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The Greatest Kitty Pryde Stories Ever Told!

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5. “Unstoppable” #19–24 & Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday finish their run with Kitty Pryde literally taking a bullet for the universe. A giant magical bullet, but a bullet nevertheless! A touching, heartfelt farewell to Whedon and Cassaday and to Kitty (for a while, at least).

4. “Professor X is a Jerk!” Uncanny X-Men #168

In this issue, Chris Claremont, Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek come to terms with the fact that while the X-Men were in outer space for a time (and thought to be dead by the world, including Professor X), Professor X had decided to restart the school with a group of new mutants all Kitty’s age. Naturally, then, Xavier believes that Kitty’s place is with the New Mutants. Can Kitty plead her case to Xavier? Obviously, yes, but it is the HOW that is so impressive!

3. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1-6

In this sequel to the first Wolverine mini-series, Kitty Pryde travels to Japan to rescue her father and finds herself captured and corrupted by the evil Ogun. She is trained as a ninja and sent to fight Wolverine. Eventually, Wolverine frees her of her brainwashing and they both take on Ogun. Kitty has been violated by Ogun. Will she repay him by killing him? Is she too far gone? This is the series where Chris Claremont introduced Kitty’s new (and thankfully final) codename, Shadowcat. Al Milgrom did the art.

2. “Days of Future Past” X-Men #141/Uncanny X-Men #142

A classic X-Men tale from John Byrne, Chris Claremont and Terry Austin, this story has an adult Kate Pryde coming back in time and possessing her younger body so that she can convince the X-Men to help prevent the death of Senator Robert Kelly, which in turn would avoid Kate’s dystopic future from existing. The last great Claremont/Byrne/Austin epic.

1. “Demon” Uncanny X-Men #143

The last issue that Byrne/Claremont/Austin did, though, was the next issue, a one-off where Kitty Pryde is alone at the X-Mansion on Christmas Eve when a demon attacks. This might be the greatest final issue from an acclaimed creative team EVER, as Kitty remarkably does whatever she can to stop the demon solo. It is a tremendous issue and really solidified Kitty as a bad ass.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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I expected this to be 100% Claremont stories.

Well it’s still mostly Claremont, with the two Astonishing arcs from Whedon thrown in (which isn’t really surprising). Not too surprising, as Kitty was on Excalibur when the original Claremont era ended so you didn’t get her in many of the 90s era stories in the main X-books which most people would have been more familiar with.

Some of my favorite Kitty stories are from her Excalibur days, but I certainly can’t gripe at these picks. Particularly since I think I voted for half of them myself.

I am surprised that “Torn” did not make the list. That may be the best arc from Whedon and Cassady’s run in terms of spotlighting Kitty.

Also, I am thrilled that I finally had an excuse to vote for the X-Men Animation Special Graphic Novel for one of these lists.

Can’t argue with number 1, though I had it at number 3 as I think.

Seangreyson – which of the Excalibur stories did you vote for? I plan on catching up on the whole of the Claremont / Davis / Ellis runs eventually anyway, just curious what I have to look forward to!

ookerdookers – whoa, I loved “Pryde of the X-Men” on VHS as a kid but never knew that graphic novel existed!

my list as I recall..

1. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine
2. Mekanix
3. “Demon”
4. “Professor Xavier is a Jerk!”
5. Astonishing X-Men “Torn” – Kitty’s “now it’s my turn” moment!
6. Astonishing X-Men “Unstoppable”
7. Kitty Pryde Shadow and Flame 1-5
8. Days of Future Past
9. Astonishing X-Men “Dangerous”
10. Marvel Team Up 135 by Bill Mantlo and Ron Frenz – for wanting to break things up with another non Claremont/Whedon vote, and for Spider-Man fastball specialing Kitty

Six out of ten for me. All my picks were Claremont.

Will M: For Excalibur I voted for Dream Nails (Ellis), Soulsword Trilogy (right before Ellis I think) and the 2nd special edition which is Kitty and the X-babies vs Mojo (Claremont I think, and goofy as hell, but one of my favorites). I spent several years putting together the whole Excalibur run, it can be weird and goofy at times but it’s almost always a ton of fun. Highly recommend it.

