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Flippin’ through Previews – July 2013

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Swamp Thing in Star Wars? What the heck?!?!? It’s all in Previews #298, where you can find so many goodies it’s almost not fair!

Harrison Ford is ... Swamp Thing!

Harrison Ford is … Swamp Thing!

Dark Horse:

Mike Mayhew is doing the interior art on The Star Wars #1, the mini-series based on Lucas’s original rough draft (page 30). Man, I wish I could be a gaziollinaire so that people would do comics adaptation of my rough drafts. I mean, when I was in third grade I wrote and illustrated a story called “The Insect Murder” in which a private investigator called Phoenix (who looks like a phoenix) solves a murder that involves a cockroach and a horseshoe crab. THAT WOULD SELL LIKE GANGBUSTERS!!!!!! But I’m not George Lucas, so no one cares. I’m going to go cry now. Wait, what am I talking about? (4 September)

Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman have been doing good comics together for a while now, so I’m keen to get the trade of Star Wars: Legacy II Book 1 – Prisoner of the Floating World (phew!) (page 34). I honestly don’t even care what it’s about, because I’m sure it will be full of adventure, and it will look great. (20 November)

She'll kick you ass and you'll love it!

She’ll kick you ass and you’ll love it!

I probably won’t buy The Fifth Beatle, which comes to us from Vivek J. Tiwary, Andrew C. Robinson, and Kyle Baker (page 35), because I’m just not all that interested in the Beatles, but I’m sure it will be a nice book, especially the fancy hardcover that Dark Horse is offering. They’re also offering a softcover, which is nice of them! (19 November)

Dark Horse offers The Colossal Conan hardcover on page 39, which gives us the first 50 issues of the recent series for $150. That’s not bad, and these are almost uniformly good comics. Kurt Busiek and Timothy Truman wrote them, Cary Nord and Tomás Giorello (for the most part) drew them, and it’s pretty darned cool. As always with giant collections (this is 1264!!!!! pages), I worry about the binding, but as far as the quality of the stuff inside – that’s beyond a doubt! (13 November)

For $25, you can get a hardcover of Violent Cases by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean on page 42. It’s probably been over 15 years since I’ve read this, but it’s pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s worth that much coin, but it’s not a bad comic. (13 November)

I’m torn about Kiss Me, Satan #1 on page 44. I’ve probably read one or two Victor Gischler comics in my life, and that was probably by accident, and the description – the boss of the New Orleans werewolf Mafia wants a witch dead, but she’s protected by a demon looking for redemption – doesn’t sound too great. On the other hand, Juan Ferreyra draws this. As you know, Juan Ferreyra is one of the best artists in comics right now, and I love to look at his work. Man, this is annoying. (18 September)

B.P.R.D.: Vampire gets a trade on page 47. I haven’t seen much about this, but Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are the artists, so it’s bound to be at least decent. (27 November)

I’ve been waiting for some digital comics to get printed on good old American paper, so I’m very, VERY keen that Bandette volume 1 shows up on page 60. I’ve been hearing how awesome this is since it launched, so I’m looking forward to actually reading it!!!! (6 November)

On the same page, Sabertooth Swordsman is offered. It sounds silly – the bad guy is called Mastedon Mathematician – but Chris Sims recently posted some pages over at Comics Alliance, and it looks gorgeous. I might have to check this out. (13 November)

Yes, he's wearing a fez - don't hold it against him!

Yes, he’s wearing a fez – don’t hold it against him!

If you’ve ever wanted to see Alex Ross’s first professional work, Dark Horse has The Terminator: The Burning Earth in trade on page 63. I’m not sure if this is worth it, even though I like Ross. Has anyone read it? (13 November)


I don’t really care if DC wants to suspend their regular publications this month for the “Forever Evil” thing – I’m not a retailer, so Brian Hibbs’s problems about ordering the books don’t mean much to me, although I can see why it would be annoying to him. But it does seem kind of weird, the way they’re labeling them. If you’ve been reading Dial H, there’s a coda to the story called Justice League #23.3: Dial E (page 76). That’s bizarre. Are all of them one-shots, or do they tie into the regular series, even obliquely? They’re switching creative teams around a lot, which seems to imply that they’re just one-shots (John Layman, the regular writer on Detective, is writing Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3: Clayface, for instance). Some of the descriptions seem to imply that they’re tied into the regular books, but who knows. It’s very weird. Bully for DC for doing this (honestly, I don’t care, but they know what they’re doing, I guess), but it seems like a lot of the DCnU stuff – they had an intriguing idea but didn’t really think it out too well before they decided to launch it. And I wonder if this is a sneaky way to increase the prices on some of their titles – “We’ll raise the price to $3.99, and then only drop it back down for some of the books!” We shall see.

