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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 058

Hey! It’s our 58th Episode3 Chicks Blue Brown Final2sized


Inside this episode! An advance review of Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus #1 from Image and a review of Becky Cloonan’s Demeter (now available digitally on Comixology/Amazon and print through Cloonan’s site). Greg Rucka then joins us to talk everything Lazarus and Lady Sabre. We also spend a good amount of time talking process and about the changes required to comics for digital vs print reading, as well as Greg’s thoughts on comics vs webcomics. All this, PLUS Kelly and Greg go off on a Kickstarter tangent! After the credits…should Greg and I be wearing THESE? Last, but certainly not least, we have an all new DRAMATIC READING from Sue, and you don’t want to miss it!

Here are the breaks:

ADVANCE REVIEW of Lazarus #1 Review  [Potentially Mild Spoilers] – 0:40

Review of Demeter – 13:50

Interview with Greg Rucka – 23:24

Superman Talk & This Week’s DRAMATIC READING! – 01:45:42

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass and Kelly Thompson from She Has No Head! Tune in to CSBG every other Monday at noon as we review comics and discuss hot topics of the week. In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly and Sue.  Special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!

3 Chicks Episode 58 Covers


“If you’re crazy and liked Man of Steel . . .”

I smell a pull-quote here. :)

@Lysander: THESE ARE THE JOKES! (mostly). ;)

Great interview with Greg Rucka. Lazarus wasn’t on my radar but I may check it out Wednesday. I was just thinking this morning about reading his run on Wonder Woman. I’ll take this episode as a sign :) Keep up the good work ladies!

The dramatic reading is really becoming a wonderful internet cautionary tale. “If you’re good, boys and girls, Sue won’t have to read your comments in her Abe Froman voice!”

Another great episode from my favourite podcast for comics! Rucka, Dramatic Readings and Kelly and Sue are a winning formula and while I could usually listen to podcasts in the background as I clean or whatnot, this was an episode that rendered me multitaskless.

Also, I’m going to have to blame (endlessly thank) you guys for getting me hooked on Rucka books because I’ve been picking them up non-stop since I heard you guys talk about Lazarus/Stumptown earlier this year and I’m eagerly awaiting the first issue of Lazarus on Wednesday. Thank you for making the wait even more painful in these last few days before it gets released :p

I’ll have you know that I’m not commenting because of the awesome Superman giveaway :D but because I wanted to start commenting regularly the last time you talked about the lack of comments…and then forgot. I always download your episodes and usually listen to them while I’m out so it’s always difficult to remember commenting when I’m back home.

Anyway, great episode again, listening to Greg Rucka is always a pleasure. I’ll certainly pick up Lazarus. Also, last time he was your guest you ladies made me buy Stumptown, vol 1 & 2, and this time I’m getting Queen & Country…you know Sue, for being someone with a DC based blog, you certainly do a great job at having people buying stuff from other publishers :D (not that I’m buying any DC other than a couple of digital books right now)

Just listened to the latest podcast, and thought I’d post a comment.

I’ve only been listening for around 3 episodes now, but I’m loving the podcast. I had been reading graphic novels on and off for the past couple of years, but I’ve just recently started buying some single issues and getting deeper into some comic worlds (currently reading the first Invincible compendium, which I LOVE).

I’m wondering, do you ladies listen to other comics or pop-culture podcasts? I do data-entry all day, so I consume a TON of podcasts. When it comes to comics, the podcast landscape is super macho. The only other one I like as much as yours is the Talking Comics podcast. Any recommendations? I’d open this up to other listeners as well.

PS I’ll definitely be picking up Lazarus #1 tomorrow, along with X-Men #2 (yay!)

Always awesome to here from Greg Rucka, so excited for Lazurus. I really enjoyed Man of Steel, but laughed so hard at if your crazy and liked mos. I don’t understand why people get so insanely upset if you don’t agree with them, the comments on Kelly’s mos review were scary. As always Sue’s reading of the horrifying comments was wonderful. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds SM/WW icky. Couldn’t agree more on it being a breakup book(make it happen DC) lol.

Great Podcast. I loved how you got into the break down of Webcomics vs Print Comics with Greg. Some of the stories that have that “I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS” factor me are webcomics. There is a closer connection between the creators and fans, and the respect between both parties is mutual. Not that there aren’t trolls but for the most part the fans will come to the defense of the story and creator if someone is just being a douche.