My only other vote that I was disappointed didn’t make the list was Shadows and Flame, the mini from a few years ago that is sort of a follow up to Kitty Pryde and Wolverine.

I kinda figured there’d be some Excalibur on the list. The list looks good, though. I don’t agree with Whedon’s work being on any greatest list, but that’s me. the Paul Smith Uncanny issue is a delight though, and I guess I didn’t realize Byrne’s last issue was so popular. I mean, I know his whole run on the book w/ Claremont is popular, but all this time I never realized fans loved that particular issue so much; learn something new every day lol

Kind of disappointed Dream Nails, Pryde & Wisdom and Soulsword didn’t make it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more people were familiar with her from the X-Men than from Excalibur.

Good list. As much as I love “God loves…,” I always wince at Kitty’s scene equating comic-book mutant hatred with real-life racism. Sure, it’s certainly true for her as a character, but the way Claremont wrote that scene was kinda tin-eared.

And it’s nice to see that “Kitty gets some” is in there somewhere.

These were my votes:

1. Uncanny X-Men #141-142 (“Days of Future Past”)
2. Uncanny X-Men #150 (“I, Magneto”)
3. Astonishing X-Men #1-6 (“Gifted”)
4. X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
5. X-Men #110 (“One Tin Soldier Rides Away…”)
6. Uncanny X-Men #129 (“God Spare the Child…”)
7. Uncanny X-Men #143 (“Demon”)
8. Uncanny X-Men #210-213 (“Mutant Massacre”)
9. Wolverine #146 (“Through a Dark Tunnel”)
10. Uncanny X-Men #153 (“Kitty’s Fairy Tale Theatre”)

Note: I’ve yet to read any of Kitty’s solo/Wolverine team-up mini-series. Nor have I finished Whedon/Cassaday’s AXM (quit buying comics altogether a issue or two into their last story story arc).

surprised god loves man kills did not rank higher for kitty for that shows her really proving that when it comes to her friends she will stick up for them. and xavier is a jerk love that story for proved kitty is smart enough to not be afraid to point out even to her teachers they can be wrong.

Yeah, a good list. if Mekanix is in TPB, I’ll check my local library for it.

Can’t believe I forgot X-Men 129-131 on my list. Wotta joik.

Glad my #1 was #1 though. It’s pretty classic.

Wish there had been some Excalibur stuff on here. Either the Claremont/Davis, Davis, or Ellis runs.

I couldn’t remember a single Excalibur story of hers that stood out to me. It’s one of those books that, while I remember enjoying it well enough at the time, it really hasn’t stuck with me over the years. But the 80s X-Men stuff with her I have read many times and continue to enjoy.

Brian’s “for a while, at least” was the first I’d heard that Kitty was back since I basically stopped reading new comic books (I love that in this upside-down world it’s cheaper to buy classic, denser, more rewarding back issues than new single issues), so I looked her up. Alright, so bringing back dead Colossus was lame because bringing back dead characters is alwasy lame, but it was handled well, and seeing Kitty and Colossus together was neat. Then the whole giant bullet thing was lame because, well, Giant Bullet Aimed at Earth, and killing off characters when everyone knows they’ll be back is always lame, too. But it happened, so whatever, maybe we can leave it be this time? No, of course not, bring the dead character back. Alright, alright, worse has happened, and she wasn’t officially dead, so what the hell, why not? And now Peter and Kitty can be together because it’s in-character and just makes perfect sense.
According to Wikipedia:”After Colossus repels Cain’s attack, Kitty dissolves her romance with Colossus, saying she needs a man who will live for her, not die for her.” I hope the execution wasn’t as stupid as that whole “Fear Itself” description makes it seem, but dammit if that isn’t the perfect example of why not going to the shop on Wednesdays is the norm now.