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DC offers Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years and Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years on page 120. I’m not getting either of these, but I love what seems to be the utter randomness of the selections. I’m sure there WAS a method to DC’s madness, but it appears they just put a bunch of numbers in a hat and pulled them out – “Superman #53! Sure, why not?” Also, I like to think that the price discrepancy – the Superman book is 40 bucks, while the Lois one is 28 bucks – is a comment by DC about the disparity between what women earn in the workplace compared to men, as Lois’s book is about 70% of the price of Superman’s, but I don’t think DC is that subtle. That would be pretty awesome, though, wouldn’t it? (27 November)

Batman: Odyssey gets a trade on page 126. 368 pages of Neal Adams insanity for 20 bucks. Man, that is tempting, even as insane as this comic is. I’d want to read it just to see the train wreck! (2 October)

I mean, it's Batman riding a dinosaur, so it's disappointing it was so incoherent

I mean, it’s Batman riding a dinosaur, so it’s disappointing it was so incoherent

On page 127, JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull is in trade. I liked the first two installments of this alternate world, and B. Clay Moore is a good writer, so I’m on board with this! (30 October)

It’s a bit weird that DC would collect John Ostrander’s Deadshot mini-series (along with two other issues in which he fights Batman), considering how much has changed since it came out, but it’s still kind of cool. This is an incredibly bleak series and isn’t quite as good as Suicide Squad, of which it’s kind of a spin-off, but it’s not bad. (30 October)

Man, I’m really tempted to get Vertigo Visions: Frank Quitely on page 138. I own a few of the stories contained within, but there’s a lot I don’t have, and I’m sure they’re pretty cool. It’s 25 dollars, but I still might get it. (13 November)


I don’t know if I’m going to get Black Dynamite (page 153), but I love that it exists in this universe.

I wonder what that gun represents ...?

I wonder what that gun represents …?

Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood gets a trade on page 173. This hasn’t finished yet, but so far, it’s been a worthy successor to the first series.


I think Matt Fraction has been hanging out with Howard Chaykin (or possibly Nicholson Baker?) a bit too much, as on page 178 we get Sex Criminals, about two people who can stop time when they’re having sex, so they go out and rob banks while time is stopped. I’m not sure about this one. It’s Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, so it has a good pedigree, but I’m still not sure. We shall see. (4 September)

Cool cover, bro

Cool cover, bro

Rat Queens on page 182 does not sound like my cup of tea at all (“Let’s make fun of hipsters” doesn’t sound like something you should base a series on), but it’s drawn by Roc Upchurch, which might be the greatest name in history. (25 September)

You can get a trade of Lost Vegas on page 195. This is another series that hasn’t quite finished yet, but it’s pretty fun. And it looks great, so there’s that. (18 September)


So, what is Infinity about, anyway? I’m just wondering, because it’s been kind of vague.

Infinity: The Hunt #1 (page 16) has a nice creative team – Matt Kindt and Steven Sanders – but the solicitation is weird. “This CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS pits the super students of school all over the Marvel U (including some you’ve never seen before) against each other.” Doesn’t Marvel publish an ongoing that does exactly that? Or has Avengers Arena moved on from that conceit? I can’t keep up! (11 September)

I love this cover, with Kang just chillaxin’ and shit (page 23; 25 September):

Hey, girl, you like my knife?

Hey, girl, you like my knife?

Spider-Man 2099 shows up in Superior Spider-Man #17 (page 32) because “YOU (LOUDLY) DEMANDED IT!” Where is this place where we can loudly demand things of Marvel and they listen, and why doesn’t anyone listen to me when I loudly demand something? I really need to know these things. (4 September)

On page 87, Marvel offers Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus volume 2, which is 1224 pages for $125. I already own most of this, so I’ll probably skip this, but I wanted to note it as one of our famed commenters has been asking about it for years. Are you happy now, Tom???? (4 December)

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So after Marvel releases the first trade of Brian Wood’s Ultimate X-Men run, which doesn’t actually collect his first issues on the title, they get around to releasing a trade of his first 6 issues, which is part of a big crossover called Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall, United We Stand (page 101). That makes a ton of sense, Marvel! (25 September)

Oh, the back of the book! So much fun back there!