Also I could listen to Greg Rucka talk for days. Its a problem, but not one I want to fix. :P

I love the sound of Greg Rucka’s voice. I could listen to him talk for hours. So happy to hear that he’s continuing to be incredibly busy with so many projects coming down the pipeline. Looking forward to getting my heard copy of Lady Sabre in the next few months and looking forward to more Stumptown as well.

Kelly, I must be crazy too because I liked Man of Steel. It had flaws and if I could remove 30 minutes of the pounding action that gave me a pounding migraine, I would. But, I still really liked it. I liked Amy as Lois (which I know you did too.) I liked Faora. I also like Martha Kent and Lara. Really…all the women kind of blew me away with their different tools of strength. Lara and Martha fought for their child, Lois fought with her brain and courage and Faora fought with her fists. It was a rare diverse picture of different kinds of female strength.

The kiss worked for me too. And yeah, I’m a die hard Lois/Clark fan but I’m also a PICKY Lois/Clark fan as anyone who has heard me scream and rant about Superman Returns can attest to. That relationship has 75 years of weight and baggage and expectations attached to it. It’s both a good and a bad thing. The relationship in this movie was ultimately, for me, about connection in the face of dire circumstances. Ultimately, Lois put her entire life on the line for him because she believed he was trying to help. We heard from Clark’s own mouth what that meant to him after years of running and hiding. After such intense fear of persecution and losing his own father in the process, it’s not hard for me to understand why Superman might feel connection to the one person who had reached out her hand. I don’t think they are in love yet but I do think it was a moment of connection. I felt it.

It’s also probably because I’m used to the “first” kiss between Lois and Superman happening before either of them really knows the other well enough to have a clue as to what is coming. Their first kiss is often based more on adreneline and connection. They kissed in like the second episode of “Lois and Clark” back in 1993 and yet when they kissed 2 years later when they were SURE of what was coming it didn’t lessen the impact. They kissed with Clark in disguise as Green Arrow on Smallville 3 years before their relationship actually started and it didn’t lessen the impact of how powerful it was when their real relationship actually began. I don’t view the first kiss as something that HAS to happen only after a certain time period or certain developments with these two in order to be earned bc it’s never really been that way. So long as they take their time actually developing the relationship in a REAL way at the Daily Planet in the sequel….I’m good.

The real thing I struggled with was the ending of the film and I’m still struggling with it. That said, the more i’ve thought on it and the more I’ve talked about it with people….the more I think I’m ok with it if I view it in the context that this was a loss for Clark. I can’t and won’t view it as a “win” because it’s not a win for the Clark that I know and love. It’s a loss. Which isn’t something I’m used to seeing in Superman narratives. Anyway, I would have enjoyed the Super death fight between you and Sue over this. But I guess you can put me in the crazy pile bc I liked the movie.

I laughed really, really hard at the dramatic reading. I was driving and it honestly took me by surprise how hard I Was laughing. I particularly enjoyed the different accents that Sue used. At one point, the messenger was British, from the streets….many different voices. LOL

OH yeah and…Superman and Wonder Woman are the Lannisters of the DCU except not nearly as entertaining. Two beautiful, privileged people who look like twins and seeing them together looks like incest. Personally, I’ve never wanted to have sex with literal carbon copy of myself because that’s CREEPY. So I will not be buying the book. That said, if they break up and it becomes an ACTUAL team-up book about their friendship? I’m there. :)

Keep up the great work, ladies! And please keep up the dramatic readings. I laughed so hard I almost ran a red light. No joke.

What is a “55% assholery rule”? How did Our Dread Lord and Master figure that out quantitatively?

I don’t always love your interviews, but this was a good one – you guys asked Rucka some good questions and he rambled quite nicely but always on point, which is nice.

I always listen, and for me at least, one of the reasons why I don’t leave too many comments is because in the past, I’ve had some questions about what you guys said and I rarely got answers and it made me sad. :( Now, that could be because you guys really, really hate me (that’s perfectly understandable), but eventually, I figured I’d just give up. But I still listen, because you guys are really entertaining, even though I often disagree with one or both of you. That’s cool, though – the world would be boring if everyone agreed.

Lazarus was pretty good, though, wasn’t it?

Hey all! Thanks so much for the comments – so much fun!

@blu girl: So glad we put Lazarus on your radar. It certainly should be!

@Will: There’s nothing I like better than an awesome cautionary tale – so I’m fully on board with that as a description of the dramatic reading!

@Nikki: “Made me multitaskless” is quite the compliment!

