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Flippin’ through Previews – May 2013

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Previews #296 is out in the world, and I’m going to look through it! What will I find? NO MAN CAN SAY!!!!

Cesar Romero mustache FTW!

Cesar Romero mustache FTW!

Dark Horse:

Dark Horse continues to bring back their superhero properties, as they let Joe Casey run free through their catalog in Catalyst Comix #1 (page 42). Casey was telling me about this last year, and he seems to be enjoying the opportunity to go a bit nuts – not that he doesn’t take that opportunity in every comic he writes, but still – he’s enjoying yet another opportunity to go nuts! Plus, the art is by Dan McDaid, Ulises Farinas, and Paul Maybury, so the mini-series will look cool. (3 July)

David Lapham “writes and draws a gory all-ages story” in the pages of Dark Horse Presents #26 (page 48). Isn’t that nice? You know, for the kids. (24 July)

Over on page 52, Smoke/Ashes gets offered in a fancy hardcover and a much less spendy softcover. Smoke is the tremendous mini-series from several years ago by Alex de Campi and Igor Kordey, while Ashes is the sequel that turned into a Kickstarter clusterfuck that de Campi managed to salvage. Smoke is very good, so the fact that de Campi managed to pull together some great artists for the sequel makes me very interested in this sucker. The book is 424 pages long, and the softcover is only 30 bucks. Heck, the hardcover is a pretty good deal for 60 bucks, so I might even splurge for that! (18 September)

That's a cool cover, too

That’s a cool cover, too

Meanwhile, on page 57, Dark Horse has some very cool-looking comics. The Best of Milligan & McCarthy is 264 pages fro 25 bucks and contains 20 years of Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy comics, and you know I’ll be getting that sucker! I still haven’t read Rogan Gosh, so the fact that this contains that AND a bunch of other stuff makes it a no-brainer. Meanwhile, next to it we get Cameron Stewart’s webcomic Sin Titulo, which always seemed neat whenever I took a look at it. It’s only 20 bucks for 184 pages. Awesome comics ahoy! (11 and 25 September)



I’m not entirely sure I’m going to get Star Wars volume 1, the Brian Wood/Carlos D’Anda joint, but the trade is offered on page 69. As much as I like Wood’s writing, I’m not sure if I’m really that keen on him writing this. (18 September)


Damn, Jae Lee, that’s a great cover (page 90; 3 July):

Has this book gotten better since DiDio ditched it?

Has this book gotten better since DiDio ditched it?

Everyone’s favorite drunk cover commentator, Kelly Thompson, made some points about the cover of Aquaman #22 (page 92), but I’m going to chime in too and say What the hell? Can’t Aquaman breathe underwater? I mean, the ice doesn’t go all the way to the bottom, does it? And the ice is already cracked, so can’t he just push his way through? Isn’t he really strong? Man, Aquaman is so fucking lame!!!!!! (24 July)

Still, it's not a bad drawing

Still, it’s not a bad drawing

I HATE HATE HATE HATE the idea of “Director’s Cuts” for comics, but at least the solicitation for Superman Unchained Director’s Cut #1 (page 101) gives us some weird stuff happening around Superman’s junk:

Made you look!

Made you look!

Seriously, double-u tee eff? (24 July)

Damn, Mahmud Asrar, that’s a great cover (page 104; 17 July):

They laughed years ago when I said he'd be working for the Big Two soon.  LAUGHED!

They laughed years ago when I said he’d be working for the Big Two soon. LAUGHED!

I’m actually somewhat impressed that DC is actually ending Batman, Incorporated (page 108). The idea was more of an “Old, Halfway Decent DCU” one than a “New, What the Fuck Is Happening? DCU,” but usually DC and Marvel cling to titles – at least titles with certain characters’ names in them – like grim death, so letting this book go is actually kind of cool. (24 July)

So DC just straight up spoils a major event in the life of Buddy Baker in the solicits of Animal Man Annual #2 (page 121)? Really, DC? Way to be dicks. (31 July)

I might have to note every month when Dial H is solicited (page 124), just because I can’t believe it’s up to issue #14. Well done, Dial H! (3 July)

Batman ’66 shows up on page 128, and it’s such a brilliant idea with such a good creative team (Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case) that I can only imagine that it was approved after one of DiDio’s famous “Paint the Taint” nights and he was in a mellow mood when Parker pitched it to him (trust me, the less you know about those events, the better …). Man, I cannot wait for this comic book. (31 July)

Story continues below

Wow, DC finally solicits a softcover trade of The Flash (page 136). So this will come out 15 months after the last issue included in the collection shipped. Well done, DC, well done. (14 August)

I might have to get Green Lantern: Sector 2814, the trade on page 139. These stories seem to be held in some regard, and who doesn’t love John Stewart and his Afro? Commies, that’s who. (21 August)

I hope Gibbons does a new cover, with an even bigger 'fro!

I hope Gibbons does a new cover, with an even bigger ‘fro!

