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You Decide: Which DC Character Has Been Translated Best Into the WB’s Arrow?

This week, our question is about the new TV series Arrow. It has done different versions of a lot of different DC Comics characters. Which one do you think they’ve done the best job with?


I don’t know about best but Huntress and Count Vertigo are the worst.

I voted for Ollie, but only because Felicity Smoak wasn’t an option.

@John, why was Huntress the worst? I quite like this version.

She actually looks like her comic counterpart, has a similar origin(probably John’s choice that it isn’t the same), similar to her earlier behavior to boot.

I don’t think she looked the part at all and I believe the actress was terrible.

Felicity Smoak is a DC Comis character too. Why isn’t she in the list?

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