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You Decide – What Superhero of the Future Would You Like to See Show Up in the Marvel Universe?

After the events of Age of Ultron #10, time is ALL messed up in the Marvel Universe!

For our latest poll, we ask you folks which superhero from the future that you’d most like to see show up in the present (Spider-Man 2099 excluded since he is, you know, already showing up in the present).

Read on for the poll…


I know he wouldn’t place in the top, but I went with Killraven. Other than Ravage, he is the only character on the list who isn’t a variant of a current Marvel character, and it would be interesting to see an extended look at his interactions with regular Marvel U. He could be everything from time-lost warrior having street level adventures to joining the Guardians of the Galaxy like Valentino attempted.

Wasn’t Killraven already dumped in the Marvel U in Avengers #6? Whatever happened with that?

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about any future superheroes other than Spider-Man 2099.

The Maestro — who’s not a superhero so much as a genocidal madman — is also already here, having been dumped at ground zero of the original gamma bomb blast at the end of his debut storyline, Future Imperfect. He survived all the way to “the present” and regenerated some of his body but was once again all but killed towards the end of Peter David’s original Hulk run. David explained that the Maestro’s psyche “calling” to his past self was why the Hulk could always home in on the site of his origin.

I haven’t read enough of these to feel like I have the right to vote, but I would be surprised if Spider-Girl isn’t the clear winner.


I think the Maestro’s fate was ambiguous. The Maestro had regenerated his whole body from a skeleton after 10-ish years of Marvel time. In his last appearance (#460?)–he was covered by a pile of rock while his body was still in a weak state. Was he crushed? Seems unlikely. Suffocated? Maybe, but supervillains tend to be trickier than that. Unfortunately, PAD left the book before the Maestro could reappear, and nobody’s followed up on that story yet.

I’d like to think that the Maestro is still out there, somewhere. Maybe he’s ever-so-slowly crawling his way out of the rock, or maybe he’s already escaped and is biding his time. (Or, maybe Marvel has just plumb forgotten that appearance and will keep plucking the Maestro from the future, like Jeph Loeb did in A+X #1.)

Oh, Michael P, now I have to dig out my SPIDERMAN 2099 issues.

I would like to see Blink and the Exiles make a return, trying to repare the broken timelines. Perhaps Jeff Parker could pick up where he left off with his short lived series.

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