Meanwhile, also on page 139, we get the second volume of Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo. I’m not sure why some of the art isn’t by Aparo, as The Brave and the Bold wasn’t given to long arcs, was it? Either way, I loved the first volume of this, so I’ll be getting the second one! (4 September)

DC continues to release old trade paperbacks (and even newer ones) with great price points: On page 149, we get Hellblazer: Bloodlines (a new edition), which collects issues #47-61 of the series, all for 20 dollars. These are good comics, although they’re a bit more interesting because of who Garth Ennis became than for what they are. But still, that’s a fine bargain. (28 August)


Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror gets a trade on page 162. This, like the other Rocketeer stuff from IDW, has been a solid series. It’s not great, but it’s solid entertainment.

Speaking of the Rocketeer, on page 163 we get Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Fiction by Mark Waid and Paul Smith. That should be awesome.

The fact that Smith signs his work 'PMS' will never not be funny to this arrested adolescent!

The fact that Smith signs his work ‘PMS’ will never not be funny to this arrested adolescent!

So IDW is reprinting Judge Dredd stories from the beginning, with new colors (page 171)? Interesting. I mean, you can just read any random Judge Dredd story because they’re all pretty much the same, but that’s still an interesting idea.

The second Mars Attacks trade is offered on page 183. This has been a very fun and very bloody comic, so check this out!


On the one hand, Satellite Sam (page 192) sounds pretty keen – Matt Fraction writing a 1950s murder mystery set in the “golden age of television” (which, I should point out, we’re living through right now, but whatevs). But Howard Chaykin is drawing it, which could be superb but could also be a disaster, based on some of the work Chaykin has been cranking out recently (as in, the past 20 years). It’s in black and white, though, and Chaykin might be more committed to it because it’s not a shitty paycheck job, and the preview pages look pretty cool … I’m torn! I’ll probably pick up the first issue, but I’m wary. (3 July)

Is Fraction contractually bound to include a woman wearing that kind of lingerie in this book because Chaykin is drawing it?

Is Fraction contractually bound to include a woman wearing that kind of lingerie in this book because Chaykin is drawing it?

Elephantmen reaches 50 issues on page 202. I don’t have much else to say about this, just that it’s pretty impressive. (17 July)

Volume 3 of The Manhattan Projects is solicited on page 203. It claims to be out on 24 July, but I would take that with a grain of salt, as the first issue in the trade, #11, came out this week. So … yeah. (“24 July”)

Wow, there’s a new trade of Age of Bronze offered on page 206. That’s excellent news. I feel a bit bad about getting this in trade, but I was late to the party, and I figure it’s better than nothing. I really hope Shanower can finish this before the sun goes nova. (10 July)

You can get the second trade of Glory on page 208, because it’s totes worth it. I, of course, bought the single issues, and now I’m waiting for the inevitable giant Omnibus collection, but for 15 bucks, this trade is pretty good value. (10 July)

Kafka gets a hardcover volume in color on page 209. Man, it’s been a while since I read this. I should dig it out and check it out. It’s pretty good, I know that much. I mean, it’s Steven Seagle and Stefano Gaudiano, so duh, but I don’t remember much else about it except that I liked it. THAT’S WHY YOU COME TO ME, FOR THE HARD-HITTING INFO!!!! (10 July)

Dude, they're right behind you!

Dude, they’re right behind you!


Marvel knows that readers tend to be on their side more than DC’s these days (at least on-line), so they can basically tell fans to fuck right off on pages 4-5 of Marvel Previews, which offers … two basically blank pages. The Guardians of the Galaxy solicit, in which Marvelman will make his triumphant re-appearance in the Marvel Universe, simply lists the creators: “Bendis. Gaiman. Pichelli.” Okay, it has a brief synopsis at the bottom, but it’s kind of generic and GOD FORBID we see the cover. Then, Age of Ultron #10 U.C. (seriously, Marvel?) doesn’t even give us a creative team, and the black page has a fuzzy word in the center: “Hunger.” Presumably it has something to do with Galactus, but, I mean, who fucking cares? But Marvel can get away with this shit because they’ve done a much better job at reaching out to the fan base, so we’re just salivating for it. Well done, Marvel!

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(Cool your jets, by the way – I don’t have any insider knowledge. I just can’t believe Marvel is making such a big fucking deal about Angela. ANGELA, for fuck’s sake. It has to be a bait-and-switch. HAS TO BE!)

Hell yeah I own this - I'm not a Philistine, am I?

Hell yeah I own this – I’m not a Philistine, am I?

The cover of Avengers #15 (page 12): BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

Gaze ...

Gaze …

Gaze ...

Gaze …

Gaze upon them!

Gaze upon them!

The solicit for Young Avengers #8 (page 20) makes me chuckle: “Kieron decides it’s time to make all the JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY readers scream.” If he kills Loki, I will LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH.

Man, Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber working on Superior Foes of Spider-Man (page 26). That’s tempting … for the four issues or so that Lieber can draw it until Marvel starts double-shipping it. DAMN IT, MARVEL, KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF WITH THE DOUBLE-SHIPPING!!!! I’m still hoping this is just a springboard for Lieber’s triumphant return to Hawkman, but I’m not holding my breath.

