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The Greatest Alex Ross Stories Ever Told! – Voting

Here’s the latest of the daily voting threads for The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Today we have Alex Ross

Alex Ross is one of the most acclaimed comic book artists of our generation, winning about nine thousand Eisner Awards in just the past twenty years alone (or something like that. I might be exaggerating). You all know his work, you don’t need me to spell it out for you.

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific time, April 28th to vote for your top ten favorite comic book stories written, co-written or drawn by Alex Ross. Your choices will be revealed on April 29th.

You vote by sending your top ten choices to bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make the subject heading clear that it is about The Greatest Alex Ross Stories Ever Told Voting) by that time (you send your votes by e-mail, not in the comments to this piece). If you legitimately don’t think you can think of ten stories, I’ll still allow the ballot if you can think of at least six stories.

Be sure to first click here to read about the rules and guidelines for the voting (so you don’t vote for stuff that is ineligible, like you have to vote for Earth X, Universe X and Paradise X as three separate stories).

I’d prefer you not share your votes in the comments section – please let’s keep it a surprise until the results go up. You can share your votes then if you’d like! In addition, as a general rule for all of these polls, don’t be a jerk about the creator in question in the comments. If you don’t like the creator, fair enough, don’t vote. No snarky comments about the creator. I’ll be deleting comments like that.

Have fun voting and be sure to check back April 29th to see the results!


This should be easy enough. It’s really just a question of the order.

Damn – I’d love to vote for Marvels, Justice and Kingdom Come, but after that I run out of things by him I actually like.

Earth X and those Paul Dini books really didn’t do it for me and I can’t think of much else he did.

I’m assuming his involvement in Battle of the Planets wasn’t quite enough to qualify.

I love Alex Ross, but 10 is rough. He’s mostly done covers. For stories where he’s done a sizeable portion of the interior, I think I may have read 10 or 11 in total. I’d be shocked if he has done more than 20.

This may be one where I give you 6.


I don’t know if you liked them or not, but Ross was the artist, plotter, or co-plotter on the Vertigo Uncle Sam mini (called US, iirc), the Justice Society arc featuring Kingdom Come characters, Terminator: Burning Earth, Avengers/ Invaders, & a portion of Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual 1. That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

This should be easy enough. It’s really just a question of the order.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. The order is what fascinates me about the list.

Does Astro City count? He designed almost all the characters and some of the premise. I don’t believe he was ever a co-plotter, though.

The only interior work that he’s even done (in terms of full stories) is KC, Marvels, the six Dini collabs, Justice, the Uncle Same mini, Terminator: The Burning Earth (underrated, IMO), JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman (probably the best thing to come out of DC’s KC exploitation), Clive Barker’s Hellraiser #17, and a short story from Batman Black and White v2 #2. And THAT’S IT.

Would love for Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X to all be near the top and for one of them to be number one. As a celebration of Marvel comics and its countless characters and stories, it doesn’t get much better. It’s certainly more substantial than Marvels, at least in my opinion.

I don’t think most people have read — or even heard of, for that matter — the Earth/Universe/Paradise X books.


Are you serious? That trilogy was a big hit when it came out which was not much more than a decade ago. It’s not some obscure little story. I assure you more people will vote for at least the first of the trilogy than that JSA special you mentioned.

I never said anything about the JSA story making the list, only that it was better than the rest of the Kingdom Come “specials” that DC put out.

And I think you’re overestimating how well known the “X” trilogy is.

Hey, thanks for talking out of your ass, Turd, as it inspired me to look around and happen upon one of my new favorite websites. The later chapters of the X trilogy was not anywhere near top 10 status the further it went along, but was consistently in the Top 100, outselling plenty of household names. It’s great that you think people overestimate how well known Universe X and Paradise X were, but as many people knew about it as knew about Flash, Detective Comics, Y the Last Man, Wonder Woman, Fables… I could go on.


He’s doing Masks right now, and it’s awesome.

@joshschr —

Except that’s wrong.

The DC Treasury Editions were pretty good IMO and I’m more inclined to re-read them than KC or Marvels. Personally I think he’s been put to better service at Dynamite Comics with the Superpowers, Kirby Genesis, Flash Gordon, and Phantom books (but I’m not certain how much he actually contributed to these series?)

I don’t know if you liked them or not, but Ross was the artist, plotter, or co-plotter on the Vertigo Uncle Sam mini (called US, iirc),

Hated it.

the Justice Society arc featuring Kingdom Come characters

Haven’t read it

Terminator: Burning Earth

Okay – if a bit slight. I vaguely remember it taking about ten minutes to read the entire TPB.

Avengers/ Invaders, & a portion of Sandman Mystery Theatre Annual 1.

Not read them

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Sorry for the grumbling. I made a top 10 list. It just seems off, in that it includes stories I like but don’t love. Whereas my John Buscema (or Jim Starlin) list was missing several stories that I love. And that’s entirely attributable to size of the catalogs. As I really do love Alex Ross.

So for some lists, my #10 choice is a story I thought had some decent moments, but is mostly forgettable. And for others, my #10 choice is high among my favorite comics of all time.

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