Kitty is currently starring in both Wolverine and the X-Men (where she is the co-headmistress of the Jean Grey School) and All-New X-Men.

She is awesome in both.

New Mutants # 45 (I think) “We Were Only Foolin'” Yes, it’s another forehead-whackingly obvious anti-prejudice story by Claremont, which again equates fictional mutanthood with real life minority status, and I believe it involves Kitty using the N-word yet again. But it’s a good story, good message. I liked it. Anybody vote for that?

I loved the Wolverine and Kitty Pride story, but she was always my favourite and i loved the Excalibur comics

So its unanimous, only Whedon and Claremont can write the awesomest Kitty Pryde stories . . . I’ll buy that. Because the way they brought her back was so ridiculously lame . . . Marvel should be ashamed. But not as ashamed as what they’ve done to Lockheed since. Seriously. Old comics are the best.

Great list and a favorite character. I enjoy all those stories except I’ve never read Mekanix. Guess I should track it down. Would have liked to see an Excalibur story included but I’m not sure which one.

Great list. Kitty Pryde was the POV character that allowed Little Me to fall head over heals for the X-Men. Sure, I wanted to be cool like Wolverine or a strong leader like Cyclops, but Kitty was the character I COULD be. Well, if I could walk through walls and all that. The character will always have a special place in my heart (so much so that my firstborn daughter is named Katja in her honor :-)

Comics Bronze Age editor

Where does “Kitty Pryde: Agent of Shield” rank?

Jesus, that Demon issue was amazing.

Kitty Pryde will always occupy a special place in my heart.

Man, I half expected “Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD” to show up from people padding their lists with anything Kitty-centric they could think of, but I should have had more faith in CSBG readers (and the wealth of good stories to choose from!) I remember slapping my forehead a few times reading that one- and it never features Kitty as an actual agent!
Something about giving her ‘honorary agent status’ to let her aboard the helicarrier because they need her fingerprints to unlock a computer program or something, and then it turns out the ninja villain from the Kitty & Wolvie mini has been reincarnated inside the internet..or..yeah.

On the subject of Kitty’s return from the space bullet and subsequent breakup with Colossus.. I have to say that however contrived both may have seemed in execution, it’s been worthwhile for the stories that have come from it. Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men has been great, and Kitty has been a big part of that- depicted as trying to reconcile her growing responsibilities with the ludicrous life she’s led. Like, what does growing up even mean for people who have been wearing costumes and battling ninjas and aliens since their teens? I’d specifically cite the recent “Date Night” issue (number 24) as a great example of the kind of story that seems much more true to the character’s development AND more interesting than if Kitty were still with her teenage sweetheart (or hurdling through space, for that matter)… and just a great read in general!

Kitty’s my favorite x-men. She was the character that was about my age when I got into comics and X-Men specifically. I do say I didn’t like the end of Whedon’s run and I still wonder if it was some editorial mandate. Kitty has not so friendly relationship with marvel over last years. From not being allowed Xtreme to being exiled from x-men for normal life (weird way) to bullet.

By the way don’t get me wrong Wolverine and X-Men been really good with her. Other then that stupid Brood pregnancy thing that made no sense. Colossus break up spotlights what is wrong what they have done with that character and a lot of x-men characters.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine should have been first. Oh, well whatever.

I would have included the Dracula issue as a great Kitty moment.
Not only is she the only one who realizes what is going on but she goes after Dracula by herself.
A great example of her bravery and her role as part of the team.

I friggin love Kitty

Did anyone vote for any Ultimate Spider-Man stuff here? I definitely would have voted for the first annual where she and Spidey first kiss, and I think some of the later stuff drawn by Immonen and Lafuente spotlight Kitty really well when she became a major cast member of the book. I still remember the scene of them in the home ec class with the charred baby doll and Kitty screaming “He killed our baby!” Hilarious.

