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Week of Cool Superman Comic Book Moments – Life According to Darkseid


All week long we will feature brand-new Cool Superman Comic Book Moments (all from the 75 Greatest Superman Stories of All-Time). Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

We continue the list with this powerful single page by Mark Millar and Mike Manley…

This is from Superman Adventures #41, which starred “22 Stories in a Single Bound,” one page stories by Mark Millar and various artists. This one features Darkseid and shows how much of an inspiration Superman can be (and how for a bad guy, that’s not a good thing)…


Very cool stuff.


When did Darkseid become a Superman villain exactly? I know his charcter was never intended to become such a high member of Supes Rouges Gallery like he has in the last decade.
Most of my Darseid knowledge came from the DCAU and it’s hard to imagine Darkseid *not* being Big Blue’s most lethal enemy.

Well Darkseid first showed up in Jimmy Olsen in the 70s when Jack Kirby used the book as part of his 4th world line (along with New Gods, Forever People and Mr. Miracle).

They fought a few times after in the Justice League, Legion of Superheroes (as Superboy) and Superpowers.

Then John Byrne used a lot of 4th World stuff in his Superman reboot from 1986.

But I think Darkseid really get lumped into Superman’s rogues gallery with the 90s Animated Universe.

Superman was the only mainstream DCU hero to encounter The New Gods while Kirby was still doing his Fourth World books. In addition to the Jimmy Olsen series Superman also met Darkseid in Forever People #1, which was his first full appearance (he’d been featured earlier as an image on a monitor screen, miscolored Caucasian).

As a guy who has followed the animated series closely, I’ll offer up what’s going on:

This is is from the comics version of the animated series. In the animated series, Superman’s two main villains were Luthor and Darkseid. Darkseid did a number of things to Superman throughout the series that led to the rivalry just being incredibly intensified (killing Dan Turpin on screen [at the time of the series, it was a shock that they did that] and Darkseid capturing, brainwashing, and turning Superman on Earth to conquer it are among the notable things that happened).

This extended into Justice League, notably in “Twilight of the Gods” (where Batman literally has to tear Darkseid and Superman apart) and then in Justice League Unlimited, where the Anti-Life Equation comes into play with both Darkseid and Luthor; the last episode of the series is a final throwdown between Superman and Darkseid in Metropolis.

So in the animated universe, they were definitely huge rivals. In the mainstream DCU, not so much all the time.

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