I’m extremely disturbed by Afterlife With Archie (page 246), in which Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla seemingly kill off the Archie Gang. That’s just weird.

I'm freaking out!

I’m freaking out!

Jonathan Hickman joins the Avatar bunch with God Is Dead on page 255. Apparently all the gods of various pantheons are coming back to Earth, and they’re pissed. I might check this out, because Hickman is a good writer, but the actual idea doesn’t thrill me.

Boom! has a special edition of Dingo on page 274. This is a pretty good comic, and for 15 bucks, it’s a pretty good price.

Jeff Smith has Rasl in full color on page 280, and I will be picking this up. I bought a few issues of Rasl but didn’t keep up because it was taking forever to come out, but I’m sure it reads well as a complete volume. It’s 472 pages for 40 dollars, which is not bad at all.

I know I'm a bad person for not getting this in singles, but at least I'm getting it, right?

I know I’m a bad person for not getting this in singles, but at least I’m getting it, right?

Jeff Parker writes Kings Watch for Dynamite on page 282. This stars The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Mandrake the Magician fighting evil. I’m not sure if I’m going to get this, but Parker’s so good I might be swayed! (11 September)

Public domain characters RULE!

Public domain characters RULE!

On page 289, Dynamite offers The Shadow 1941: Hitler’s Astrologer HC 25th Anniversary Edition, which is the book by Denny O’Neil and Michael Kaluta. This is 20 bucks for only 64 pages, but I’m really thinking about getting this, because I just don’t have enough Kaluta comics in my collection. I’m sure Greg Hatcher can offer his opinions about the quality of this comic!

Gene Luen Yang has two new books out from First Second, with Boxers and Saints, two parallel stories about the Boxer Rebellion in China. Yang is a superb creator, and I’m really looking forward to both of these books.

Graphix has The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth on page 314. Man, a new Greg Ruth book is awesome news. It sounds good, too – a creepy mystery about a missing boy and the kids who try to find what happened to him. I’m very keen to read this sucker.

On page 324, Oni offers A Boy and a Girl by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat. It’s a twist on a traditional love story, as it take place in a future where androids are replacing humans (but what happens to the humans?), and Rich writes good love stories and Nourigat is a good artist. It works for me!

Rebetiko from SelfMadeHero is about a Greek dictator in 1936 trying to stamp out Turkish influences in his country, which includes the music of the title, which blends Greek and Turkish ideas. I’m a sucker for historical fiction, and this sounds pretty cool!

They won't be happy for long!

They won’t be happy for long!

Eternal Warrior returns to Valiant on page 346. It’s by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine, so it will probably be pretty good. As usual with Valiant stuff, I’m waiting for the trade!

That’s all for this month’s trek through the catalog. Of course, I’m sure I missed some things, but that’s why you need to ask for this by name from your retailer! Have fun checking it out, and remember to pre-order the comics you love so you don’t miss them!


I rather liked RASL. And yeah, it does read better as completed than in chapter-at-a-time form (but most story-based comics do). I saw Smith was releasing a one-volume edition and was excited, but I’m leery of the addition of colour. I found the colouring of Bone substantially diminished that book. I’m concerned the same will hold true here as well. Of course, I’ll wait and see before deciding either way.

I will say the only two colouring jobs (that I’ve seen) on an originally B&W work that have impressed me are Steve Oliff’s work on Akira twenty-five years ago and Nathan Fairbairn’s work on Scott Pilgrim.

Wait, they can stop time when they are having sex, so they rob banks? Does that mean that they have to keep having sex while they rob the bank? Does he have her strapped in a harness or something?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote a play way back in 2003 called Archie’s Weird Fantasy, but Archie Comics slapped a cease-and-desist on it so he quickly rewrote the play as Weird Comic Book Fantasy. (I’m a theater critic, so I mostly knew him as a playwright before he started writing comics.) Glad to see his weird fantasy is finally coming true!

This isn’t the first time the Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon have been a super-team, of course. They teamed up as Defenders of the Earth in a TV cartoon back in the 1980s, with an accompanying Star Comics series. I am all over this new series–Dynamite’s pulp-hero stuff has been some of the few comics I still buy monthly. Are they public domain now, or is it just that Dynamite has the license for Kings Feature Syndicate characters?