Fuck yeah Steve Lieber on Hawkman!

Fuck yeah Steve Lieber on Hawkman!

Marvel really wants us to know that Venom has set up shop in Philadelphia – in the solicits for (sigh) Venom #37 and 38 (page 32), they mention Philadelphia thrice. Look, I know Philadelphians have a bad reputation as sports fans (a ridiculously outdated and unwarranted one, but still), but Jeebus, Marvel, you don’t have to pander that much!

I assume the cover and solicit for Fantastic Four #10 (“Ben Franklin was a Skrull!”) is a lie (page 44), because shouldn’t someone at Marvel have pointed out that the ghost of Ben Franklin is currently a supporting cast member of Deadpool? I mean, they might not care about current continuity (have we found out when Captain America is occurring in relation to the other books in which Cap appears?), but this is very important, damn it! Couldn’t Fraction have used Elbridge Gerry instead of Franklin? That guy was always shifty.

Marvel begins to roll out the Fantastic Four Omnibus editions of Jonathan Hickman’s run on page 79, with a giant collection that contains Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1-5, Fantastic Four #570-588, and FF #1-5. It’s $75, but that’s 29 issues (plus some other “material”), so that’s not bad. You’ll recall that I bought some of these issues but thought it was moving way too danged slowly, so I figured I’d wait for this to appear. And lo, here it is!

Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment gets a new trade paperback edition on page 106, and I’m pretty keen to get it. It includes the graphic novel plus a bunch of random Dr. Strange stories to pad it out a bit, but it’s only 17 bucks, and while I can probably find a beat-up copy of the original graphic novel for a couple of bucks, I’m willing to pay for a nice version.

Walt Simonson’s Thor gets new trade paperback editions, beginning with volume 1 on page 107. It features the recolored artwork, which I haven’t seen enough of to judge. Still, great comics here!

Dang, Fallen Angels gets a trade on page 108? Really? The world clamors for strange things sometimes. Of course, I might have to get this, but it’s not like I was clamoring for it!

I recall Roberto being a bit more 'ragey' in the original covers, don't I?

I recall Roberto being a bit more ‘ragey’ in the original covers, don’t I?

All righty-o, let’s head on into the back of the book! It’s fun!

Action Lab has some interesting books on page 240. Two books that I probably won’t get are Molly Danger by Jamal Igle and Princeless volume 2. I wasn’t that taken with the first volume of Princeless, and Molly Danger doesn’t really sound like my thing. But if you’re interested in checking them out, there they are!

This isn't the cover, but that's a cool drawing

This isn’t the cover, but that’s a cool drawing

I don’t know if Cyborg 009 from Archaia (page 250) is any good, but Marcus To is drawing it, so it will look really nice!

Speaking of Archaia, the fourth volume of Gunnerkrigg Court is offered on page 252. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gunnerkrigg Court. Does that make me a 15-year-old girl? Guess what? I don’t care!

There’s a big splashy page touting the 15th anniversary of the creation of Fathom on page 262 as well as the 10th anniversary of Aspen Comics. I don’t mean this to sound snarky, but has anyone reading this ever read an Aspen comic? The only one I think has ever even remotely appealed to me is Dead Man’s Run, but I figured I’d pick up a trade of that if I heard good things about it. And now it seems to have disappeared. So, what’s the word on Aspen? I have read so very little about any of their comics, so I just don’t know what’s what with them.

Story continues below

On page 274, Asylum Press offers Fearless Dawn In Outer Space. If you haven’t checked out Steve Mannion’s insane tribute to 1950s cheesecake comics yet, this is a one-shot, so here’s your chance to see it. I reviewed this a year ago, by the way, but I wonder if Mannion has changed anything since then.

You know you want it!

You know you want it!

Boom! has Planet of the Apes: Spectacular #1 on page 283, which I assume is the only issue we’re going to see (even though it’s labeled “#1″), as it presumably allows Daryl Gregory to finish up his very strong 16-issue series about the disintegration of ape/human relations. It’s kind of annoying that they couldn’t just let him do four more issues and give us a nice, 20-issue series, but oh well.

Brian Stelfreeze is drawing Day Men on page 284. It’s a vampire conspiracy comic, so I don’t have a lot of interest, but it’s pretty cool that Stelfreeze is drawing interiors, for as long as that lasts.

I recently read Damned by Steven Grant and Mike Zeck, and now Boom! offers a new printing on page 289. Handy, that. This is actually a pretty good noir story, which isn’t surprising as it’s Grant, and Zeck’s art is rougher than it was during his 1980s heyday, which makes it look even better, in my humble opinion.

Dynamite launches a new Red Sonja with Gail Simone writing on page 296. Yes, I know we’ve heard about this for a while, but now it’s official! I don’t know much about the artist, Walter Geovani (who drew Prophecy and Witchblade, so it’s not surprising I don’t know much about him), but Stephanie Buscema does a variant cover, and I would pay many moneys to see Stephanie Buscema as the regular artist on this book. Because, yes, I’m weird.

