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Abandoned Love: Pretty Short-Lived Tribute to Your Dead Ex-Wife…

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories, plots and ideas that were abandoned by a later writer while still acknowledging that the abandoned story DID still happen. Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of Abandoned Love. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

This time around, we look at how Hank Pym decided to go back to being called Giant-Man instead of continuing to honor his dead ex-wife’s codename by going by the Wasp…

After the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) was seemingly killed during Secret Invasion, Hank Pym decided to take on her codename in honor of her (in a one-shot by Dan Slott and Khoi Pham)…



A couple of years later, Hank helped form Avengers Academy (written by Christos Gage). However, word came down from on high that Hank had to become Giant-Man again (presumably because he is Giant-Man on Marvel’s Super Hero Squad TV series), so how would Gage explain the 180 by Hank?

Gage first set things up in Avengers Academy #5 (drawn by Jorge Molina), when Whirlwind (who was obsessed with Jan while she was alive) blames Hank for her death…


His words cut Hank to the core, and two issues later (drawn by Tom Raney), Hank explains the change to Tigra…



Later in the issue, when the Absorbing Man escapes, Hank debuts his new/old look…




There you have it!

If YOU have a suggestion for an instance where a new writer dropped the plot of the previous writer, let me know by e-mail at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!


Honestly I loved the Wasp costume. It also doesn’t help that ever since Jan got back she has been pretty bitchy to the X-men.

Well, at least Hank can blame the editors for him being weak-willed and wishy washy this time.

Yeah, that Hank’s Wasp design was fantastic. I hope, like Cap’s Super Soldier suit now worn by Nick Fury, Jr., it makes a comeback on a different character. It’d be a shame to hang it up for good.

Jan is back now? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I still think it was best when he was simply Hank Pym in the West Coast Avengers. He’s had a public ID for most of his career, and none of his code-names really seem to dominate in people’s memories, so why even bother with having one now? But I suppose the most important thing for Marvel is that it’s much easier to keep a trademark on a super-hero code-name than a normal name like Hank Pym, or even ‘Dr Pym’.

Pym was best as Yellowjacket. Too bad it just doesn’t make sense to have him be that. Pym as Wasp was the worst persona… even worse than Dr. Pym. “I’ve got lots of pockets and I am not of super-hero!” Ugh.

Wait. It’s not just that I had no idea that Wasp was back, but when did the Absorbing Man turn in to Metamorpho?

I kind of have a preference for the Dr. Pym identity, pockets and all. I have fond memories of Steve Englehart’s West Coast Avengers series. At least About the first year and a half or so. Behind that, my vote would go for Yellowjacket. It’s the coolest name, coolest look. Would make for the best action figure.

I really would have preferred that Hank remained as the Wasp and Janet remained dead. I don’t hate Janet, but I’m one who is tired of the whole “death is not permanent” angle.

Sign me up as a fan of Dr. Pym, too.

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