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What Does This Diagram Have to Do With Catwoman?


Check out this week’s TV Legends Revealed over at Spinoff Online to find out!

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I’m no expert on women, but I’ll give it a shot:

4 – Oakland Booty Zone
11 – Lower Smack Dat
12 – Upper Smack Dat
13 – Muffin Top
14 – Gams
15 – “If you tickle me there, I swear I will punch you!”
16 – The Holiest of Holys
17 – Left Spank Zone18 – Navel Piercing
19 – Right Spank Zone
22 – Tramp Stamp
23 – Left Badonk-a-donk
24 – Right Badonk-a-donk
25 – Groin smasher
26 – Cankles

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