Dang, this comic would look AWESOME

Dang, this comic would look AWESOME

On page 322, First Second has some nice-looking books. They have a quasi-teaser of Battling Boy by Paul Pope, The Death of Haggard West, which seems like it’s just there to whet our whistles for the full book (and if your whistle isn’t whetted for a new Paul Pope comic, that’s too bad, because he’s awesome). They also have Genius by Steven Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen, a book I’ve been anticipating for, I think, two years now (maybe three?). I’m sure it will be awesome. Finally, we get Templar, which is about ex-Templars who turn to thievery to regain the lost treasure of their order. The first book of the planned trilogy, Solomon’s Thieves, was pretty good, and I wondered what happened to the rest of it. Now, First Second is releasing all three books in one handy volume!

The offerings from Humanoids always make me blanch a bit because of the prices (80 bucks for a 60-page volume of The Incal????), but they usually have pretty good comics. On page 324 they have Bad Break, which is about several people trying to figure out how a dead sailor can lead them to untold riches! I’m sure one of our awesome European readers can tell me more about this, but it sounds pretty keen.

I probably won’t get this, but on page 328 Papercutz has Classics Illustrated: The Secret Agent with art by John K. Snyder. This is a gripping novel, and Snyder’s art, I think, would work very well in it. I imagine this isn’t new; has anyone seen it before?

A company called New Paradigm Studios in on page 330 with Watson and Holmes, yet another take on Sherlock Holmes. This imagines them as black dudes living in Harlem, with Watson an Iraqi war vet. It sounds fairly decent, and then when you consider that Rick Leonardi is drawing it, it becomes more intriguing still. (I see that the company has already released some of these digitally. That’s cool. I wonder if anyone has read them?)

Stumptown gets a second hardcover volume on page 331 from Oni Press. Much like the last one, 30 bucks is a bit steep for the series, but the hardcover should be really nice-looking, as the first one is. Plus, Southworth will draw a nice sketch in yours if you hand it to him! (4 September)

Story continues below

There’s a third “Apocalyptic Edition” of Wasteland on page 335. This is a pretty good value, actually – it’s 14 issues for 35 bucks, and it’s a nice hardcover with the back-up text pieces in them. It’s a bit uneven, story-wise, as this was when Johnston was having some problems finding a replacement for Mitten, but the scheduling issues won’t be a problem with this! (25 September)

Titan Books offers Alien: The Illustrated Story Artists Edition on page 343. When I reviewed the new printing of this a few months ago, some commenters mentioned how absolutely stunning the Artists Edition was, and here it is! It’s $75, which is a bit much, but it’s a 14 x 17 hardcover with the original, unadorned pencil work. So, yeah.

Meanwhile, Titan Comics (sigh) has the A1 Annual on page 343. It’s a ton of new stuff from lots of cool creators, including, according to them, Steranko. That might be interesting …

Come to think of it, this Steranko cover is probably all he did in the book, but still

Come to think of it, this Steranko cover is probably all he did in the book, but still

Inexplicably, Super Spy has been out of print for a while, so Top Shelf is bringing it back on page 346. This is one of the best graphic novels of the past decade or so, so you owe it to yourself to check it out!

I know that some people are excited about the new Quantum and Woody from Valiant (page 354), and I’ll probably get the trade (although Tom Fowler’s art looks a bit tame in the preview pages), but I do wonder why they didn’t get Priest and Bright to do it. Both men are still very much alive, and I know Priest, at least, has mentioned he would like to write the characters again. Did Valiant ask them? Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani gave a politician’s mealy-mouthed response when Steve Sunu asked him, and, of course, Kevin Maguire spoke his mind about the Acclaim contracts he and Priest/Bright signed, but I haven’t seen anything from those creators about this.

On that slightly down note, let’s end our trip through this month’s Previews. As always, I encourage you to travel deep into the bowels of the catalog, because you just might find something awesome! Until next time!


I’ve actually been reading Phantom Stranger since JMD came aboard and I’ve been enjoying it, for the most part, Didio still has been plotting, but after the next issue, JMD is taking it completely over. I think the plotting has been the weak link so far, as sometimes JMD can use his dialogue to elevate but sometimes, only so far. I say, give it a shot once JMD fully takes it over. which is in, june, I believe.

Good stuff. Just for the record, the older edition of “Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment” is rather expensive. The cheapest copy I’ve seen online is $40 – without shipping. So I’ll definitely be picking up the new trade instead

tom fitzpatrick

April 27, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Just out of curiousity, that terrific Jae Lee cover is the cover to what, may I ask? It looks to be the Phantom Stranger, but I could be wrong — you did mention something about Didiot?

What have you got against Chaykin drawing Cougar women in lingerie. Even HE makes them look good! :-)

I see that MARVEL still hasn’t rolled out the second volume of John Byrne Fantastic Four, or have they?
What, may I ask, are they waiting for? An engraved invitation?

That purple astronaut lady looks like she’s covering up her naughty bits. Why? It’s not as if she nekkid or something. ;-)

What is it with Dynamite these days, that they have to put out a new number 1 book whenever a new writer of worth starts on it? They did the same with Mark Waid, Matt Wagner.