“Wait, they can stop time when they are having sex, so they rob banks? Does that mean that they have to keep having sex while they rob the bank? Does he have her strapped in a harness or something?”

And most importantly, are there jokes about making deposits and withdrawals?!?

“I found the coloring of Bone substantially diminished that book.”

Seriously? In what way?

Sex criminals sounds like an NC-17 version of a Mort Weisinger Superman story. I’m sold.

I’m probably going to trade-wait God is Dead if only because I’ve rarely cared for Avatar’s artists (well, with the exception of when Juan Jose Ryp and Paul Duffield were doing stuff for Ellis).

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that apparently artists and writers at Avatar have very little interaction with one another. It’s all bound together by editorial – the writer doesn’t even seem to have much say in WHO will be drawing their script. Avatar just finds some dude and hands him a script, sometimes ages after it was written (the script for Heat, a mini by Gillen, h as been in the can for years but still no artist). I remember Gillen sort of describing the situation with respect to Uber. Very little communication, which seems odd for what should be a co-creator relationship.

This is particularly problematic for a guy like Hickman, whose creator-owned work is so reliant on having the perfect artist draw it, a guy perfectly in sync with Hickman on the particular project. I can’t imagine anyone but Nick Pitarra, or at least someone with a style vaguely analogous to his (Chris Burnham?), drawing Manhattan Projects or Red Wing. Same goes for Hickman’s own art or Ryan Bodenheim’s. I expect Avatar will wind up just passing the script off to someone much less distinctive and the results will be accordingly much m ore underwhelming.

People keep saying that Uber doesn’t feel like a Gillen comic. And yes, the script is vastly different from anything he’s written in the past. But so’s Three. And I’ll be that when Three comes out, it’ll end up feeling more “Gillen” then Uber simply because Ryan Kelly is likely a better fit for him than Caanan White.
The result is that, unlike Image books, the artists often aren’t the strongest are aren’t the best match for the book. I just don’t feel like this editorially-managed arrangement is ideal for indie/creator-owned books.

Yea, the coloring work in the Bone trades is exceptionally well done so that’s just crazy talk.

Seth: Well, apparently others disagree with you! I don’t own the Bone colored stuff, nor have I seen it, so I can’t comment on it. The few pages I’ve seen of Rasl look pretty good, though. We’ll see, I guess.

The Mutt: I’m not sure how it works. In the preview the woman is having sex with a dude, and he freezes but she can get out from under him and move around, so I’m not sure at which point during sex that time actually stops. I guess that will be a mystery for Fraction to explain!

buttler: That’s funny – I know he’s a playwright, but I didn’t know he wrote a play like that. I guess they finally decided to let him loose on the comics!

Good point about the Dynamite characters. I just kind of assumed they were public domain, but it certainly could be that Dynamite has the license on them!

cool arrow, sgt pepper, and Greg –
Hah! Maybe it is crazytalk. Personally, I had two problems:

1) Because the original work traded so vibrantly on Smith’s strength of line and use of positive/negative space, the colourization felt out of place (to me). It didn’t feel natural or intended. Part of that may be that I had read it in black-and-white so many times that by the time the colourization happened, it couldn’t help but feel alien to me. I’m not sure that’s why I felt it didn’t fit, but I won’t deny that it’s a possibility.

2) The colours in at least the first two volumes (I didn’t check any further) felt inert to me. That’s a really loosey-goosey subjective way of me saying that I didn’t feel that the colour choices were actually the right colour choices for either the environments or the characters. I was enthusiastic about the idea of Bone In Colour when I first heard about it. That enthusiasm evapourated for me rather quickly in volume 1 and didn’t regenerate with volume 2. It could be that it was actually lackluster colour choices or it could be that because of seeing it in black-and-white for so long, my mind had supplied colours and hues and the newly official version just didn’t fit.

I will say that I haven’t been opposed to the colour samples I’ve seen of RASL (they look much better and more fitting than Bone‘s did (to me). It could be rad. I’m just guarded after having been disappointed before. The price tag is pretty great too.

Travis Pelkie

June 29, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Yeah, I would say that based on the title “Kings Watch”, Dynamite has a license with King Syndicate to use those characters. Not sure why else they’d do them all in one book rather than 3 different books otherwise. But who knows, Dynamite may have bought out that stuff.

Not only is R A-S a playwright, but apparently he’s going to be writing the Archie live action movie they’ll be doing. I’m really intrigued by this “Afterlife with Archie”. It’s so bizarre, it’s got to be good.