@Ciro: Yeah, as I said in the cast, since most people listen over time, or go away from the computer and listen, it’s hard to remember to circle back. Always glad to hear that stuff we’re recommending is both getting read and being loved!

@Alabama: So glad to have you as a new listener!

As for other casts, because I spend SO much of my time writing that it’s really hard to listen to podcasts while I work, and since I don’t commute much these days I can’t do it then either :( However, I really like Awesomed By Comics (though they look like they’re “on hiatus” – hopefully not indefinitely (lots of good older material to listen to though), I also really like the guys at Comics! The Blog, Nick Marino does podcasts with Ross Campbell (and now Kaylie!) that I love (though they are a bit of an unusual style – very conversational) I occasionally show up on these casts too! Oh! And the guys at Hideous Energy are awesome too! And of course House to Astonish, which is also run on CSBG


@NateHoover: I’m glad that you all get that I was just joking about the “if you’re crazy and you liked MoS”…I mean Sue liked it…so yeah, it was just a joke. I’m glad you guys are having a sense of humor here…that could have gone wrong.

@Kantrip: I agree. Cause me and Rucka are BFF!!! ;)

@Mary: Thanks for commenting. I’m glad the movie worked for you, I truly wish I got what you did from it, but it’s just not there on screen for me. To add to my dislike of the film, Batman The Dark Knight Rises was on HBO the other day and I caught the last hour. So damn good. Got my superhero chills and it reminded me all over again how soulless MoS felt to me. :(

@Greg: Well, I’m sorry. I was under the impression that I pretty much always answered you when you commented on the cast…? Maybe what you mean is that my answers were unsatisfactory?

That said, you basically just said that Sue and I ask shitty questions/conduct shitty interviews, so maybe that’s why you don’t get the answers you want? Also, if you feel that way about the interviews, I’m not sure why you’re listening. Life’s too short, man.

Did I say you ask bad questions? I don’t think I did. I said I don’t always love the interviews, but not because of the questions, but because occasionally I’m not that interested in the guest or I’m not that interested in whatever you happen to be talking about. It really has nothing to do with your questions, which are usually pretty good. It has nothing to do with the actual quality of the interview – some of them are better than others, of course, but that’s always going to be the case.

I don’t think your answers are unsatisfactory, and maybe I’m not remembering, but that’s the feeling I got. Like I said, usually I don’t have many questions – you guys usually cover everything pretty well – so I’ll just keep listening. No worries.

What is a “55% assholery rule”? How did Our Dread Lord and Master figure that out quantitatively?

We certainly want people to be able to post disagreements with Kelly. If they think she wrote something dumb, they obviously should be able to say as much, so we’re okay if people come in and are sort of dickish, because that’s just how people are most of the time when they disagree with an article. However, in Kelly’s case, the response tends to go well beyond that, so this is a general rule to say “Don’t be SUCH a dick.” 55% basically denotes when the scales are tipped over and a comment went from “critical” to “just trying to be a dick” (in Kelly and my estimation, of course, as otherwise we’d open up to all sorts of rules lawyering – “But you said I couldn’t call her a whore! You didn’t say that I couldn’t tell her she likes to stuff wieners in her mouth! I could have been referring to hot dogs! Unfair!”)

I would just like to say that I greatly enjoy this and (so far) every episode the podcast.

While I don’t always agree with Kelly or Sue, I always appreciate their perspective on the medium. When I do disagree, my argument would never qualify for a “dramatic reading” in the “Abe Froman” voice as it is never directly about gender (as many of those clearly are). I’m sure it’s due primarily to taste and, as far as I’m concerned, we are all still entitled to serve our unique tastes… Even on the Internet where such a “crime” is still punishable by death.


Great podcast as always. I’ve been reading Sue’s blog practically daily for at least two years now. While I don’t always agree with everything posted, I always find her posts to be insightful and thoughtful. Kelly, I really need to read some of your stuff too. Forgive this for being an ignorant question, but where is the best place to read your critiques and work?

Love Rucka. After not following his work for a while, I’m back in a big way after picking up Stumptown, backing Lady Sabre on KS, and snagging Lazarus #1. His writing is awesome and I look forward to what’s next.

@Greg: Well, the implication was clear to me in what you wrote. But it’s fine, as I said, life’s too short. Listen or don’t, comment or don’t. Do what makes you the happiest.

@Brian: I feel like if the internet at large could embrace the 55% rule the world would be a better place, only slightly, but better just the same.

@Randal: Thanks for listening and for commenting!

@Michael: Thanks for listening and for commenting. Glad we brought you back to Greg Rucka!

