination!

The Eisner judges know their stuff and nominated our sister blog, CBR’s top notch news blog, Robot 6, for the Eisner Award for journalism. Congrats, guys and gals!

Also, I am happy to note that one of my favorite stories of 2012, Michael Kupperman’s “Moon 1969: The True Story of the 1969 Moon Launch” was nominated for Best Short Story! Great picks, judges!


It is interesting to note that DC only received three total nominations, all of which were “superficial” nominations (two for Best Cover Artist and one for Best Coloring) and not for quality of content.

I’ve been saying for months what a terribly run company DC is at the moment, and I feel like this is pretty good evidence. Has one of the Big Two ever received 3 or fewer Eisner nominations before?

I do think the Eisner’s did a great job this year. My five favorite series of ’12 were (in order) Wolverine & the X-Men, Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Hawkeye, and Fatale. Four of those five received noms for Best Series, with just Saga replacing W&TXM. Not bad Eisners, not bad.

I was surprised that Hickman’s best writer nomination only mentioned Manhattan Projects and not Fantastic Four, FF, Secret, or Avengers. Seemed odd to me.

I do wonder if the Eisners are reaching a point where the major awards need to be split between creator owned works and the Big Two stuff, because if not, the Big Two might disappear from the Eisners all together. And while this wouldn’t be a tragedy in and of itself, it’s still worth recognizing great work from Marvel and DC even if that great work is increasingly lesser than the great stuff coming out of Image and the independents.

I think the Eisners are sort of like the Emmys in the sense that the Big Two are like the broadcast networks. They’re more interested in sales/viewers than quality. As a result, they’re less likely to be nominated for awards.

CSBG should have got that nomination! Let’s tear this site apart!!!

I’m joking of course, Robot 6 is a fine blog. But CSBG is so much fun to read, and that deserves recognition!

Stephen Conway

April 17, 2013 at 4:55 am

That reminds me I really need to get up to date with Kupperman’s Tales Designed to Thrizzle stuff.

I’m sure all the colorists and cover artists are glad to hear their disciplines are “superficial” and have no impact on the quality of content.


I think that’s a great analogy and you’re absolutely right. But I do think there’s a large gap between the quality of Marvel and the quality of DC. Marvel at least seems to be encouraging their creators to try things, while DC seems to be actively keeping their creators from trying things. That could be an unfair outsider perspective, but the evidence is pretty strong.

@Michael P

I didn’t say cover artists and colorists have no impact on quality, I merely said they aren’t determining it. Good covers and good coloring don’t make comics good. They can absolutely make good comics better, but that isn’t the same thing. If Laura Martin and Dave Stewart colored everything, the bad comics would still be bad. If Brian Bolland drew every cover for DC, most of their comics would still be bad.

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