I think Seth’s main problem with the Bone coloring is that he’s spelling it “colour”. This is America, dammit! Get rid of unnecessary “u”s!!!

Although I haven’t seen it myself, I can certainly see how color might negatively affect Bone. Jeff Smith is so good in B&W that adding color isn’t necessarily a plus. Los Bros Hernandez also tend to look better in B&W, and I’d be against a colorized Cerebus as well. Seth is not automatically wrong!!!

I’ll probably have more to say later. My comics shop guy talked me into borrowing a copy of Previews this month to look at (EVILLLLLLL!!!!!), so I’ve been flippin’ through it myself these past few days.

Travis is almost certainly right. I always forget what country this is. Social sciences are hard!

The Shadow 1941: Hitler’s Astrologer HC 25th Anniversary Edition, which is the book by Denny O’Neil and Michael Kaluta. This is 20 bucks for only 64 pages, but I’m really thinking about getting this, because I just don’t have enough Kaluta comics in my collection. I’m sure Greg Hatcher can offer his opinions about the quality of this comic!

Well, since you ask, it’s a perfectly nice book, but there’s no reason in the world to buy the reprint when the original is available all over the place. For considerably less money. I like it okay, but Kaluta and Heath aren’t really a good combo, and the story is really just an Annual with delusions of grandeur. It’s not something that rates the super-deluxe treatment.

This link was supposed to be in that comment but I screwed up the coding, I guess. Let’s try it again.

Travis Pelkie

June 29, 2013 at 6:18 pm

I hope Seth doesn’t think he’s fallen out of favour with me, and I apologise if that’s the case.

Ah, dammit, now he’s got me doin’ it!!!

Travis, it’s the small victories, really.

I tried to follow RASL in the individual issues, but I’m not that great at keeping up with single issues that release nigh-quarterly. Instead, I opted to get the four oversized volumes, which is a really fun way to read it. Still, I’m considering the hardcover because it is colorized and ‘regular’ size (plus I think the retail of the hardcover is half that of the four oversized softcover volumes). When I am willing to re-purchase something I already own, that’s usually the highest compliment I can pay to a comic.

Is that Beatles book in SC? I thought it was 3 different hardcover versions. Guess I’ll have to look at the Previews again.

I’m going to wait for Kiss Me, Satan in trade. I’ve read a book (or 2, maybe) by Gischler, and it was pretty well done, a sort of funny crime caper thing, the name of which escapes me. But I’d rather just get the whole she-bang in one go. Trying to move away from monthly books as much as I can (and DC and Marvel are helpin’ me out there!).

I’m totally going for Bandette and Sabertooth Swordsman. They both sound way cool.

Forever Evil is annoying. It appears that they’re all one shots that might tie in to the main books, but like you said, they’re mixing up the creative teams. I’m definitely getting that Dial E one, and there are a few others I’ll probably go for (the Parasite one by Aaron Kuder, mainly because he’s a cool artist and a nice guy, and it’ll probably lead into his upcoming Action run; also some of the Burnham covered ones). The covers, if they look as neat as they looked online, are bound to be cool, but overall as an event, this one’s annoying. I’m already well on my way to dropping DCs left and right, and after this month, Detective might be the only one I keep getting. Wow.

I’m tempted by Batman Odyssey too. 20 bucks is a good deal. I’m also tempted on that Quitely book too, even though I have a lot of that stuff too. I don’t have much of the Big Book stuff, though, and even though that’s probably mostly one pagers, it’s probably neat stuff. Is the page from Big Book of Urban Legends in there? That one I have, but I’m not sure if that one was listed. (Read the book!)

Even though Fraction is hit or miss, I’m going to try Sex Criminals. The premise is too good to pass up. I hope it’s FF or Casanova Fraction and not Fantastic Four or X-Men Fraction.

Tom better look at this so he sees that damn Byrne book is coming. Jeez. That’s sorta tempting as it includes the Last Galactus Story.

Check out the Marvel solicit on the page after that Infinity: The Hunt one. I’ll look at it later, but if you look closely, you’ll see why I’m pointing it out. I want to get the exact wording right.

I could be wrong, but they may have released that Ultimates X-Men run in a trade already. This collection of the 3 is a sort of Omnibus of the whole storyline, I think. Why they didn’t promote the original as a Wood run, or why they called the SECOND Wood collection volume 1 is beyond me, however.

