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You Decide – What is the All-Time Best Superhero Bromance?

With the release of Batman/Superman #1 this week, re-establishing one of the first notable superhero bromances, we figured we’d ask you to pick what you think is the all-time greatest superhero bromance.

Read on to vote!


Canadian Houseguest

June 29, 2013 at 4:27 am

You’re mostly just missing Butcher and Wee Hughie.

Aside from that, those are some tough choices up there.

Booster and Blue Beetle.

I noticed that Hal and Barry and Hal and Ollie were choices. Hal really only works as a threesome.

I had no idea that Deadpool and Taskmaster were even a thing.

I don’t really consider either Superman/Batman or Cap/Falcon as “Bromances.” Not sure why, they just don’t seem to fit the bill for me.

That said, I voted for Wondy/Beast. I’ve always loved that pairing.

I’d rank ‘em thusly–not necessarily favorite characters but favorite relationships, although there’s certainly some overlap.
1. Luke & Danny
2. Booster & Beetle
3. Simon & Beast
4. Thing & Human Torch
5. Hal & Ollie

Spider-Man and Wolverine have a bromance? Don’t most of their team-ups involve Wolverine sneering at a flailing Spider-Man, who invariably ends up looking like a confused novice?

Omar: Yeah, I thought that was weird too. Also Kyle and Wally, who at least achieved an amiable detente.

I kinda wish we could have selected multiple choices as there are several I’d go with. But as it is, I’m happy with my choice.

Les Fontenelle

June 29, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Power Man and Iron Fist: Heroes4Hire, baby.

Les Fontenelle

June 29, 2013 at 4:18 pm

And yeah, some of those suggested pairs weren’t “bromances” at all. Spider-Man and Wolverine, really?

Ethan Shuster

June 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm

I gotta go with Booster and Beetle. While I admit I don’t really know all of these matchups, theirs just seems like the most real life friendship and what I’d think of as a “bromance.” Superman and Batman aren’t likely to be seen watching TV and having a couple of beers together.

Travis Pelkie

June 29, 2013 at 9:51 pm

Really, Batman and Superman aren’t a great bromance unless they’re also frolicking with Robin, a la those old World’s Finest covers.

Booster and Beetle, man. Although Spidey and Torch are deec too.

Before I click the link to this poll, I decided to vote for the first pair that popped into my brain, I went with Quantum and Woody. But, Fist/Cage, Booster/Beetle and Cap/ Falcon are good choices.

I voted for Cage and The Fist. They defined superhero bromances by having an ongoing series which sold well for years.

Booster and Beetle are better known to modern audiences, but DC killed their association by offing Beetle. With Ted gone and the DCU rebooted “for good,” their time as Super Buddies might never match Luke and Danny’s tenure, which technically is still on.

Cap/Falcon and Beast/Wonder Man would be my third and fourth choices. At least Hank and Simon got a mini-series to show for their time in the Avengers.

Most of the others are akin to classic partnerships: Supes/Bats, GL/Flash, and GL/GA.

Tony/Rhodey is harder to pin down because you had Rhodey as more of a sidekick before and after his time as the series lead during the O’Neil/McDonnell era. The armored team-ups only began proper from the 90’s onward after the War Machine armor was introduced.

Lastly, I would have added Spidey and DD to the list even though they also fall more under partnerships.

I don’t really consider either Superman/Batman or Cap/Falcon as “Bromances.” Not sure why, they just don’t seem to fit the bill for me.

More like a domestic partnership?

Kurt and Logan, way back when, would be my #1. Booster/Beetle and Hal/Ollie would be close seconds for me.

My adds: No Daredevil/Spider-Man (seconding the notion above) or Nightwing/Flash (Wally West)?

I intentionally went with one I knew wouldn’t win (none of your business), because it was too hard to choose.

The fact that Wonder Man/Beast has less than 20 votes more than Wolverine/Spider-man makes me fear for humanity.

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