There are a few places to read my comics commentary – starting right here on CSBG.
Every week that there’s not a 3 Chicks podcast up, I write a column called She Has No Head!
I also do about 3 reviews a week for CBR, and I write a few columns a month, usually at least two are comics related over on Lit Reactor. I have my own blog and the best way to keep up on all of this is if you are on twitter.

For my non-critique work. My first novel came out at the end of 2012. You can find digital and paperback copies on Amazon, and a very few limited edition illustrated hardback editions are left on my website. I also wrote a story (drawn by Stephanie Hans) for Womanthology (Vol 1), I have an essay (as does Sue!) in the book Chicks Dig Comics, and I have a project forthcoming from Dark Horse in 2014 (though I can’t talk specifics yet!)

Here are all the links to go with all those things!


Woo. I feel very accomplished all of a sudden! ;)

Just finished listening to the cast and wanted to say I always listen from iTunes, so commenting is even MORE/less “convenient” since I’m rarely here. Obviously, however, doing a podcast, reviewing comics and nurturing creator/journalist relationships is probably not something you’d call “convenient” either, so I’m not really in a position to complain. I always like hearing you guys’ talk about “Women in Comics”, both on the character side and the creative side. As someone above said, I might not always AGREE (the Wonder WomanxSuperman relationship is something I would personally like to have a discussion about, full of my waving my hands gesticulating wildly) but its been really eye-opening seeing things from a perspective that isn’t my own. I’m white, male and aged 18-39. Really, I need to hear other viewpoints! XD. I’m also in Australia, so keep in mind that your influence is INTERNATIONAL! Cross hemisphere, even! My one question to you guys is this… Since I’ve started listening about 4 or 5 months ago, there’s never been 3 chicks. I know your “third” had some stuff come up, etc, and if she plans on coming back that’s great, but has there been any thought to perhaps replacing her? A series of auditions for a “third chick” would be a great section to add to the cast each episode. I’d totally volunteer to be your third chick. Or maybe Greg Rucka could do it. If the whole “gender” thing is really important to you maybe Kelly Sue Deconnick (spelling?) would come along. Or (and here’s a crazy idea) maybe one of the OTHER three-and-a-half BILLION women who I don’t know could be included, because saying “Me, Kelly Sue or Greg” is REALLY showing how limited my world view is. ^_^ And putting myself on that short list would HAVE to be the highest I’ve ever ranked myself… Wow. ANYway. Thanks for the cast. I really do enjoy it, again, even if I don’t agree 100%. But that’s also one of the reasons I keep coming back. If I agreed 100%… what’s the point, yeah?

Thank you Kelly! I will start binge-reading in 3…2…1….

So I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few episodes and I really like it. Sue’s dramatic readings are the best part.

Well there are a few competitors for the “free stuff.” As you well know, Kelly, y’all are playing with fire, soliciting comments, when “verbose” Ben is listening. Thank goodness, I don’t comment every time I listen.

Then, there is this alternative reward; sound like an over the top irate missagenist and get your rant read…oh so tempting.

Anyway, I hope I am still eligible; I was waiting to read Lazarus before finishing the podcast; and my reading time is not what it once was (buzzy makin’ comics, yeah!). For example, just read the Pizza Dog issue…SO AWESOME!

As to Rucka & Lazarus & Demeter & Man of Steel:

Rucka and I already had our quick back and forth on twitter (as Super Rare). Not much to add, other than universal enthusiasm. I would say, even with his level of writing for me, it has got to be paired with aesthetics and visual storytelling I like. Luckily past and future seem to mostly be right on with regards to the Art. Same with Snyder & Fraction (mostly). I find The Wake & Lazarus to be a nice match. I tried with the new Superman and Lee is still OK, but I think I just don’t care much for Superman in comics (I really like him in cartoons…sometimes in movies).

As to Man of Steel…need to read Kelly’s piece and maybe see the movie. Heard Smith & Garmen debate it. Garmen & Kelly must agree…which might be for the first time…so I am thinking I will hate the film. Word is it basically, it strips Sups of his purpose in our culture and that is not OK with me as a Jewish American. It this traditionalism that also allows me to be two-faced about celebrating Wonder Women as a Feminist and being OK with Dr. Marston’s intent to have her subconsciously communicate his professional & personal intents. “The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound… Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society… Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element”. This still remains an fascinating origin of intent, even as time and reality erodes it’s place in her story.

Also I look forward to Demeter.

Any…that’s about as short and sweet as I get.

Thanks for another fun pod cast.

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