Good to see you back on Previews, Mr. Burgas. It’s too bad it’s only once a month.

Didn’t Gillen already kill the “real” Kid Loki? I’m not reading Young Avengers so I don’t know if there’s been follow up, but I did read Journey into Mystery and in Gillen’s last issue Old Loki basically ate Kid Loki’s soul and is now wearing his face. The ending was pretty much devastating.

tom fitzpatrick

April 27, 2013 at 3:01 pm

As an afterthought: I’d be alot more ok with the new creative team doing QUANTUM AND WOODY, IF the original creative team would come back to do the missing issues and complete that particular storyline that Q & W ended on.

I remember hearing that the missing issues might show up on comixology one of these days.

Randy: Interesting. Maybe I’ll have to pick up an issue once DeMatteis takes over completely.

Dan21: Oh, I imagine the original is expensive on-line. I think I’ve seen it at my local store, however, and my retailer had it in his half-price bin. It’s probably gone, but I seem to recall that it was beat up a bit anyway, so I’d rather get the new printing. But yeah, I’m not surprised by that news.

Tom: Yeah, it’s Phantom Stranger #10.

I don’t have anything against Chaykin drawing those women. He just does it A LOT! :)

Marvel just doesn’t like money, I guess!

I have no problem with Dynamite doing that. It’s a bit annoying, but what the heck!

It does seem that the “lost” issues of Q & W will show up on comiXology, but I haven’t seen if they’re there yet.

Lorrie: Why no SPOILER WARNING?!?!? :) Gillen hasn’t addressed that, and I haven’t read the final trade of JiM (and so I will hate you forever!!!!), so I don’t know what the deal is in Young Avengers.

Totally disagree with you on Judge Dredd
A big part of the long-running success of the series has been the wide variety of stories featured covering comedy, action, horror, etc
some have been written in the style of such things as “Dead man’s curve” an “the Raven”
Mega City one is the kind of place that anything can happen (and probably will)
Dredd himself is sometimes a hero and other times a thug in a uniform

John: Yeah, I should have phrased that differently. What I meant was that there’s not really a long-running continuity to the series, so if you happen to jump in at any point, you don’t have to know anything about the character to catch up. I haven’t read a ton of Dredd stories, but whenever I have, there’s really nothing that makes me think I’m missing something from an earlier story. Even some of the recurring characters seem to be re-introduced fairly easily. So, yeah, they’re not “all the same,” and that was a poor choice of words. I meant that you can pick up any random Dredd story and you’ll get a self-contained Dredd story, no matter which genre it’s written in. So the idea of picking them all up in order, while tempting for anal-retentive types (and believe me, I’m on of those!), doesn’t make the best sense.

I don’t get the whole Quantum & Woody kerfuffle. Weren’t Priest and Bright (and Maguire) doing work-for-hire? And weren’t they aware of this?

Agree with you on Aspen. Dead Man’s Run issue have been kind of randomly scattered (four just came out this month). Getting the floppies to support Pak, but I’ll probably pick up the trade too.

I don’t get the whole Quantum & Woody kerfuffle. Weren’t Priest and Bright (and Maguire) doing work-for-hire? And weren’t they aware of this?

No, they weren’t, which is why this is an issue.

Oh no, you really haven’t read it? Is it not in paperback yet? I thought for sure it would be out by now! I bought the last trade in hardcover (which I never do, but I got a great price) because I didn’t want to wait and because even though I’m good at avoiding spoilers, I kept reading things on the internet that made it obvious that JIM ended tragically. I wanted to read it at least a little unspoiled. Which you now won’t be. Sorry.

Lorrie: It was just offered last month in Previews, and it won’t be out until July. It’s a bit weird that the first few came out so quickly and then the last one has taken forever. Fret not, though – I really don’t care too much about spoilers, because I figure when I read a trade, I kind of lose the right to whine! I just wanted to needle you a bit about it! I too knew something bad happened, but i didn’t know the details. Honestly, I’ll probably forget by July – I have a lot on my mind! :)

Well, I see IDW and Dynamite will continue to get all my money. A Gail Simone Red Sonja AND Rocketeer/Spirit, in addition to the stuff they already have me buying? Sheesh, well played,

I don’t see the need to buy a Judge Dredd reprint when they are already out and some of the best value for money tradepaperbacks ever made. 2000AD have reprinted most of their memorable characters from Nemesis the Warlock to Rogue Trooper in this format. And they don’t need to be coloured either – the art really shines in B&W as it was originally produced.
And while I agree you can jump on to Dredd at anytime IMO you’re better off starting with the trade featuring Block Mania/ The Apocalypse War as it’s the start of the truly defining, and interesting Dredd storylines. I wouldn’t recommend starting at the very beginning as those stories are fairly generic and tend to get a little repetitive. They are well worth a look, but only in small doses.
2000AD are also pretty good at grouping Dredd storylines under different artists as well so you can also get a trade featuring the likes of Brian Bolland or Steve Dillon.