Also, for back of the book fun, check out the Low Society book under Aardvark-Vanaheim. Apparently Rob Walton of Ragmop fame teaches a class on comics, and used Cerebus as the comic/character the students were all doing stories of. Plus Walton apparently does a new story! Looks cool, and I am a Cerebus fan for life, so I pick up as much related stuff as I can get my hands on.

And something else for Seth: I remember now, I HAVE seen Bone in color, back in the Disney Adventures magazine, there were colored pages, serializing (oh, wait, serialising!) the story, sometime in the late ’90s, I think. Since those colors were probably used for the first 2 color trades, that might be why they don’t appeal as much. Although as I remember, it’s when the Bones are on their way towards Rose’s neck of the woods, so it’s colored very sere and desert-like, so that might be a reason it doesn’t look good. IIRC, I wasn’t impressed much myself.

Speaking of Bone, isn’t there the Artist Edition in IDW’s section of the Great Cow Race? Man, I hope since IDW has a relationship with Dave Sim, they can talk him into doing one of those. Nerdgasm all the way!

If Seth spells colour like that, does he say schedule funny too?

I’m surprised that Greg Hatcher didn’t jump on this, but I don’t believe that the King Features characters (Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon) are in the Public Domain

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 30, 2013 at 6:17 am

@ Mr. Burgas & TP: There’s only one word to describe what I feel to finally see the solicits for the John Byrne FF Omnibus V. 2: VINDICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

All-in-all, don’t you JUST feel like an albatross being lifted from around your neck? No more having me to pester you with those pesky “are we there yet?” questions.

Now, I just got to find something ELSE to obsess and fixate on and pester you with that. ;-)

I’m surprised that Greg Hatcher didn’t jump on this, but I don’t believe that the King Features characters (Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon) are in the Public Domain

Well, honestly, I thought I might be wrong and Greg knew something I didn’t. Right now there are Phantom comics and prose books currently available from Hermes, Moonstone, and Dynamite, and similarly Flash Gordon from Titan, IDW, Dark Horse, and Dynamite… so it’s not a completely unreasonable hypothesis.

No, I just assumed they were public domain, because of their proliferation. If they’re not, whoops!

Batman: Odessey might be the only comic I own that’s unreadable. There are so many confusing jumps in the narrative that I can only conclude that Adams was writing/drawing this at the same time and never went back to proofread his work to see if it makes sense. His artistic style has changed considerably (in my opinion) and it wasn’t enough to salvage a project that I was very excited about.

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 4:33 pm

That Marvel solicit I was trying to remember was the Infinity Heist 1, where the solicit reads “Frank Tieri and ARTIST …” Even though the artist’s name is up there at the top of that page. Apparently a last minute thing.

Still better than the Zenescope listings on Previews site where the artist is still TBD the week the book comes out….

Travis: In forgot to check on that, but I did notice it at the first pass. I just figured I’d get yelled at for picking on Marvel if I mentioned it. Poor Ramon Bachs – he’s just ARTIST!

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 5:16 pm

The way I figure it, they just hadn’t decided on the artist yet, or forgot to replace his name in (as in “WRITER and ARTIST bring you…” got replaced with “Frank Tieri and ARTIST”, but they didn’t cut and paste in Bachs’s name).

He was the artist on Lapham’s Detective run, wasn’t he?

Travis: Yes, he was. That’s the best work I’ve ever seen from him, but he’s done some other nice work, too.

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 5:30 pm

And I don’t really have anything to respond to that, I just want the recent comments box to look like it’s just you and me talking and no one else is here. :)

Done! Triumph!!!!!!

Travis: you would be pleasantly astouded at all the things I pronounce in ways that veer outside common practice. My wife breaks own in guffaws every tome I say triangulos. It’s a thing we have.

Travis Pelkie

June 30, 2013 at 7:40 pm

When, pray tell, does the need to say “triangulos” come up?

Seriously, though, were you raised in England or somewhere in the UK, or something? Or is it just an affectation? I actually like saying schedule the British way as I had a college prof who was British and it tickled me when I heard him say it.

(And I hope you know I’m just teasin’, too.)

Complete affectation. I’ve always preferred the aesthetic of -our over -or and grey over gray, so I’ve spelled that way since junior high. (Though I don’t spell junior high as juniour high for probably ridiculous reasons, even while preferring savior to savior.) Also, I would never ever ever write prioritise or monetise.

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