And a question that I’ve always wondered about fi anyone can answer: Why is Uncanny X-Men #142 considered the first issue that’s really called “Uncanny X-Men,” when #141 clearly has Uncanny on the cover? I even remember Wizard back int he day listing in their price guides that the title officially changed to Uncanny with #142. But why wouldn’t the change have become official with #141?

irritant, yes yes yes, I actually did vote for that one! I thought that was a better spotlight of Kitty’s growth as a political figure than even GLMK. Great stuff, though, and an awesome list. My list was as follows:

1. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine 1-6
2. Days of Future Past
3. Uncanny X-Men 143
4. Generation Next 1-4
5. New Mutants 45
6. X-Men Unlimited 36, Mekanix 1-6
7. Uncanny X-Men 168
8. Uncanny X-Men 153
9. Uncanny X-Men 139
10. Uncanny X-Men Annual 8

Waw is great to find something about Kitty Pryde in this days!! But i think in this list should be the “Wolverine´s first class” serie, because is kind and happy and we can see how deep is the relationship between Wolvi and a young Kitty!!

Shadowcat & Wolverine !!!

April 27, 2013 at 12:48 am

I love the kitty and wolverine comics!! They are a great team and so funny together. I want to share a link of a beautiful video of them!!!
It almost make me cry!
In my opinion kitty pryde is the best female character ever!!!

Third Man: My guess, without having the issues myself, is that 142 is where the indicia (the copyright and other info usually at the bottom of page 1) changed to Uncanny X-Men. I’d guess they would have had to re-register with the post office or something (for shipping rates or whatever), and it might have taken them a little bit to make it official, so the covers might have been different without the indicia yet changing. There are plenty of comics where the cover title and the indicia aren’t exactly the same. Mind you, I can’t think of them right off….

‘Course, looking at the cover of 143, it’s still just “X-Men”, so who knows?

Half my list made it
The others included 2 Excalibur stories (Girl School from Heck and Days of Futures to Come)
XMen 157 (in which Kitty “became” Dark Phoenix)
Plus Whatever happened to Kitty and To Save Arcade

I agree with a lot of the comments and a lot of this list (“Demon” was the first story I thought of, so it’s great to see it at number one), but one thing in the comments threw me for a loop…

As a huge fan of the Claremont/Davis “Excalibur” run, what has Marvel done to Lockheed? There was a period when I was a kid where Lockheed was probably my favorite comic book character (I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was like 8), so what have they done? My Marvel reading over the last 10 years has been EXTREMELY spotty.

The Ellis stories were my personal transition from the Kitty of old to the grown-up Kitty. I would like to have seen at least one included, but I couldn’t pick “the best” of those. Overall, this is a pretty fair list for her introduction to her current status.

All great stories, but God Loves belongs closer to the top. Also, the New Mutants story about the mutant kid who committed suicide and Kitty’s eulogy should be on the list.

Thanks for this list! I fell for Kitty in Astonishing X-Men and now All-New is currently rekindling that flame. :) I’m really curious to read some new-to-me Kitty stories, and this list is just what I was looking for. Thanks to the comments for the extra recs too!

On #9; Ms. Pryde should confer with the Sphinx, Moses’ opponent. The word ratsach in the Pentateuch, the story of Moses, does not prohibit all slayings. Moses in official legend ordered rape and slayings, in turn from Yahweh’s directives. Note that Passover refers to the slaying of first born.




The conquest of Canaan, in which God ordered the Hebrews to completely exterminate the Canaanite people — again from the elderly to newborns and fetuses. This is described throughout the book of Joshua as occurring in Jericho and other Caananite cities.

The first three of the above genocides have at least three factors in common:

The Bible explains that God was primarily responsible.

Jewish……..conservatives generally believe in that the authors of the Bible were inspired by God and thus their writings are inerrant. They believe that the genocides *happened exactly as described in the Bible*.

http://www.goodsearch.com/search-image?utf8=%E2%9C 93&keywords=kitty+pryde+passover+folk+old+testament

If Pryde recalls the above incident, why does she think she should encourage peace and freedom? (I do not hold that a historical Jesus of Nazareth lived or that the Biblical Jesus serves as a helpful guide more than the Buddha, Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Aristotle, etc.)

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