Greg, the Classics Illustrated: Secret Agent is a reprint from the Classics Illustrated run that First Publishing did back in the late 80’s or early 90’s, all of which were done by top artists and well worth hunting down the back issues. Every book was great. I have all of those and you’re right, Snyder’s art is great and fits the story quite well. These reprints are in hardcover, whereas the originals were done in a prestige-type format. I keep hoping they’ll reprint the Moby Dick that Bill Sienkiewicz did in that run.

I hope some of you are planning to check out Image’s Miniature Jesus by Ted McKeever.

DonW: Yeah, I thought it was. Thanks for the info. I’ve wanted to read the Moby Dick one for years! Four years ago Image actually solicited it as part of a revival of the Classics Illustrated line, but it never came out. I keep waiting for it!

I’m buying Miniature Jesus, too. So far, it’s pretty keen.

“I see that MARVEL still hasn’t rolled out the second volume of John Byrne Fantastic Four, or have they?
What, may I ask, are they waiting for? An engraved invitation?”

Hey Tom! You’ll be delighted to know volume 2 is scheduled for December. Is got some great extras, like the Last Galactus Story, FF Roast, and Byrne’s pages from the FF annual 1 reprint from 1982 ish. There also seem to be a couple of issues of Thing in there on top of the actual Fantastic Four comics.

A new (and thus less expensive) edition of Triumph & Torment is indeed good news. Even better news, for me, is that the tpbs of Simonson’s Thor are being reprinted. That fifth volume of Thor Visionaries is virtually impossible to find for less than about $40…

Lotsa cool stuff this month!

Catalyst Comix sounds neat. Dang Chad, getting me interested in Casey’s stuff!

That Milligan/McCarthy book looks awesome. That’s Paradax on the cover, it’s got Rogan Gosh (I never read it either!), and hopefully Johnny Nemo and Freakwave? Hot damn, everybody buy that book! I have the Strange Days and Johnny Nemo magazine issues that Eclipse put out many years ago, and I’m STILL gonna get this! Best part is that Berger quote — it’s totally a book that Vertigo should have put out, so good on Dark Horse for not only stealing it (haha!) from them, but getting Berger to blurb it!

Cameron Stewart has a “Sin Titulo”? Paul Pope did back in the day too. I need to get that.

Batman Inc, if it ends on time, will end on my birthday. Hot damn!

Dial H — well, speculation is that it will end with issue 16, as the second trade has been pre-solicited as containing up to that, which would be a big trade, so it’s likely that it won’t be around much longer. I need to catch up on my reading of that book….

Batman ’66! Hell yeah! PAINT THE TAINT! PAINT! THE! TAINT!!!!


Oh, that Rocketeer/Spirit book gave me a nerdgasm when I first heard about it a little while ago. Oh baby!

Does the Mars Attacks volume 2 include the trading cards? If not, HA on you who didn’t buy the individual issues!!!

Kafka…that was originally out from Renegade WAYYYY back in the day, wasn’t it?

Age of Ultron 10 UC — god, I hate that lettering added on to the numbering — and apparently those issues aren’t even skippable, because the Fantastic Four AU issue apparently had something in there that ties into upcoming issues. WTF, Marvel? But UC is thought to stand for Universal Constant, which Galactus is referred to as in New Avengers.

F4 10 — well, why can’t Ben Franklin be a Skrull and STILL be the same ghost in Deadpool? Huh? Answer me that, smart boy!

Oh, damn, I forgot that was Steve Lieber on that version of Hawkman! Damn!

Like Jacob said, Dead Man’s Run recently had the 4th issue out. I’ll probably go for the trade when it’s out (as I seem to recall the Dread Lord praising it way back). But I’ve read several Aspen things, particularly the FCBD issues, but these 10 for 10 books coming out have been ok, with Jirni from last week being mildly interesting, Shrugged v2 being meh, and Legend of the Shadow Clan being fairly interesting and one I might go for in trade. The best Aspen thing I’ve read, though, apparently won’t be with Aspen anymore, Lady Mechanika, a steampunk thing that was decent from Joe Benitez.

Since that Red Sonja book is drawn by the Prophecy artist (he’s an ok artist, and that was an ok book, overall), will the continuity be following the events from Prophecy? There was a big change in there. And if it doesn’t follow that, I find it amusing that the same guy would be drawing a book with one of the same characters, but it won’t follow the same continuity.

Is that First Second book from Seagle and Kristiansen one they’ve been working on for awhile? Because I remember when you talked about the Re(a)d Book, you mentioned that Seagle couldn’t just do a translation of it (or something) because he has a special deal with Image, so I assume that Genius is one that preceded that deal.

There was a Classics Illustrated by JKS3 of Jekyll and Hyde that looked really good, too.

Is the second Wasteland Apocalyptic Edition offered again too? Because I ordered the first, and it should probably come out again this month, so I’ll need to read that before I order these ones.

That whole Quantum and Woody stuff, if it’s as Kevin Maguire explained it (that Valiant/Acclaim…co-owned the book? Owned it in lieu of Maguire [in the case of Trinity Angels] or Priest/Bright? and they could buy the rights back in 3 years for half the profits, or something like that, but the company “lost the paperwork” and the rights got sold off) has soured me not only on the new Q&W, but on the new Valiant as a whole. It was suggested that because the CEO referred to Priest as “Chris” when he adamantly goes by “Christopher” that the CEO never really talked to him, and the notion that Q&W could have been owned in full by the creators but some bs contractual stuff that “disappeared” kept that from happening, and this new Valiant is going to profit…well, it disgusts me. I know that not every comics company is going to go the Mike Richardson route and do something like buy Nexus and GIVE it back to Baron and Rude, but shouldn’t they? At least work out a deal with Priest and Bright, or something. I really have been liking the new Valiant, but I’m not really liking that kind of business practice.

And I didn’t really quite get the love for Q&W when I read a couple issues. But it’s been a while, maybe I’ll like it on re-read.

And man, Patrick Joseph, don’t make Tom happy. Nothing good comes of that!

Actually, Tom, I mentioned it on the Greatest Brian Wood Stories, but I’ll mention it here. Were you the Tom Fitzpatrick who had a letter published in Channel Zero 2? I read it and said, damn, is that him?

I think it was Channel Zero, anyway. Maybe it was an issue of the Maxx. I re-read that recently, too.

That’s a lotta babble!

I assume this article would have worked without the ridiculous amout of “f-words”?

Sector 2814 is actually the second volume in that series. The first features Hal Jordan. The Wein-Gibbons stuff is not going to set your world on fire, it’s just two talented professionals doing straight Green Lantern stories, but it’s a lot of fun in an old-school way.

I am hoping that they just keep going, because it’s followed up by Englehart and Staton and those two consecutive runs are my favorite GL ever; if nothing else, I hope they reprint all the way to #200 to at least catch up with the Englehart-Staton Green Lantern Corps collection that’s already out there. If they do that, we FINALLY get the “Green Lantern Crisis” in trade, which many of us think was a much better story than the actual Crisis on Infinite Earths it was tying in to.

Jake Earlewine

April 28, 2013 at 6:44 am

Greg, thanks for your Previews review. My initial thoughts are:

(1) I enjoyed Chaykin’s lingerie women when he first did it in American Flagg, but every time he’s done it since, it’s been like he’s a pervy old man repeating himself. And his drawing hasn’t improved in thirty years.

(2) I am ultra-bored every time Conan, Red Sonja, etc. re-boot. But it does make a convenient place to stop buying.

(3) Why are Cap, Falcon and Black Widow holding their ears? Did somebody tell them Bendis was going to misuse them in another story?

(4) I scrolled down to a place where, beneath a scan, were the words “Made you look!” Fortunately I had scrolled past the scan, so… you did NOT make me look. :)

That whole Quantum and Woody stuff, if it’s as Kevin Maguire explained it (that Valiant/Acclaim…co-owned the book? Owned it in lieu of Maguire [in the case of Trinity Angels] or Priest/Bright? and they could buy the rights back in 3 years for half the profits, or something like that, but the company “lost the paperwork” and the rights got sold off) has soured me not only on the new Q&W, but on the new Valiant as a whole. It was suggested that because the CEO referred to Priest as “Chris” when he adamantly goes by “Christopher” that the CEO never really talked to him, and the notion that Q&W could have been owned in full by the creators but some bs contractual stuff that “disappeared” kept that from happening, and this new Valiant is going to profit…well, it disgusts me. I know that not every comics company is going to go the Mike Richardson route and do something like buy Nexus and GIVE it back to Baron and Rude, but shouldn’t they? At least work out a deal with Priest and Bright, or something.

It is basically just the standard “David vs. Goliath” story, where Priest and Bright don’t have the money to defend their rights (what, are they supposed to do? Spend $20-30,000 they don’t have to go to court to POSSIBLY win back a property that might not even make them any money whatsoever if they self-published it?). In the end, though, I really, really REALLY don’t understand how in the world you help (even indirectly) screw a creative team out of their rights and then not even hire them to work on the series. That just seems like such a terrible decision.

Edo: Tell me about it! I finally found the fifth volume of the Simonson Thor a couple of years ago at a comic book store, but I had been looking for it for a few years before that. For those people who didn’t want to get the giant single Omnibus, the fifth trade coming back into print (eventually) is good news, indeed.

Travis: The solicits don’t mention Freakwave, Paradax!, and Skin, but from perusing Milligan’s Wikipedia page, it looks like Johnny Nemo (which I haven’t read) is with Bret Ewins. So I guess it won’t be in there? I’m not sure what Vertigo stuff will be in there – except for a Shade issue, I don’t think he worked with McCarthy on interior stuff, and I can’t imagine they’d reprint one random Shade issue. Maybe they will!

Re: Dial H. That’s too bad. The first trade is pretty cool. Still, I’m amazed it’s made it this far!

Would a Skrull appear as a human ghost? That makes no sense, man! I require realism in my Deadpool comics!!!!

I actually mentioned Lady Mechanika when it first appeared in Previews lo those many months ago. It’s not a bad-looking book, but I feared a few things: the writing, and the scheduling. I don’t know how the writing was, but it looks like the scheduling was something to worry about!

Seagle mentioned Genius to me the last time I was in San Diego in 2011, and I’m not sure if he talked about it in 2010. So I assume it predates the thing with Image. I’m planning on attending the con this year (if I can find a place to crash), so I’ll have to ask him what the skinny is.

No, the second Wasteland giant edition isn’t in Previews. I haven’t been keeping too close an eye on them, because I already own the issues. Sorry!

Yeah, the Q & W stuff is kind of annoying. It’s frustrating that comics companies take their cue from DC and Marvel instead of, you know, doing the right thing.

Mac: Yeah, probably, but sometimes I just get in a mood!

Greg: Yeah, I saw that after the fact. For that price, though, I can appreciate two solid professionals telling good stories. That’s too rare these days!

The funniest thing about that Avengers solicit is that it doesn’t mention anything that would make the heroes cover their ears like that. The story is called “Echo Terra,” which, okay, but the bullet points don’t say anything about some creature that makes a horrible noise. I assume this was a case of Marvel’s double-shipping policy making Yu draw a cover long before anyone knew what was going to be in the issue!

Go back and look!!!!

It’s pretty obvious that the Cap thing is going to turn out to be one of those “a long time in this other dimension works out to about five seconds on Earth” things.

Geovani was a longtime Red Sonja artist on Red Sonja, so I have no idea why they used Prophecy and Witchblade for his credits. It should be “Return of long time regular artist, Walter Geovani!”

He does a great job and was the main reason I read the book for a while.

I’d do that again this time, except, well, I generally don’t care for Simone’s writing, and definitely don’t care for her description of the direction, so I’ll just let it slip by.

Well, obviously Paradax will be in the book, as that’s him there in the picture you show. Looking at Milligan’s wikipedia page, it almost has to include Freakwave and Skin, otherwise how the hell is there 264 pages worth of stuff? I wonder if any other 2000AD stuff will be in there? I’m also guessing that Mister X story will be in there, as DH publishes that now. But that’s annoying if there’s not at least something of a listing of what’s in it.

Ah, here’s a link from DH’s site: http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/22-802/The-Best-of-Milligan-McCarthy-HC

It appears that Freakwave, Paradax, and Skin are all in there. Excellent, as I’ve heard that Skin is really really good stuff. That book will be mine! They don’t mention the Mister X story, though.

I wonder if with the Q&W stuff, Valiant presented Priest and Bright with a proposal for them to do a series which will tie in with the rest of the new Valiant stuff, and they weren’t interested. I didn’t read enough of the original, did that tie in with the other Acclaim/Valiant stuff very much? I’m guessing if Priest and Bright were going to do it again, they wouldn’t want to be tied to having to keep in continuity with all the other books. But it’s a shame, because from what I know of the book, it was beloved by a certain segment of fandom because of the Priest/Bright sensibility that they brought to the book and the characters, not necessarily that the superheroics were anything particularly amazing.

Hmm, now I’m wondering, when is Punx going to be resurrected?

Travis: Yeah, there’s a typo in my response – I meant to write that the solicits DO mention those three comics. I wrote something else and then changed it, but didn’t change the “don’t.” My bad!

It sounds like the CEO might have mentioned it to Priest, but we only have his word. I looked for some word from the two creators and didn’t find it, so I don’t know if they’ve mentioned anything publicly.

I haven’t read Punx, so I’d just like a trade of the original stuff!

The Fallen Angels softcover is a reprint of the Marvel Premiere Hardcover that came out in the last year or two. It was a weird choice then, but the other comics selected for that line include four volumes of X-Force/Cable 90’s books, so I just figured it was par for the course.


I always enjoy reading Flippin’. It’s my second favorite colum here on CBR, but where’s your What I Bought colum? I needs my weekly WIB fix, brother!

Carmona: I stopped doing weekly reviews about a month ago. The time constraints were just too much, plus I felt I wasn’t saying too much differently from month to month about comics I read. I’m still doing reviews every week of titles I think deserve a spotlight, but I’m enjoying the time off. I’ll probably get back to it, but not for a while. Thanks for the nice words, though. Sorry to disappoint!

Yeah, I miss those weekly reviews. They were nice and brief, with a nice variety. I don’t know how people can prattle on when not much happens in the decompressed issues these days.

James: I can prattle on with the best of them, but the nature of decompressed comics these days meant I often prattled on about a lot of non-comics stuff! :)

Travis Pelkie

May 15, 2013 at 6:54 pm

I just finally got to look at Previews for this month, and I saw on an early page (13 or 14 or 15, I think) an ad for Gunnerkrigg Court quoting you! You totally are a 15 year old girl!!!

Your opinion is a selling point, apparently, especially for Archaia, and they have Hollywood connections. You need to use this power…in…some…way….

Ah, I dunno what I’m talking about.

Travis: I totally missed that. I’ll have to check it out.

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